Big Time Winds Ahead

Good evening, folks. I wanted to drop by for another update on the busy weather pattern taking shape for our big Thanksgiving travel period. This kicks off with a high wind maker that may very well cause some issues from late Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

Tuesday night into the first half of Wednesday could feature wind gusts greater than 50mph. The Hi Res NAM continues to increase the numbers a bit…

Showers and thunderstorms will also be noted during this time, but that action ends quickly from west to east on Wednesday.

Another system brings a few showers toward us on Thanksgiving Day, but that will have to overcome some dry air.

The next system is about to slam into the Pacific northwest as one of the strongest storms ever recorded in that part of the world. This is just one of the reasons we are seeing the models having so many issues. Earlier, I showed how the GFS was changing from run to run, but most models are doing the same thing.

The European Model is doing the same, but has the overall theme right. Strong storms to light snow around here from Saturday into Sunday…

The last run of the model had a ridge popping behind that. The new run as a storm diving from the northwest the middle of next week…

This flopping is something I talked about last week. There’s so much energy that the models can’t handle it.

I do want to show the JMA with the Saturday-Sunday system as it bowls that system due east on top of us …

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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One Response to Big Time Winds Ahead

  1. AC says:

    Wind Advisory or High Wind Warnings—which one will it be? (I’ve forgotten the “official” criteria for this, but it’s going to be all about impact once again.)

    Duration of the event is going to matter here as sustained winds could cause minor tree damage with small branches being torn down and possible isolated cases of uprooted smaller trees, and power outages.

    NWS needs to deliberate on this.

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