Warmer Weather On The Way

Good Friday, weather lovers. You have been begging me and begging me to bring some milder weather your way. Since I am a man of the people… I am going to deliver. Well… mother nature does the delivering, but you get the idea. 🙂

Today will feature a clearing sky from west to east and that will allow temps to warm into the upper 50s and low 60s for highs. That should make for some awesome weather for folks heading out to the opening day of the spring meet at Keeneland.

Weekend temps look even better and may approach 70 degrees…


Saturday looks like the best day with mostly sunny skies. A shower or thunderstorm will be possible later Sunday into early next week. That’s when even warmer air surges into town and that may boost thermometers well into the 70s to near 80.

A slow moving storm system will then roll our way by the second half of the week. The European Model is a bit slower and farther north with this storm…


Rounds of thunderstorms should flare up and those will have to be watched.

Have a wonderful Friday and take care.

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9 Responses to Warmer Weather On The Way

  1. Chris Mercer says:

    Hopefully this was the last morning in the 20’s until next autumn. 28 in Lawrenceburg this morning!

  2. Mike says:

    Yeah, and you probably had snow! 🙂

    • Chris Mercer says:

      Mike: you made me laugh with that one. No snow today, but a heavy frost.

      Last year I mowed for the fourth time on April 5 and my bradford pears bloomed on February 27th. This year no blooms on the pear trees and no mowing ye!

  3. Shawon says:

    It’s nice to see Chris post maps of the European model and see orange and red colors instead of blue and purple.

  4. Marie says:

    HOORAY temps in the 70s and 80s, thought I would never see the day again! Breaking out the shorts and flip flops next week! Firing up the grill! Planting flowers this weekend! HOORAY!

  5. Pat says:

    I left for work this morning from Lexington around 5:30 and the temp was 40 degrees according to WKYT. When i went to start the car, there was frost on the windows. I’m no meteoroligist, but how do you get frost at 40 degrees? One thing i did notice was the beautiful sound of the birds singing. I truly believe we are going to go from winter to straight summer. No spring, but what the heck, I’ll take it!

    • Chris Mercer says:

      Was in the 20’s in Lawrenceburg at the same time. I don’t think that 40 degree reading from WKYT was accurate.

  6. Soooo…Chris..can I till my garden…Sunday? I have been waiting forever:)

  7. chris g in clay county says:

    Nice day out today. Vocalist from band I’m playing in called me today she said she was outside with short sleeves no jacket. She was so glad it finally warmed up. Think I speak for all us, glad warmer days are ahead.

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