Much Warmer Air Moving In

Good Sunday, everyone. What a fantastic past few days of weather we’ve had across the region. Sunshine: Check. Mild Temps: Check. Weekend: Check.  What we keep that going into today? Negative. A weak front slides into the region and will deliver a couple of showers and thunderstorms. Once that get’s out of the way… it gets very warm for a few days.

The showers and storms out there today won’t be especially widespread. That said… take an umbrella to be on the safe side. Temps will be tough to pinpoint because of the scattered rain and clouds, but readings will likely come in a few degrees below Saturday.

Monday will see thermometers rebound into the 70s as winds gust up and a scattered thunderstorm dots the northern skyline.

Tuesday into Wednesday will find the warmest air of the year surging in here on a gusty southwesterly wind. Readings will make a run at 80 degrees both days.

We continue to watch our slow moving storm moving out of the plains states and toward the Ohio Valley by the end of the week. The GFS is weaker and faster with the storm, but the European Model continues to show a stronger and slower system…



That’s a potent setup that will bring a blizzard to parts of the plains and a severe weather outbreak ahead of it into the Mississippi River Valley. Will that extend into the Ohio Valley? That’s a possibility and something we will need to keep an eye on by Thursday.

Cooler air will then filter in by the weekend.

Speaking of cooler… check out the amount of chill hanging around North America over the next few weeks…




That’s nowhere near the cold pattern we had in March, but doesn’t necessarily show a very warm pattern around here. Cold air hanging on like that is one of the reasons I’ve been harping on a stormy second half of April into May and June.

Make it a great Sunday and take care.

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6 Responses to Much Warmer Air Moving In

  1. Israel says:

    I’m okay with 60’s but as long as we don’t drop back into the low 50’s and 40’s we’ve had. It looks like from here on, we may need to pop out the jackets just a few more times and we’ll be done with the chilly weather. Just hope we have a spring and don’t go straight to summer temps in a few weeks.

  2. Grant says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that fall seems to be extending into the first part of December (temps in 50s-60s seem more frequent)? And that winter is extending into April further (temps below normal). I’ve been too lazy to look up the data but it just seems that way. Thanks for the update Chris!

  3. chris g in clay county says:

    No rain yet today. Its been nice these last 2 days. Nice weather always comes at a price and thurs we will probably pay with nasty storms. Hoping not but those come along with warmer temps.

    Thanks for update chris

  4. Israel says:

    Wow. The weather channel put up my video i shot of time lapse here in Lexington, KY of clouds.

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