Storms On The Increase

Good Saturday, folks. It’s the final weekend of June and we are tracking a bit of an increase in showers and storms. This increase looks to be a trend as we head into the big 4th of July week that’s quickly approaching. Oh yea, we keep the steamy temps going, but some changes are showing up a little after the 4th.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Highs will be back into the upper 80s to around 90 as heat index numbers climb into the 90s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms go up and, just like the past few days, could be on the strong side and produce heavy rains. Local wind damage and flash flooding will be possible. Your tracking tools in a bit.

Additional showers and storms will be noted on Sunday and Monday, but this action may try to dive in from the northwest…

Some of those storms could bring a better wind damage threat to the region.

The setup for our 4th of July week will keep the rounds of showers and storms going across the entire region…

Obviously, that kind of setup can cause some disruptions of some of our Independence Day celebrations throughout the bluegrass state.

Behind all that, there continues to be a signal for a trough digging into the eastern half of the country…

That would bring some steam relief to the region into the second week of July.

Back to the weather of today, here are your tracking toys…

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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15 Responses to Storms On The Increase

  1. Schroeder says:

    Yesterday’s high temperature was 90 degrees for the second time this year at my place. I must add that where I live is almost all forest and with all the rain earlier has kept the high temperatures at bay along with the slight elevation. Low temperatures in the mid 60’s are very common but the dew points are in the upper 60’s and sometimes higher.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Scattered showers about doesn’t bother me unless it takes out the electrical power on Independence Day. The weather model’s forecast for the second week in July looks great after we go through this current heat wave. Interesting to note in Canada that concentrated area of cool air looks like the Polar Vortex position from this past Winter ? I hope we are not going to have a repeat of last Winter ? It seems that we don’t have the ten year weather cycles we use to have as we are long over due for a cold and snowy Winter in the Ohio River Valley in my opinion.

    • Terry says:

      I would be happy if we can even muster a few small accumulating snowfalls this upcoming winter as the past 3 have been terrible down my way. I didn’t reach 1 inch during any event this past winter…horrible:(

      • Mike says:

        Right there with ya’, Terry. Doubt if we had any more than 4 inches total and never more than 1 at any time last year. (Richmond, KY)

  3. Schroeder says:

    We had some snow but the events were minor. I do remember we had an ice storm in November of last year but it didn’t take our electrical power out thankfully.

  4. Dave says:

    Hazy hot and humid….popcorn t-storms. Best weather of the year!

  5. Schroeder says:

    I would like to see the cold fronts that may come this late Summer and Autumn move further south which would be an indication of a strong, blocking ridge formation along the west coast. This is the only way we are going to get a good cold and snowy winter here in the Ohio River Valley. This is what happened back in 1976-1978 period. Since then the ten year weather cycles have been way off.

  6. Schroeder says:

    Everyone have a great afternoon and evening !

  7. Mike S says:

    I discovered that the Japanese beetles enjoy having an orgy on my basil plant. They flock to it only. None of my other plants, pepper, tomato, squash are having issues. Hopefully, this will make it easier to control them. Way to take one for the team, basil plant.

    • Terry says:

      That is good to know! I HATE, HATE, HATE those nasty beetles. They destroy my Rose’s, hardy bananas and other flowers ever year. I have never had them bother my tomatoes or peppers, however.

    • Mike says:

      So it looks like I need to plant basil in my neighbors garden if I want to get rid of my Japanese Beetles.

  8. Winterlover says:

    Now this is summer folk highs around 90 and having that sticky humidity. This going to last through all next week and were only in the second week of summer this type of weather is the reality of what it should be. As long the rain holds off we will be fine. Have a good weekend!

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