Halloween Eve Update

Good evening, everyone. On this Halloween Eve, we continue to track rounds of very heavy rain across the region. This action is ahead of our major temp drop on Halloween and it’s one that can give us our first flakes of the season before the day is over.

Some areas are now approaching 2″ of rain on the day, with a lot more to go tonight into early Halloween. I’ll have your tracking toys in a bit.

Let me start with our a new Kentucky Weather podcast to throw at ya. We talk a lot about the Halloween weather and I even throw in a few winter hints…

The rest of our forecast appears to be on track with our much anticipated temperature plunge on Halloween. That more than 30 degree drop in temps may also lead to some snowflakes flying around from late afternoon into the evening.

Here’s the temp drop…

The wind chill forecast continues to be absurd…

The chance for a few snowflakes continues to show up pretty well…

Again, that wouldn’t be more than some flakes flying and not everyone would see it. Still, it’s pretty awesome to see.

Temps behind all this drop deep into the 20s by Friday morning with highs only in the 40s. It’s a cold weekend in store as another weak front drops in. That looks to be dry, but we will need to watch that northwest wind.

The setup then features several systems diving in from the northwest into next week. There’s the chance for some clippers to impact our weather and I could see one of them really trying to amplify. We’re also seeing a lot of cold getting into the mix and some of the model forecasts are for temps to be WAY below normal…


Here are your evening rain trackers…

Make it a great evening and take care.

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5 Responses to Halloween Eve Update

  1. Dottie says:

    I’m just not ready for this!

  2. Chris Mercer says:

    After probably the warmest September/October combo on record, no where to go but down!

  3. Mark says:

    So hard to believe that just one month ago temperatures were in the upper 90’s with severe short-term drought conditions ongoing. Too bad October doesn’t have one more day after tomorrow. It would be awesome to see upper 90’s and mid 20’s in the same month. What an incredible swing. I wasn’t convinced the pattern change was for real, but it sure has been. On a side note, back in September the talk was how this was going to be a weak fall color season due to the drought. Well, I think the colors are just about as pretty as they have been in the recent wet years, especially the sugar maples. The oaks are always late changers, so their show is still to come.

  4. Connor Smith says:

    Seriously dense fog settling in eastern Jefferson County Louisville. Cannot believe there wasn’t a dense fog alert going out.

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