Green Thumb ALERT

Good Saturday, everyone. The coldest air of the young fall season continues to take control of the bluegrass state. Our cold front is pushing to the east allowing for this real deal chill to dominate the weekend, making for a pretty awesome one for fall lovers.

There’s a good chance for many areas to pick up frost early Sunday morning as temps drop deep into the 30s. Green thumbs are officially on red alert.

Some areas are in the 30s to begin our Saturday, especially across western and central Kentucky. Winds are likely too gusty to allow frost to form, but those winds are actually giving us a bit of a wind chill. Leftover showers across eastern Kentucky should quickly pull out of the state by late morning…

Highs this afternoon stay in the 50s for many as sunny skies take over. Winds will make it feel chillier than that.

As our winds calm overnight, temps should drop well into the 30s for most areas. Those colder valleys may even go below freezing.

Sunday afternoon looks good with temps in the 60s. Monday is also another fine looking fall day, but things change quickly on Tuesday. That’s when we get another deep trough to dig in here, picking up a storm system from the south and rolling it up the east coast. This is a winter looking setup…



No, the end result isn’t winter weather, but the setup is something you typically see in the winter months. Often, the fall storm track can be a precursor to the winter storm track.

The air behind the above storm system will bring another frost/light freeze threat by Thursday morning after a day likely in the 50s on Wednesday.

The setup behind this looks damp as we head into next weekend as another storm system rolls our way. Temps should also warm up as this moist flow develops.

I’ve been talking about a potential really cold blast during the final week or so of October. Granted, the models are still in the fantasy range, but look what showed up…

Check out the raw model output for Lexington…

That’s just 336 hours from now… Lock it up! 😉

I will try to throw you another update later today, but no promises. I’ve been nominated as president of the WKYT tailgating committee, so things may get a little out of hand.

Have a great day and take care.

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12 Responses to Green Thumb ALERT

  1. feederband says:

    My car registered 39 degrees about an hour ago in Louisville. It’s has a feature that displays an “ice possible” warning once it dips below 40. I’m not liking cold weather approaching and would take 90’s any day.

  2. Mike says:

    Loved the update… Thanks for what you do!

    One question: What does the “-TSSN” in the highlighted row stand for?

  3. Aspen says:

    It was 56 degrees when I got up to start my weekend this morning and the temperature has dropped to 46 outside now. It seems like fall came overnight, but I was excited for the change, have a great weekend!!! GO CATS

  4. Mike S says:

    Really? NWS offices in Louisville and Jackson taking their sweet time issuing Frost Advisory. I understand the term patchy frost, but over an expansive area of real estate these offices cover, especially away from urban areas, should necessitate an advisory instead of a Special Weather statement.

    • Prelude says:

      Your comments with the weather media outlets, NWS, or CB for that matter have been nothing short of you showing your displeasure as of late. Nothing wrong with that I’ve just noticed you’ve been a touch more cranky or frustrated. Try eating a snickers you’ll feel much better.

      • Mike S says:

        Actually, the last few forecasts have done quite well, weather models, precipitation amounts…just surprised that they held off issuing Frost advisories. It’s all good. Both offices have made the right call issuing the advisory.

  5. Winterlover says:

    Had frost here in western ky this morning and there was a frost advisory out

  6. Winterlover says:

    Read the Frymire winter forecast it states were in a cold and a record snowy forecast. If this pans our better get your long johns and shovel out. We’re over due for a historic winter like the ones we had back in the late 70″s. No winters has match those since then.

  7. Prelude says:

    Keep the faith

  8. Chris says:

    I woke up in Jeffersontown/Louisville this morning and went out to my car and thought I had just some dew/fogging of windows…it was ice on the windshield!!!!

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