Changes Brewing For Thanksgiving Weekend

Good Sunday everyone and thanks for dropping by KWC. The weather we have out there this weekend is nothing short of fantastic and this will carry us into much of the Thanksgiving week ahead. While this kind of weather is nice… it’s boring your friendly weatherdude. I need mother nature to change it up a bit and that’s exactly what she plans to do next weekend and beyond.

The weather today into Monday will feature partly to mostly sunny skies with temps in the upper 50s and lower 60s. There could be a shower or two trying to pop by Tuesday and early Wednesday, but this doesn’t look like a big deal at all. Temps both days should hang around in the 50s.

Thanksgiving Day continues to look very good with a mix of sun and clouds and highs around 60 degrees.

The change toward cold begins late on Black Friday and really kicks in by Saturday and Sunday as a strong cold front sinks in from the northwest.The European Model shows the cold blast very well…

The Canadian Model is a touch quicker…

That’s a fairly strong northwesterly wind setting up behind the front. I wonder if it will be strong enough to produce some snowflakes?

This first shot of cold is the warning shot for what’s to come the following week. That’s when a major blast of cold is likely to sweep in. The models are all different with the timing of the arrival and that’s to be expected from this far out. The Canadian brings it in here to start the following week…

The GFS is about a day slower and shows a more pronounced storm…

The European Model is a little slower than the both of those models and sets up a pattern that could get totally crazy across much of the country as we head into early December.

One of the seasonal models I’ve been watching closely this fall comes from Japan. This model has had a pretty good track record of late and this was what it was forecasting for last winter…

The model nailed last winter’s massive warmth across the country. This same model has a MUCH different look for the winter of 2012-2013…

The drumbeat toward a colder than normal winter grows louder. I will bang on the drum some more with my Winter Weather Forecast on WKYT Monday at 6. Be there or be snowless this winter. 🙂

I will throw another update your way later today. Have a great Sunday and take care.

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9 Responses to Changes Brewing For Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Virgil Edwards says:

    Ill take snowless for 2000!

  2. KP says:

    I am always there at 6 p.m. but I will most definitely be there Monday at 6 p.m.! Let’s hope the Japan model is right again. 🙂

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks, Chris. Going to have to get those otudoor decorations done for sure before Thursday, sounds like! Would much rather put them up at 50 degrees plus than when it is a cold 30something! Looking forward to seeing the winter weather forecast on KYT. Your thoughts will be interesting to see, for sure,
    Have a reat Sunday, everyone.

  4. Bjenks says:

    If I recall correctly, back in the summer, the same Japan model had Feb at 13 degrees below normal for our region and Jan. at six degrees below. That is a major freeze that would rival 1977. This model is the only model that hit the warmth last year and seems to be pretty dependable. Could be an interesting winter especially if the dreaded DOME collapses. Like the GFS Tuesday Evening model.
    Thanks Chris and looking forward to your winter outlook.

  5. jeanette says:

    Yep! Birthday snow for December 1st! 😀

    • sue(flatwoods,KY) says:

      yes!! my Birthday is Dec 10, would love to have a WHITE Birthday!!!!

      • Bjenks says:

        12/12/12 is mine…lets go for three Birthday snows and then let it get really cold so it stays on the ground until Christmas! Wishful thinking, but hey don’t we all get a wish on or for our Birthday.

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