Some Ugly For The Weekend

Good Friday, folks. Our severe weather maker has pushed out of the state with much better weather replacing it today. Unfortunately, there’s some ugly rolling in for our Saturday as another rain maker settles in. In true Kentucky winter fashion, this is mainly a cold rain with the potential for some flakes in the north.

Early morning showers and storms move away from the southeast today, with mostly cloudy skies taking over. Temps will be in the 50s.

Saturday looks ugly with rain rolling in from west to east. Temps are very chilly and it may be just cold enough for some mixed rain and snow in the north.

That shows up on the models…



That’s another nice rain maker for our region. Ugh.

Sunday looks pretty nice with highs back into the 50-55 degree range with skies becoming partly sunny.

Once into early next week, temps really begin to take off on a strong southwest flow. A couple of scattered showers and storms will be possible. That action increases later in the week as a big plains storm system develops. Ahead of this, temps may surge deep into the 70s around here.

The overall pattern continues to be skewed wetter than normal for the next few weeks…

I will have another update later today. Until then, have a good one and take care.

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6 Responses to Some Ugly For The Weekend

  1. TennMark says:

    As many here at KWC personally recall, it was roughly on today’s date 27 years ago that the Blizzard of 1993 walloped much of the eastern USA. I was nine, in Morristown Tennessee as my family and I (with pets) hunkered down by the otherwise seldom used fireplace with no power while outside had howling winds and unbelievable snow drifts. An unforgettable, wild experience for me, but like most people we coped fairly well. But it also needs to be remembered that many lost their lives from Cuba to Canada and many points in between.

    At least yesterday’s storms were nothing like those last week in Tennessee. Still some localized flooding. As of this morning, the SPC Storm Reports page shows a line of wind damage and hail reports from southern Illinois to Paducah to almost Middlesboro KY. KY. Will be interesting to see if rotation over areas like McCreary County KY is later confirmed to have touched down.

    • Schroeder says:

      While the blizzard of 1993 was happening I was working in Evansville, Indiana and the weather there was windy and somewhat cold and dry. My blizzard experience was in January 1978. Late yesterday evening we had lots of lightning and thunder with periods of heavy rain. According to the Kentucky Mesonet we had 1.72 inches of rain. No wind damage, as a matter fact hardly any wind at all at my place. Just a “garden variety thunderstorm. “

      • Terry says:

        We didn’t reach an inch here, 0.97 in. Not that I am hurting for rain, LOL 😛

        The 1993 Superstorm buried Harlan….I was 10 years old and nothing as severe or (incredible) since for snow, thundersnow and wind!

        • Schroeder says:

          Terry, Spring is beginning to make it’s delightful appearance here in the hills of central Kentucky. Red maples are blooming and the Forsythia is beginning to bloom. One plant that is unfortunately missing for me and that would be wild Rhododendrons. The king of all flowering shrubs / trees.

  2. jackson says:

    I will never forget the Blizzard of 93, I was 13 years old and still remember the National Guard Humevees driving thru the streets of downtown Pikeville…we had well over 30 inches of snow and drifts of 4 ft+…it was truly a once in a generation snowstorm…I hate it that my kids will likely never experience a snowstorm close to the Blizzard of 93.

  3. Illinois Mike says:

    Thank goodness there’s always the weather to follow since all the team sports I like to follow (basketball, hockey, baseball) have been cancelled until further notice.

    The first 12 days of the month have been very mild here in the Chicago area, averaging over 9 degrees per day above normal, but that’s going to change this weekend, with highs not even making it to 40 degrees on Saturday. The normal high temp here for this time of year is 45 degrees.
    Any snow will actually be south of here in Central IL.

    Have a good weekend all!

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