Milder For The Holiday Weekend

Good Friday, everyone. We’re rolling into the Easter Weekend with a taste of some milder air surging in from the southwest. Normal late March temps will be with us for the closing days of the month and that’s a far cry from how the rest of the month has been.

The milder air will likely be accompanied by scattered showers and the first batch will arrive today across western and southern Kentucky. We’ll have to watch those to see how far north they get. Temps will generally run in the 50s for highs.

Temps will then warm for the weekend…

GFS 2Upper 50s to low 60s will be common both days. Saturday looks to feature mainly dry weather with only a small chance for a shower. Easter Sunday will see a better threat for some showers… especially during the first half of the day. Those rains won’t be around for the entire day and we will see some dry weather, so plan accordingly.

A shot of very cold air will work back in later Monday and Tuesday and this may bring a shot of rain and snow.

The overall pattern continues to show signs of breaking down. Near normal temps appear to be more likely by the end of next week and that’s good news for spring breakers.

Take a look at the improving signal going toward the middle of the month…


Now, THAT looks good!

Have a great Friday and take care.

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7 Responses to Milder For The Holiday Weekend

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks for the good news, Chris. Looking forward to some warmer temperatures. Of course, we have to get through the cold first…oh well, at least it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel! (Just hope its not a train coming down the tracks at a fast rate of speed!)
    😉 Have a GREAT Friday, everyone!

  2. Todd says:

    SUN and 59 in Frankfort, Overacheiving temps, YES!

  3. chris g in clay county says:

    Was checking to see if you was still more cold air for next week. Glad to see it is suppose to warm up starting end of bext week. I think everyone is tired of the cold weather. Thanks chris for the update.

  4. chris g in clay county says:

    That was suppose to say if you was still seeing cold weather for next week. Cant hardly use this android phone. My fingers are too big for the keyboard.

  5. TONEY says:

    a lot of temps are going to start over achieving unless we have a wet spring cause there was no snow pack this year to put water in the ground…….chris keeps speaking of an active thunder storm season from spring into early summer and that may be what we need to keep from going into a drought for the summer to make up for lack of snow fall the past 2 seasons……..just keep the severe weather away…..i remember too well the dates of june 29th and june 30th of last summer with the dericho and being without electric for 50 hours and i was lucky to get it back when i got it back………..maybe by not having any major winter storms to hit our region this past winter was gift from above after all we had been through just in the past year……..this has been a long comment and for that i apologize and if i have ever offended any body on here i am truly very sorry…..thanks and god bless.

  6. Mike says:

    After a whopping 3.5 inches of snow in Richmond, I am ready for spring.

  7. Go Cards says:

    Go Cards!

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