A Really Nice Weekend

Good Friday, folks. It’s a frigid start to the day, but things are looking much better as we kick off the weekend. Skies are going to be absolutely awesome and the temps are slowly increasing over the next few days. Once into next week, Old Man Winter will try to flex a little late season muscle.

Let’s begin with today and hit the fast forward button. Temps are in the teens this morning but recover into the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. Skies look partly to mostly sunny.

That sun is going to continue into Saturday as highs hit the upper 40s to low 50s. Saturday looks fantabulous!

Clouds will increase on Sunday, but the system moving in is a little slower than it looked before. That means temps spike well into the 50s…

The system to our west will roll right on top of us into Monday and early Tuesday, bringing some ugly…

As cold air crashes in behind this, we are likely to fire up a pretty potent storm that rides up the eastern slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. That could put our region in line for snow Wednesday and Thursday…




Given the 500mb setup and the look of a negatively tilted trough, there’s a chance that could become an even stronger storm than the models are currently showing.

I will update this later today. Make it a great Friday and take care.

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11 Responses to A Really Nice Weekend

  1. BH says:

    This is the third time I’ve tried to post. I hope the snow we get next week is not a Heavy wet snow. After that goes by I hope it warms up.

    • BubbaG says:

      Who knows really? It has been decades since the last full-on polar ice cap refresh, so are there any actual trends to model from. Seems not really.

      • AC says:

        I’m just glad to see something besides a one word answer. We all know it’s going to rain next week. There might be snow, too. Although the level of negativity and hot air shown around here is probably one main factor in why the ice caps are shrinking. Enough hot air we get around here would melt enough ice for an entire galaxy…

        • Troy says:

          Well this is a weather blog comment section after all….people feel they can vent their frustrations with the weather here, just as you just did with your own negativity and hot air…

          • AC says:

            I see you on here often making comments downplaying every system that can bring winter weather.

            I can’t decide if you just hate snow or you’re one of those people who always tries to will it away.

            If you really wanted snow, why would you will it away when it was on your doorstep?

            • AC says:

              I’m not going to pursue this argument any further. But I really do wish there were a way to ignore the “it’s never going to snow here” posters who repeat the same messages over and over, or the ones who say it’s always rain every time.

              Ignoring the comments section it is, then.

  2. Virgil E says:

    Ice Caps not shrinking

  3. Russell says:

    We shall see….
    Right on Troy!
    Last time I checked the first adm was still in effect so until the snow is accumulating in my yard I’ll continue to think RIP winter.

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