Here Comes A Cold Front

Good Sunday, everyone. We have an honest to goodness cold front working into the region late tonight and Monday. This will bring a chance for showers and storms with much cooler air set to follow for the first half of the new week. There’s another front waiting on us before the week is over, then we sizzle… Again.

Before we get into the weather discussion part of the blog,I want to make sure to mention what’s coming up on The Weather Channel tonight. Storm Stories is doing a special on the March 2nd, 2012 West Liberty tornado. The program airs at 8pm and 11pm, with the West Liberty portion of the show airing in the final half hour. Your friendly weatherdude will be making an appearance to talk about that devastating twister.

Let us begin with what’s shaking on this Sunday. Temps are warming into the upper 80s to 90ish for much of the Commonwealth. Winds will begin to increase as clouds roll in from the west. An impressive line of showers and storms will likely show up to our west and this could get into parts of the state by evening. Here are your tracking toys for the day…

A broken line of showers and thunderstorms will then sweep across the rest of the state late tonight into Monday. This isn’t a soaking rain and many areas may not see much, but we will take what we can get. Winds will be gusty as normal late September temps move in here. Monday temps will come down into the 70s, but lows by Tuesday morning may reach the upper 40s in some areas…

Tuesday afternoon looks awesome with low humidity and 70s.

Another cold front will work our way late Wednesday and Thursday with our next chance for some showers and storms. Could another one try to sneak in next weekend? A few models are trying to show this…



This will keep our temps near normal, but the heat is on next weekend into the following week as another huge ridge develops across the eastern half of the country. 90 degree temps are a good bet and we could be talking about record highs into early October. As I posted yesterday, this fits perfectly with September and October of 1939 when record highs happened through week two of October. Here’s my blurb from last week…

1939 featured a whopping 18 days of 90+ and was very dry. The rest of the fall turned much colder and the following winter turned very cold and gave us one of the snowiest winters on record with nearly 40″.

Obviously, no two years are exactly the same, but the fall similarities are striking. I will have another blowout post focusing more on fall and winter with my next update.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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29 Responses to Here Comes A Cold Front

  1. MarkLex says:

    This high pressure that’s been around for the longest time. Is this the Bermuda High? Another ridge building in and another heatwave? Is this the Bermuda High as well? I’ve read that the Bermuda High is always there. It moves around but stays in the same general area, which is why it’s named Bermuda High. I could be wrong, but I think most of you just call it ridge or southeast ridge. But it’s the same thing, right? Or am I totally wrong?

    • Prelude says:

      Yes same thing

      • Schroeder says:

        Prelude, I hope you will come back on here and read what my brother found out about my name appearing next to your motor cycle picture on September 2nd, 2019.The investigation into this matter came up incomplete. In other words we still don’t know what happened. We have yet to hear from Chris Bailey as he is the only one who would know or his blog creator/ provider. My brother and I will give him permission to post the answers I requested on this forum for everyone to read. We will get it straighten out eventually. You got to agree that it sure is weird that this is the only time on this forum that this has happened and it happened to me. My brother also told me that when we have all the answers he is “cutting me off The Kentucky Weather Center for good because it is not a secure blog.”

    • Schroeder says:

      Yes, the southeast ridge is the Bermuda High pressure system and it moves or migrates from east to west and you are right it is always present. Tropical development as well as low pressure system always rotate around edge of the ridge where the air is rising. What we are in now here in central Kentucky is sinking air which is heated by friction giving us the stagnant hot and now very dry weather. This is what I call the “bicycle pump effect.” As the days get shorter we normally start getting more cold fronts going south and ushering Autumn weather. This year can only be explained by a very active Atlantic tropical storm season. Jerry and Karen are not going to give us that Autumn weather we all long for as the “wall of steal ” is predicted to continue through October. If I’m wrong on the explanation I’m welcome any corrections.

      • Bob says:

        Not sure why anyone would buy any of your explanations. You are a climate change denier, one world government conspiracy theorist, and want your political rivals “destroyed” by your own words on this web site.

        Why do you pick and chose the science you believe? Because the alternative makes you and your generation feel guilty for not doing anything?

        • Schroeder says:

          Not going to get into politics and I’m sorry I brought it up on Chris’s weather blog. Here’s the weather it is HOT AND DRY FOLKS !!!!! How hard is it to forecast that ? Here’s another why talk about something no one can do anything about ? Have a pleasant and quiet Sunday everyone.

        • Virgil E says:

          It seems there is a great level of omissions by the Climate Change religion.. Why the Dust Bowl of the 1930s? Why the Great Freeze of the late 1970s? Why call it Global Cooling in the 1980s? Why Call it Global Warming in the 1990s? Why Call it Climate Change after 2010? It seems like your cult only has one “God” and that is the UN and its agenda for one world government and no Private Property rights. People like you would take away all Private ownership of Vehicles. You would dictate how people traveled and how much power they would be allowed to use each day. Your people are already dictating how much water people use in California. Your people already fine people in Maryland for catching rain water. You have a representative in DC who goes by AOC who has made such an outrageous war against Cow flatulence that its “The Onion” worthy. No thanks. You can keep your cult all to yourself.

          • Winterlover says:

            Virgil it’s call propanga that Al Gore started to feed our younger generation full of hot air and he is making money off of it today. The weather comes in cycles that’s all is to it. I can remember the so call scientists back in the 80’s were predicting that our coastal cities will be under water as of turn of this century were in. That hasn’t happened as of today. But I will say this with all the cutting our trees down for development does give me concern trees what cleans our air and the rain forest fires that’s going on does scare me for our future generations.

            • Mark says:

              I was taught about the Greenhouse Effect back in school in the 80’s, long before Al Gore became a household climate change name. You deniers that say global warming is just propaganda obviously aren’t very educated in science and the processes that occur in the atmosphere from the excess burning of fossil fuels. Please just stop talking until you become educated enough to understand scientifically what global warming really entails.

            • Linus says:

              The dust bowl was a huge issue in the US but was not reflected in the global temperatures. Now, every is one of the hottest years on record, globally. It’s time to take off the aluminum foil hats and try learning some real science and facts.

              • Winterlover says:

                Linus ,Back in the 60″s and 70’s at the time the scientists were saying we are entering the ice age era due to all the harsh winters going on at the time. Maybe you were too young or wasn’t on earth yet. You can’t tell me the hog wash that the politics are playing with our ears about climate change again like they did back in era I just mention

                • Mark says:

                  Winterlover, can you please post the links that provide evidence that ALL scientists in the 60’s and 70’s were saying we were entering an ice age? Let’s see the facts.

                  I don’t think you understand at all what is meant by global warming and climate change. Do you understand the consequences of what happens to the earth’s atmosphere when way too many fossil fuels are burned and released into the air, like what has happened over the past 50 years? Do you truly understand or can all you say is science is hog wash politics?

  2. Dave says:

    Let’s just roll these 70s and 80s into April and then watch it warm up again.

  3. Schroeder says:

    Prelude, now that’s funny. You told me that once before. I don’t want to go off the blog with this riff between us. I’m going to say that I have no hard feelings and I’m very very sorry that what I’ve said that upsets you and everyone else so much including Chris Bailey. I started posting on here in 2017 and been a distraction ever since. I didn’t mean to be really it just didn’t work out the way I expected. Have a great day to all once again. So long for good now. I won’t have a computer anymore as I can’t afford one.

  4. Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

    Bro buy yourself a smart phone.

  5. Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

    Bro buy yourself a sm$$t phone.

    • Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

      The rain chances for Monday here in Louisville continues to diminish.
      A sad situation for me & the mosquitoes.

  6. Aspen says:

    Hey does anyone know how many days we have had without any rain in Pike County? My front yard look likes it’s getting ready to catch on fire, lol it’s awful!!!!!

    • Linus says:

      The Mesonet station in Pike Co received rain 10 days ago. If you didn’t get that rain then today is number 25. This is the longest dry stretch ever recorded for London and Jackson and today will tie Lexington for the 3rd longest.

  7. BubbaG says:

    CB, why do you seem to have avoid using the word ‘drought’ in the context of your posts? This is a drought and the rain chances are looking weak at best.

  8. Aspen says:

    Thanks Linus and sadly I didn’t get in on any of that rain, I’m closer to the West Virginia line, hopefully it will rain shortly!! My house is surrounded by trees and I’m starting to getting a little ancy with no rain and all these leaves laying around.

  9. Winterlover says:

    After two years of everyday rain it seems that people are jumping the gun on like we’re in a major drought. Yes we’re in abnormally drought except in parts of central Ky which they are in moderate drought. Just let CB do his work and enjoy the blog weather you don’t like his terms of work. He does a great job regardless

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