Heavy Rain To A Light Snow Maker

Good Sunday, everybody. As the heavy rain ends early today, minor flooding issues continue into the first part of our day. Once into the evening, it’s all about a light snow maker working into the bluegrass state. This will likely bring light accumulations to many areas, possibly causing some travel issues.

Our first day of December begins with the rain moving out of the east fairly quickly. There are still some flood warnings across the state…

Here are your radars to wave bye to the action as it slides east…

Winds will continue to be gusty today as colder air sweeps in from the west and northwest. After a break in the action, rain and some snow breaks out this evening. That action should change to wet snow overnight and early Monday as our upper level system drops in. The air with this isn’t exceptionally cold, but it’s cold enough for wet snow to fly and stick. Northwest winds will keep snow showers and flurries going across central and eastern Kentucky through Monday night as Lake Michigan offers some help.

You can see all this play out on the Hi Res NAM…

This isn’t a ton of snow, but widespread coatings to 2″ look possible, with the potential for a little more in the mountains in the southeast. Here’s a rough outline of the First Call For Snowfall…

You will notice I’ve added some headlines on that so you can see the nuance of the forecast. Given this is a wet snow, we should see elevated and grassy areas doing better than anything else. There should be some streaks that do better than others.

I would expect Winter Weather Advisories to go up at some point today…

A quick check of the snow models finds them in decent agreement…


Hi Res NAM

Short Range Canadian



Gusty winds will add to the show and give a little bit of a plastered look to whatever snow falls. Those same gusty winds will make it feel pretty cold…

I will have updates later today, so check back. Have a good one and take care.

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6 Responses to Heavy Rain To A Light Snow Maker

  1. Mike S says:

    This system is nothing like we had a couple of weeks ago that featured very mild readings to near flash-freezing temperatures along with snow and brutal wind chills.
    Call it what you want, but this one is no true Arctic intrusion that was mentioned last week.
    With a warm ground and temperatures barely near freezing, it will have to snow hard enough to overcome that, because once the intensity shuts off, this snow will not stick around as long as the last one. Perhaps the higher elevations of eastern Kentucky fare to do better than the rest of us.

    • Bus Haynes says:

      I think your pretty well on what you posted. Highs this coming week are suppose to be in the middle 40’s to 50’s in my area.

    • Schroeder says:

      Right, not Arctic air but north Pacific air. Arctic air is lock up in Siberia and northern Canada along with a strong Polar low.

      • Schroeder says:

        3.20 inches of rain fell in my backyard yesterday. I don’t know what our yearly total is because I can’t find any weather records for my county. I’m sure it was much needed because of the very hot and dry September. The forecast for my county over the next 24 hours is for snow showers with very little accumulation expected. Next week looks nice and dry and maybe some sunshine with highs in the 40’s and 50’s. The real deal Winter weather continues to be well to the west and north where areas are getting heavy snowstorms like we had back in the winter of 1977-78.

  2. Ricvice says:

    Had around 3″ in my rain gauge here in southern fayette county also.was showing photos of the snows and blizzard of jan 26 1978 to my son. I was 15 at the time and it seemed we had a snowfall every 2-3 days average in 1978. Heck we only went to school 1 day in January. The patterns have surely changed not even an ankle biter clipper anymore. It sure seems like winter for the most part is off to the same start of the last 3 brown winters. Well at least I have photos and memories of when winters were white.

  3. Mr.Peabody says:

    Seems like a normal pattern for this time of year.Lets see what late December brings.Believe we see a-EPO/+PNA that will dominate.Always nice to have the pacific on our side.Just need a little bit of a -NAO in case the EPO is strong.Combine this with an active Southern stream and we will get one big dog sometime in January.Currently see no red flags on guidance to get worried about.

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