A Spring Contrast

Happy Sunday, folks. Even with plenty of sunshine, we continue to talk a walk on the chilly side of the thermometer today. Frost and freezing conditions kick us off with below normal afternoon highs to finish things. The colder than normal air has been a staple of the spring and that stands in stark contrast to last spring.

The temperature pattern isn’t the only major difference from last spring to this one. The entire pattern is about as different as it can be from last year and that has led to a lot more precipitation across the country.  Check out the rainfall anomaly difference from the past 30 days (top) to April 2012…


That’s a VERY impressive difference and is one that will likely lead to influence the pattern as we roll into late spring and summer. A wetter ground across the central and eastern part of the country should act to keep temps from going crazy hot like we saw last summer.

The wetter than normal pattern shows no signs of letting up. Check out the next two weeks worth of rain from the GFS…


This whole setup goes along with the thoughts we’ve expressed since February… a stormy spring and summer.

Speaking of storms… our next round rolls through here Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Some of these could be severe as another surge of chilly air moves in. A stronger system may arrive around this time next weekend.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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3 Responses to A Spring Contrast

  1. Todd says:

    50s for highs are a little cool, but 60s are just fine for me, the heat will show up at some point, even if not extreme this summer the humidity will make up for it if its a wet summer!

    • Jeff Hamlin says:

      Almost any summer is an improvement from last year. Hottest I have ever seen in my 12 years of residence in KY, and rivals anything I have seen in almost 33 years on earth.

  2. chris g in clay county says:

    Was a little cool today and yesterday. Fridsy eas really cool. It wont ladt to long. It earm bsck up until we get another little winter. Then rinsce snd repeat. Won’t be long before we have to run air day and night.

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