A Few Storms Crash Our Summer Weekend

Good Saturday, everyone. Summertime temps and some storms continue to dominate the weather across the bluegrass state this weekend. It’s a pattern locking in for the week ahead and it may very well roll through Memorial Day Weekend.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Temps are deep into the 80s once again as humidity levels make it feel a few degrees warmer than it is. As we get into the afternoon and evening, a few thunderstorms will develop across the region. I can’t rule out a strong storm or two, but these shouldn’t last very long.

Here are your Saturday storm trackers…

A cold front rolls closer to the state on Sunday, touching off a broken line of showers and thunderstorms. This line of storms may be strong or severe across the western and central parts of the state. Here’s the Sunday Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

That front may bring some better weather in here for Monday, but the steam is set to return for the rest of the week. This pattern is likely to persist through Memorial Day weekend. The pattern across the country is nothing but extremes. The 10 day averages show what I’m talking about…

It’s winter in the west and summer in the east. Yowza.

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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4 Responses to A Few Storms Crash Our Summer Weekend

  1. Schroeder says:

    Yesterday felt great with a dry breeze from the southwest. As long as the dew points stay in the fifties and the morning temperatures in the low sixties I’m not going to complain. I did however turn on the air conditioners yesterday afternoon as the humidity was beginning to increase in the house. We could use some rain, but my area of central Kentucky is not in the line of fire. If lucky, we could get a pocket of cold air aloft which would result in an isolated shower latter today according to my local forecast.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Great time to plant those tomatoes, green beans and sweet corn. Don’t forget to add the Epsom Salts to your overall garden soil. The Epsom Salts helps the plants pick up the nutrients and aids in healthy root growth. I wish I was able to plant a garden as I enjoy working outside everyday during the growing season. Believe me it’s hell getting old !

  3. Mike S says:

    SPC already has a Moderate Risk (Level 4 of 5) for areas of Tornado Alley on Monday

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