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  1. Debbie says:

    I like the new layout! 🙂
    And I’d really like it if this next week’s little snow grows into a bigger (and bigger..and bigger!) storm for all us little snow-deprived souls!

    • MKM says:

      Hey Chris, hope all is well! I just wanted to bring to your attention that a certain Dale McKinney (WMDJ 100.1 Alllen, Ky.) called you out by name this morning. He claimed you were forecasting 4-6 inches of rain from this FIRST system, when I knew you were forecasting a week’s total of two systems. He said HE knew this was just a rain that would wash the mud off and give us a good cleaning. He also stated that he only listens to the NWS Jackson, because being that they are GOVERNMENT FUNDED, they are going to be right. In what country is this man living where he thinks anything that the government is touching is better? I’ll stick with you Chris, because unlike the government, you seem to be “FOR THE PEOPLE!”

  2. Tom Teague says:

    please send the price list for ads.

  3. Chris your work is superb

  4. Lara Jackson says:

    Hey Chris
    Are we gonna get any REAL winter weather this winter? I am a winter lover! These 2 or 3 days here and there of true winter are driving me crazy!! 50’s and 60’s Grrrrrrr!!! Maybe I should just move to Alaska!! HeeHee!! Thanks and have a great day!!

  5. Todd says:


  6. LOIE says:


  7. Scioto County Storm Chaser Center is a Non-Profit Organization that was form on August 22, 2005. This organization was formed to provide weather information to the public in Scioto County, Ohio and all six of the surrounding counties. The surrounding counties are Adams, Jackson, Lawrence, and Pike in Ohio, Greenup, and Lewis in Kentucky. To provide the community with the best weather information from the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio, and Charleston, West Virginia.


    Website For Mobile Devices:

  8. roy lee says:

    chris bailey can you call roy lee at 270-945-3796

    • Sandy Sexton says:

      Hey, Chris. Thanks for the update on this crazy weather! I need to drive from Louisville to Hazard. Is it safe on I-64, Mountain Parkway and Ky Hgwy 15?

  9. Paul says:

    Is Huntington going to get anything in the next couple weeks? I would rather ask and trust you then ask and trust WSAZ.

  10. bgbecky says:

    I can’t comment! It keeps saying “awaiting moderation” please help!

  11. Cole says:

    I hope Ashland independent will be closed Monday!

  12. Melvin Sawdy says:

    Is there any plans to fix the Kentucky Horse Park cam it had been off line the last three months

  13. william falls says:

    weather is a day late..whats up.

  14. Carol Hansen says:

    I have watched you for years and your station you work for is more accurate than any station I have ever watched .

  15. Keith G. says:

    Chris, love your work, and enjoy reading every day! I do, however, want to point out that your daily date stamp has been behind one day for about the past ten days. Just thought I’d mention this.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Joy says:


    I’ve had difficulty accessing your website for the last several days. Had to go back to an older version and save as my favorites to access your website. Another person had a similar issue. Thought you’d like to know.

  17. Adam says:

    I am planning to ride my bike from Georgetown to Lexington between the hours of 1:30-3:30. Do u think I will be able to beat the rain?

  18. Gwenda Johnson says:

    I have an outdoor program planned for tomorrow (Thursday, June 13th) with 40 people enrolled. Can you give me your opinion if there will be watches or warnings for Elliott County.
    Thanks a bunch

  19. Nicki Hauri says:

    Hey Chris~

    I have been following your posts for a few years now. I tell everyone that I like your forecasts and updates better than anyone else locally. I live in Scottsville KY, but work in Lafayette TN. I especially love you always giving us your forecasts on the patterns and when things are changing (or not). I’m loving the cooler than normal temps so far (I hate the heat) and love winter. So I’m voicing my love for snow and saying anything you can ever give me as far as what you are seeing for the upcoming fall and winter works well for me. Thanks for your great work!!

  20. Scioto County Storm Chaser Center is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded on August 22, 2005. This organization was formed to provide weather information to the public in Scioto County, Ohio and surrounding counties. The surrounding counties are Adams, Jackson, Lawrence and Pike in Ohio, and Greenup and Lewis in Kentucky. To provide the community with the best weather information from the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio, and Charleston, West Virginia. – See more at:

  21. Vinessa says:

    I want to start by saying I love this site!!! I was just wondering why the twitter feed no longer show’s up on the right upper corner. I know that is the way you send out a lot of updates on weather, especially severe weather updates.

  22. Vinessa says:

    I want to start by saying I live this site!! I was just wondering why the twitter feed is no longer showing up in the top right corner? I know that’s how you send out a lot of updates.

  23. James Culbertson says:

    Chris, at Cast Away Farm outside Harrodsburg, we have received 2.75 inches of rain since midnight on our graduated rain gauge. James Culbertson

  24. Mark says:

    More fall and winter updates!

  25. Nicki Hauri says:

    I definitely want to talk about this upcoming fall and winter!! Ask and you shall receive!! I hope your bringing news of an early cool crisp fall and lots of snow for winter!!

  26. Melvin Sawdy says:

    The summer of 2013 is much like the summer of 1966 cold and wet, the winter of 1967 was cold with much snow Washington DC had 31 inchs in late Feb.

  27. Rebecca Dumont says:

    I spoke with a lady who believes that we are in for a long fall and a very short and mild winter. Any thoughts…?

  28. Charlie Watts says:

    Chris, I live in Huntington,WV. We really miss you up here.
    I am glad that I found your weather blog again. You rock on the weather.
    keep up the good work.

  29. andrew says:

    would it be right to conclude that a cooler than normal summer give way to warmer than normal winter so the averages work out?????

  30. what is weather going to be for saterday in butler county

  31. Juanita Nance says:

    Your weather emails are what my husband and I always look at. We still depend on you for our weather info, even though we live just outside of Ironton, Ohio. You are still close enough to give us a good idea of what the weather will be. Thanks for still being there for us.

  32. corkey mccord maysville, ky says:

    hi chris its corkey up here in Maysville, just wanted you to know I got 2.2/10 from Friday threw last night, thought you would like to know

    take care my friend

  33. Juanita Nance says:

    My husband and I are wanting to go leaf-peeping this coming week. Want to go to Breaks Interstate Park. What two days would be the best? Thanks.

  34. justin mercer says:

    Please have an app developer make something for your site. You’re clearly more accurate than AccuWeather.

  35. corkey mccord maysville, ky says:

    hi chris

    I need to buy a new weather station for my home, my old is 2 yrs old & it was a gift, where would you suggest I purchase one from, & is the digital ones any better than analog, help me please..

    thank you

    corkey mccord

  36. SR says:

    Chris, you show a scale on the right side of you snow model, can you explain what that represents ?

  37. Braden Petry says:

    Anyone know when Chris will have an updated blog about the snow? thanks

  38. Ann Stumbo says:


    I was disappointed to miss your winter forecast, but some of us attend church on Wednesday nights. Many of those services start at 6:00PM. Can you post that forecast on Kentucky Weather Center for us? Thanks

  39. D. Bainter says:

    Hi, considering moving to either central to southern KY could you please tell me if either or which one has the lesser cold an definitely the lesser snow with warmer weather during the time of Nov. thru Mar. please!!!! We will be moving from Nothern IN. Northern being less than 500′ from MI line (northern most point in Elkhart Co.) an app. 3 miles from the LaGrange County line. Any comments from anyone who might be in these areas will be appreciated as well!!!
    Thank you for your time an consideration!!!

  40. D. Griffith says:

    You’ll never make the six.

  41. char says:

    last thanksgiving we ate out on the deck it was warm and sunny we were at my family gathering in lex at andover

  42. Tyler says:

    Hello, Chris,

    I’m currently a subscriber to accuweather pro and have been for a while. I’m a meteorology student at ohio u. And cannot for the life of me find freezing rain accumulation maps. In the past I remember you posting these maps. Do you care to enlighten me on where you find those maps?

  43. Jason says:

    Hi Chris,

    Was just wondering what your thoughts were on how the weather channel names winter storms?

    • Bridgette Reese says:

      Hi Chris,
      I was wondering if you could tell me what KY average snowfall a yr is and what the 2013-2014 season has brought us. I’m using it for a report for college and if OK I’ll use you on my resource page. Thanks Bridgette

  44. T.f says:

    Will abany ky get anything tonight or tomorrow

  45. Rick says:

    Really like the website, and thank you for the weather links to the forecast models,etc.. very enjoyable to try to be a weatherman too! lol

  46. Scioto County Storm Chaser Center is a Non-Profit Organization that was form on August 22, 2005. This organization was formed to provide weather information to the public in Scioto County, Ohio and all six of the surrounding counties. The surrounding counties are Adams, Jackson, Lawrence, and Pike in Ohio, Greenup, and Lewis in Kentucky. To provide the community with the best weather information from the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio, and Charleston, West Virginia.


    Website For Mobile Devices:

    I made some changes on the Scioto County Storm Chaser Center’s Mobile Device Link. You can either type in on your mobile device or

    Gregoy Syroney (President/Storm Chaser)
    Scioto County Storm Chaser Center
    Post Office Box 1103
    Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

  47. William Coleman says:

    This is the best weather web site, bar none.
    No one give us as much information as Chris Bailey.
    A consistant accurate web site for weather.
    I appreciate all you do! Thank YOU!

  48. Brandy says:

    Hey Chris! Just wondered if you could tell us how much rainfall last night for Lexington area (Georgetown specifically). Idk if there is a way to do a live ticket on your blog for that or not. Just an upgrade suggestion! 🙂
    Thanks for your blog and awesome entertainment!

    Merry Christmas!

  49. Brandy,

    According to Georgetown area got 0.76″ of Rainfall over night.

    Gregory Syroney (President/Storm Chaser)
    Scioto County Storm Chaser Center
    Post Office Box 1103
    Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

  50. Brandy,

    You can also look at the CoCoRaHS Precipitation Map by going to

    CoCoRaHS is a good tool to use for 24 hours Precipitation Reports.

    Gregory Syroney (President/Storm Chaser)
    Scioto County Storm Chaser Center
    Post Office Box 1103
    Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

  51. james says:

    will the southeast see winter this year? when I say southeast I mean nc/sc

  52. james says:

    will winter come to the south east this winter sc/nc.

  53. corkey mccord maysville, ky says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU CHRIS & YOUR FAMILY, hope you are right with models, I would be very happy, that would make my day, when it happens, take care

    corkey McCord of Maysville, ky

  54. Orin Masters says:

    How many low pressure systems traveled up the eastern seaboard from the gulf in 1993?

  55. Randall says:

    I like snow in the winter as much as anyone, however I’d hate to loose this site because of the few folks that seem to think you control the weather. You do an excellent job predicting what is coming down the pike for us and I thank you for it. I always check this site to plan my week ahead, ( i check the Weather Channel for a current temperature, but their forecast on the local on the 8’s are off the wall most of the time, kind of like look out your window weather forecasting 🙁
    Keep up the good work and don’t let us in the general public get under your skin. Congratulations on the UK win yesterday, I was for the other team but it don’t bother me when UK wins.When they don’t play against each other I want UK to win. I do always pull against Duke whoever they play for what the did against UK in that tournament game a few years back.
    have a great day and thanks for everything you do!

  56. corkey mccord maysville, ky says:

    hi chris

    I think this site is the best period, I’m sorry for the few people has to complain about something, but that is life, please don’t let a few rotten apples spoil it for the rest of us, if you don’t like the site or what is said, please just keep your comments to your self, myself & my girls love this site, I look at it everyday I love the work you do chris, I hope you do it for another 50 yrs at least, GOD BLESS YOU CHRIS & YOUR FAMILY & HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY NEW YR, MAY GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU ALWAYS,


  57. Jake says:

    What’s the snow accumulation for Hazard by 12pm tomorrow?

  58. Old Grizz says:

    Mr. Bailey,
    My son and I were recently talking about temperature extremes. Could you give us some insight into the last time Kentucky, especially in the Southeastern part of the state, experienced negative degree temperature readings? Also, was there ever a time in recent history in our state when high daily temperatures never got any higher than negative readings? He is twelve and I am 46. I told him that the coldest and snowiest that I ever recall were in the late 70s. We missed 6 weeks of school during one of those winters. Fun times for sledding. My dad and I even walked out a good piece on to the Ohio River where it was frozen.

    Old Grizz

  59. bill says:

    I just want to say thank you for such a great, to-the-point weather site! I just typed in “central kentucky weather”, and zammmmm…. your site was there. No nonsense, pleasant and easy to read, and dealing with KENTUCKY. Thanks again for such great work.

  60. Alan Jones says:


    Great on your layout. When the cold weather comes back later next week and into February do you think Louisville will get some of the snow too or just Eastern Kentucky? Thanks again Alan

  61. Greg says:

    Thanks for the blog and the diligence. Very much appreciated.

  62. Lorie says:

    The current temperature at 5 miles west of Olive Hill, KY on US 60, is 38 degrees, the barometer is holding steady at 29.70, and the humidity is 83%. There was a little fine freezing rain at 10:00 pm.

  63. Daniel Fuson says:

    Wanted to report that we had “thundersnow” here in Harrison County at around 7:30am this morning. It was pretty intense for a very brief while!

  64. debbie mcgranahan says:

    i miss your accurate weather.. so glad you have your own weather page !sometimes tony just dont get it quite right.. peace

  65. Matthew says:

    How much snow will we get in Powell county will the snow be heavy or light let me know

  66. Neil says:

    Chris. I have to point out that you are the only one in local tv or at the Louisville NWS detailing what the bad impacts of this storm are going to be. Thank you. My son is wanting to go to Indiana Saturday and I have given him you blog post on how bad it will be driving on the interstate but I don’t think he is listening to me because the afore mentioned entities are not giving the public info on the real world effects this system will have on them. Thanks again for always looking out for the practical impacts of weather on us.

    Neil – Lexington

  67. Kayla says:

    How’s bourbon county gonna look on Monday morn???

  68. Kayla says:

    Hey how is bourbon county gonna look and feel Monday morning?

  69. Buck says:

    Hey friendly weather dude, I was enjoying another day off due to weather at a friends house so i decided to drop u a line. I always go to this web page first when I want to check whats in store for the southeastern part of the state. 9 out of 10 times ur money!! (dead on)
    Anywho, try to work something up for Superbowl Sunday. I could always stand not having to work on Superbowl Monday.

  70. Db says:

    Hey Chris,
    We sure do miss you here in the tri~state area. How about throwing us in with your predictions.please.

  71. j.taylor says:

    Is this storm looking more likely to go a little farther north in its track?

  72. Krissie says:

    Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for taking the high road with the other news stations!!! With them saying this was fake and all the other stuff, you was a bigger person!!! You are my families number one news guy!!!

  73. Tim Cox says:

    Sleet here last hour in Anderson Co.

  74. danny haley says:

    chris man I don’t hate ya as a person but I hate snow and the snow lovers on here can hate me all they want to.i don’t care.i can handle the rain better than anything.if anyone on here hates me because I hate snow and ice let them say so now.

  75. Dee says:

    Chris we sure do miss you here in WV! Having such a crazy weather winter and nobody does as good a job as you!

  76. Chris says:

    Accuweather is posting an ice storm warning for the Ironton Ohio area. Is this a mistake?

  77. Eddie says:

    Chris, the models were wrong and you were right,by stating, “Don’t watch the models watch the radar.”

  78. Molly Miller says:

    Hi Chris: Coudl not be happier that I came across your site….(don’t even remember HOW, but am thankful I did!) I appreciate the daily updates on the weather without any embellishment or hype!

    Have one request….any chance you could incorporate the time into the date stamp on your blog posts? With the way the weather has been of late, things seem to change pretty rapidly (“like the wind” in fact 🙂 ) and it would be great to know at what time you left your update.

    Many thanks again for the superb reporting! ~mam

  79. Shamarie Claiborne says:

    Alot of us here in Adair County have been using your site as our go-to place for the weather. You speak and explain in a way that even us weather novice can understand. And you are the most accurate weather adviser we have to depend on! Keep up the great work!

  80. M Hughes says:

    Chris, I live down in the mountains and want to commend you for your work and on the accuaracy of the information you provide.I often check the KWC multiple times each day for both updates and current radar. I really appreciate your service to the region. Thanks

  81. Linda Ishmael says:

    I would like information on how to set up for you to visit our school. My students are studying weather on the days we are able to attend school right now!!

  82. Linda says:

    Hi Chris,
    What you site needs are legends for the maps you
    represent, I don’t know purple from pink, I go by legends
    on all maps, and if you do have them, where are they.
    thank you,
    A map is no good to me with out a legend.

  83. Bobbi says:

    I know winter had drug on and on , but I am wondering what your thoughts are on the Spring weather. Will it be as wild as this Winter was?

  84. Joy Connelly says:

    Hello, My is JoBeth Connelly. I am in the 5th grade in Mercer County. I will be doing a 4 H demonstration project on creating your own severe weather emergency kit. I was wondering if you could send me any information that I could use for my demonstration. My address is 1443 bondville rd. Salvisa KY, 40372. My mom and check ky weather center every day! Thank you very much!

  85. Darlene Traylor says:

    Nothing depressing about the thought of cold and snow for one or even
    two more months. Everyone is saying I can’t wait till Spring, sick of this
    winter, etc. What about June, July, August, September – four long months of warm and hot weather – I don’t go around getting mad then.
    Us cold lovers deserve four months of snow and cold just the same as
    warm weather lovers, right??

  86. corkey mccord maysville, ky says:

    hi chris

    I hope we get hit hard again, I know your tired of it, but I never will, so I hope we get the worst of it at least this one last time, hope that the models go that way, that’s for all the hard work you do, you are one of a kind, take care.

  87. danny haley says:

    Well corkey apparantly you want to make a whole lot of people mad.I hope it goes the other way and we don’t get hit hard at all.period.

  88. J. says:

    I started leaving occasional comments on the blog earlier this year… now my comments aren’t going through at all. Have I done something to warrant being banned? As far as I know, I have always been civil… I’m hoping this can be resolved soon.

  89. klc says:

    Chris, i see the reason for all these weekend storms now, NO MORE 4 days scheduled off days for you! Just forget all about them, and sneak up on ’em on Friday!

  90. Coffeelady says:

    Chris, for some reason the blog will not let me post anything. Have been trying for about four days now. Is there a problem, or am I blacklisted? if so, what did I do?

  91. Bill says:

    Someone told me that our snow Tuesday morning (4/15) meant that for the first time in many years we had snow in Central Ky. in 7 consecutive months – Oct. ’13 through April ’14. How rare is this occurrence and when was the last time it happened?

  92. Brandi says:

    I am having a birthday party sat for my daughter. I have looked at several sites and its not looking good as far as weather. But I trust your judgment more than anyone… your opinion as of now, is sat looking like wet weather in Owenton KY?

  93. Brandi,

    Here is a very good link to follow everyday. This is the Forecast Link for Owenton, KY.

  94. Cappy says:

    Got 2.5 inches of rain so far. got home from work at 3 pm, rain gauge at .50 inches, still pouring gonna have flooding for sure, gonna be a long nite, happen to be a Vol. Fire Fighter. Heading for 3 inches, time to go.

  95. tracy ratliff says:

    Ewing ky
    Torrential rain in sheets. Strong wind gusts

  96. tracy ratliff says:

    strong winds and hard down pour of rain in ewing ky right now

  97. Ronnie Jones says:

    Can you please update the Eastern Ky Radar? It has been on 6/23/14 for a few days.
    Thank You,

  98. tracy ratliff says:

    Getting a major thunderstorm in ewing in fleming co

  99. Reenyinky says:

    I came across an article in The Kentucky Explorer titled “1816: The Year Without A Summer”. I would love to share this with you, Chris, if you haven’t read it! Amazing weather that year…snow in June! If you have access to this magazine, it’s the Sept. 2014 issue (Vol. 29, No. 4). I can copy and mail it or copy and email it (I think). Have a great day!

  100. C.B. says:

    I’m an Architecture major at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We are working on a project to help out the Red Bird mission in Clay County. I was wondering if you had any helpful weather/storm/climate information that you may think would be helpful in designing in this location. This would be ‘pro bono’ work on your part and would be VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  101. J. P. says:

    I have been a long time reader of your blog and always check it first thing in the morning. I am a teacher at a local elementary school, and my students are working on a KY magazine. One of the topics we’d like to cover is predicting weather in Kentucky. It seems to me that KY has some special considerations when putting together a weather forecast. I was hoping that one of my students could e-mail some questions about weather forecasting in the state to be included in our magazine. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    • Chris Bailey says:

      Hi Joy. Thanks so much for the kind words. I would love to answer any questions your students may have about Kentucky weather. I could even drop by to speak to your students. Just let me know.

      • J. P. says:

        The kids are very excited to begin working on their weather article. They have to do some research first before they would be ready to talk to you. We meet after school-2:45-5:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. I was afraid that would affect your night job. They would love to see you in person, but I’m not sure that would work for you. You can e-mail my school account to let me know if that would be a possibility. If not, we will e-mail our questions to you. Thanks so much!

  102. Ruth Meyers says:

    I’m having a frustrating time trying to locate current precipitation records for Madison and Jackson County. Can you please direct me to wherever those actual numbers are posted? Lexington records would be an adequate second choice. Not interested in forecast, but actuals.

  103. UWBadgers44 says:

    Writing from SW Virginia, I want to say thanks to you. I follow a slew of meteorologists, but your blog is the first and last I visit daily. You are definitely one of the best in the business, and this potential snow for Halloween proves it by a mile. Every other met I follow either has said nothing or abandoned the idea when the models did, but you said otherwise and it’s proving to be correct. Once again, I commend and thank you Chris. Lastly, I notice you are a UK and Bengals fan. Well as aWisconsin Badger fan, I hope we meet in the Final Four again, since we never meet in football. As for the NFL, well, I’m a Jets fan. Yes we’re 1-7, and yes I still support them. Now that you’re done laughing about my NFL choice, thanks again. Looking forward to more posts.

  104. Chris; may I suggest that when you make an update on your blog, please put both the date AND the time? On fast moving events, time of day of your observation is an important piece of information. And good information it is too! I (and several of my friends) actually follow your weather forecasts rather than the local Cincinnati ones. They tend to be too timid in their speculations. You instead say “this is interesting, but I’m not quite sure yet”. I get that; predicting weather is a difficult business, so I will take your speculations with the appropriate grain of salt. Thank you for your good work!

  105. toney says:

    chris could you please post the link to the new gfs.

  106. Mary says:

    Where is the 7 day outlook

  107. Rebecca Dumont says:

    I just heard somewhere that January will end on a warmer note, followed by a warmer than average February. This will set the stage for Spring’s early arrival. Any thoughts? Please comment. Thanks!

  108. danny haley says:

    I hope it does rebecca because I refuse to have cabin the way I’m danny and its nice to meet ya.

  109. danny haley says:

    Thanks rebecca.I’m from harlan county

  110. Chris:
    The caption on the Weather Cam for I-471 South of US27 – Near Covington is erroneous.

    I-471 runs north of US27 and is nowhere near Covington. It runs through Newport.

    It should be changed to read: I-471 North of US27 – Near Newport

  111. William says:

    Why does Lexington/LFUCG not have access to the traffic control cameras?

  112. danny haley says:

    Cool’re not far from me then.

  113. lynn riley says:

    The ice has hit Lewis county…..multiple wreckes along river roads…..shrieff dept asking people to take it slow…..

  114. Randy Lamb says:

    Why are the current readings or current conditions stuck? they haven’t changed for 2 weeks. Love this site, When I want to make plans I always check your forecast first. Thanks for having such a great website

  115. Angela Newsome says:

    Hi Mr. Bailey,
    I am a reading teacher at North Middletown Elementary in Bourbon County and I am in charge of planning guest celebrity readers for Dr. Seuss week (March 2-6). Is there any chance you would be willing to come read to the students and perhaps talk about the weather any day that week? The kids would love it and I would make sure to find you a good weather book to read! Thanks!

  116. Bryan Hawkins says:

    I would like to receive emails and weather updates

  117. Bryan Hawkins says:

    I would like to receive your emails and updatesbon the weather please

  118. Amber says:

    I came across your information while researching for a new weather competition show I’m working on from the Emmy winning Producer of “The Voice” and “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    We are seeking weather enthusiasts, meteorologists (freelance, not under contract), weather geeks, storm chasers, weather photographers, etc for a FUN, new competition show for a major network. Do you have what it takes to be “America’s Next Weather Caster?”

    The show will include a series of challenges centered around the tagline: ‘Can you report the weather under any climate?!’ and we are looking for big personalities and people who love the weather and some fun competition! The winner of the competition will win a cash prize of $100, 000 and a one day platform to report the weather for a MAJOR network, along with a per-episode stipend.

    This is a nationwide casting. Applicants must be 18+. Please note that interested individuals must be available March 3rd- through April 6th (1- 4 week commitment pending on how long you last in the competition) for filming.

    I would love to see if you or someone you know may be interested and speak with you further about this opportunity.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  119. debora says:

    Any clue as to if they are gonna call off state government employees out of work for tomorrow??? Or how do I find out???

  120. Devin Hasty says:

    Thank you so much for your continuous updates I check it all the time. Your work is much appreciated in the state of Kentucky and I have to say I have a new go to weather man! Gotta love those models!

  121. Nick Parker says:

    Chris, I’m scheduled to move tomorrow, Sat the 21st. I have a 26′ Uhaul truck reserved. I’m moving from Nicholasville to just across the KY river. What do you think about keeping the plan to move? Will it even be possible? Do you think it would be better if we changed it to Sunday? Your thoughts and expert advice is greatly appreciated!

  122. Russell R. Waesche III says:

    May our Lord grant you rest and wisdom in all areas… glad to see some rain in Williamsburg (one who abhors losing electricity, thus my heat). “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind”?
    Ode to the West Wind
    Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792 – 1822

  123. James says:

    Hey Chris I was wondering if we might get another snowstorm soon I live in paris kentucky I know that there were various snow totals in the big snowstorm that we had but where I live we had a foot of snow hope 2 hav another one.

  124. James says:

    Hey Chris u do a good job at keeping up with our weather posts keep up the good work oh by the way other weather stations say it’s going 2 warm up a bit next week.

  125. scott king says:

    thanks chris for all your hard work and long nights you put in. awesome weather dude u are.

  126. James says:

    Hey Chris we r getting heavy sleet in bourbon county

  127. Deana Bell says:

    ****URGENT (kind of)****

    I have a spinal cord injury and cannot get out and enjoy the snow and take the pics I normally do. To scale how much snow there actually is on the ground, I used to take photos of people’s patio furniture because you know how far an average table is off the ground. And you know the same for average chairs, etc.

    Please help me record this record snow…I love snow and to not be able to get out in it and do what I used to do is killing me. So, just send, if you would, pics of your patio furniture (just one or two) so I can dedicate a section of my scrapbook to this incredible and beautiful storm! You can also, if you run across anything that qualifies, send pics of unusual objects buried in the snow…stuff that’s funny, odd or just plain something you’ve never seen or would expect to see. Keep your eyes peeled!

    My name is Deana and my email is

    (Please, don’t abuse my email address…just simple pics from kind people, thanks)

  128. MKM says:

    Hey Chris, hope all is well! I just wanted to bring to your attention that a certain Dale McKinney (WMDJ 100.1 Alllen, Ky.) called you out by name this morning. He claimed you were forecasting 4-6 inches of rain from this FIRST system, when I knew you were forecasting a week’s total of two systems. He said HE knew this was just a rain that would wash the mud off and give us a good cleaning. He also stated that he only listens to the NWS Jackson, because being that they are GOVERNMENT FUNDED, they are going to be right. In what country is this man living where he thinks anything that the government is touching is better? I’ll stick with you Chris, because unlike the government, you seem to be “FOR THE PEOPLE!”

  129. bryan hawkins says:

    I would like to receive emails of all your blog post updates I used to get them and something messed up and dont get them no more so if you could start emailing them to me again please

  130. Coffeelady says:

    Chris, someone hacked my email account so I had to close it and get a new one. Want to make sure it’s in your system so I don’t get moderated every time I comment. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks!

  131. Captainpeep says:

    Chris not sure if you have been told this or not. But when I google your website like I always do, it is showing in small writing under your website stating “this site might be hacked” not sure what’s up with that just thought I would let you know.

  132. Josh Litwiller says:

    I like your site, and enjoyed reading the past few days’ posts. Are we in for as much snow this winter as we had last winter?

  133. Ben says:

    When can we expect your winter forecast??

  134. Mike says:


    Could you talk or work into forecasts how El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is or will be affecting our weather in Central Kentucky. Thanks!

  135. Nick says:

    Hello, I was just wondering if the webcams was going to be back on the website particularly the Somerset, KY one?

  136. Chris,

    Love your site. But for some reason lately it will not load on IOS. Keeping getting a message that an error occured and the page reloads. Just can’t read it on my iPhone or iPad.

    Just FYI

  137. Jeff says:

    You need to find a way somehow to put a time stamp / date stamp on your Weather Maps / Forecast Maps…..right now someone or a group of people is sharing a Map of March 3, 2015 saying it is coming in Wednesday / Thursday and it is dropping 6 to 12 Inches of Snow. Just to let you know. I know it is good to share… spread the word etc. but sharing Maps and Models from the past cannot be stopped I do not know of any way. Unless it is Time Stamped or Day Stamped somewhere on or close to the Image?

  138. Mary says:

    Love your blog! Just curious why you have the high for Monday at 32 and all the other weather websites have the high at 45. Don’t want the snow to melt any time soon!

  139. Dustin says:

    20 inches of snow in Cannel City and still snowing

  140. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your amazing coverage of this storm. You called it last week and my family was able to prepare for it, hit the grocery three days in advance, and enioy it. I checked other Lex forecasts and and they all wavered on their forecasts up until the last minute and even during the storm. But you hit it right on the nose. As a native Vermonter-turned-Kentuckian I was so appreciative to not only be able to experience this storm, but also to anticipate it! Awesome work and thank you for keeping our family informed and safe!!!!

  141. Todd Adams says:

    Hey Chris, Is it just me or was January last year colder than January of this year. This January seemed sooo much warmer, except for a week or 2 of snow…

  142. corkey mccord says:

    thank you chris for the weather lesson this morning, I had that in college 30 yrs ago, only it was called northern hemisphere annular mode, if my memory serves my right that is what now ( nam ) model or the north American model for forecasting, I could be wrong its been over 30 yrs, I enjoyed it very much, keep putting the lessons on, maybe I only wish I was good as you when it comes to the weather, your the BEST !!!!!!!!!!

    take care chris

  143. Betty Traylor says:

    Sincerely want to cry if winter is all over! I love snow, always have. Very little this year here in burg. I STRAIN my eyes every yr looking for first flakes. If weren’t 71, I would move to far north. Love reading your blog.

  144. Mark says:

    I’ve somehow deleted your blog and don’t receive it anymore. I want to get back on your blog list. How do I do that ?


  145. Mark Dornoff says:

    I don’t get email updates anymore. You booting me off:) Can you add me back in or am I doing something on my end. I don’t even see it in junk folder.

  146. Valeri says:

    My email has stopped coming from you every night 🙁 I can’t find how to add it back so I continue receiving them!

  147. Vickie Manion says:

    I am not getting my updates through my email and I don’t know what is going on. Please help I miss my updates.
    Thank you,

  148. Mark says:

    Second attempt…I’m not receiving your weather updates anymore and I’ve searched to find a sign up link and can’t find one.


  149. Mark says:

    Second attempt…I’m not receiving your weather updates anymore and I’ve searched to find a sign up link and can’t find one.


  150. Rae says:


    I, too, am not receiving the weather updates. I can’t find a sign up link, either.


  151. James Siler says:

    Hi I work at Siler Implement in Corbin Ky, and we have your weather channel on all day at work we have always wanted it to show more of the northern part of Tenn, because of us being so close to the Ky, Tenn, border.We turned on the tv today and to our surprise you all have moved the satellite view to include what we have been hoping for we would like to thank WKYT for moving it.We have a lot of farmers in our store and they all have commented on it also Thanks Again Siler Implement

  152. Diane says:

    Yes, I too am not receiving the daily email I was subscribed to and cannot find a link to sign up. Can you tell us where to sign up?

  153. JP says:

    Hey Chris, anyway to trim back the number of posts on the main website page? It takes longer to load all of those images from older posts and I’d really like to just see your last post on the front page… Page load times seem to have gotten longer with the new storm chaser radar.

  154. Mark Dornoff says:

    How do I get back the daily email with the update?

  155. Michael says:

    I will like to know the predictions for this winter.

  156. venus muncie says:

    what happened to the post for the weather page for today sept 13th

  157. Amanda says:

    Possible workaround for missing emails: the RSS feed for the site is still active and there are some third party sites which offer limited RSS-to-email conversion services for free, such as blogtrottr.

  158. Mark says:

    Please help ! Still not getting your daily weather in my email. I desperately want to receive it.

    How do I get that done ?

    • Ben C says:

      I miss it also. I would have Siri read me Chris’s blog post every day while getting ready for the day. The email was the MOST convenient way. I think Chris removed the publishing to WordPress is what happened. 🙁

  159. I too miss your emails. I have to get them on Google then try and find them. Wish I could just get them on my email. Thank You, Juanita Nance

    • Ben C says:

      I tried what Amanda suggested above. Go here to Blogtrottr:

      Then put in Chris Bailey’s RSS feed URL:

      ,your email address and leave realtime selected. Then confirm through your email. I set it up yesterday afternoon and this morning I am happy to confirm Chris’s weather is happily delivered in my inbox. Now I can have Siri easily read it to me as I get ready for work in the morning again! YAY!

  160. Sara Watkins says:

    Chris: A few months ago I bought a new computer and for some reason I stopped getting your report in my email. I still have the same email address and therefore, see no reason why the reports stopped coming. Please check on this for me as I don’t see any place on the site to signup.

    Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

  161. Chris Hill says:

    How do i subscribe to get an email when you post a new update?

  162. I am not getting emails either. Sure miss Chris Bailey’s emails. Hope this does the trick. Thanks.

  163. Michael Gross says:

    How long do you think winter might last ?.

  164. Dexter Knight, Principal Jessamine Career and Tech Center says:

    How do I get an email with your blog everyday? That has happened for me in the past and I am not sure how I made that happen

  165. kent says:

    I used to get an email every time the site was updated. That hasn’t been the case for several months. How do I get back on the email list?

  166. j b downs says:

    I once received your forecasts by email and I really appreciated them. Are you still sending out email notifications? If so, how do I get back on board?

  167. j b downs says:

    Do you still send forecasts out by email? If so, how do I get them?

  168. danny haley says:

    i do not want any snow period for 2017.i have to go support my local highschool girls basketball team becasue thats a part of my family.if you snow lovers want snow?go to alaska.

  169. danny haley says:

    i do not want any snow period for 2017.i have to go support my local highschool girls basketball team becasue thats a part of my family.

  170. Amy Graves says:

    I am not receiving emails anymore from Chris Bailey and the Weather Center. How do I start getting emails again?

  171. danny haley says:

    guys i have asked this question 3 times and still have not gotten an answer from chris bailey or anyone else at our sister station wymt.i have asked if this snow tonight will cause primarily travel issues or wiil it cause other problems like with the power or anything?how many times does a guy have to ask this question before he gets an answer?this is litterally stressing me out here.

  172. Doug Bishop of Flaherty KY says:

    Dear Chris,
    Based upon what I saw (accessed on 2/20/2017) on the, our daily February temps here in central KY appear to be very similar to what we experienced in 2012. Do you expect the remainder of February and March 2017 temps to much like what we experienced in 2012? Thanks.
    Doug Bishop of Flaherty, KY sends

  173. russell waesche says:

    When the radar “sweeps” it goes so quickly, it is difficult to understand… could there–in future–be a way to slow that down?

    It would also be nice if one were able to “freeze” it at any particular place to see the particular area in which there may be concern.


    Definitely not a “hater”

    R. R. Waesche III

  174. Ken Chamblin says:

    Chris, it’s rained almost all day here in Washington, Ky (just south of Maysville). I have two different rain gauges, one the round test tube type, and the other the newer tapered one with the round opening at the top. Most of the time, even though they sit side by side, they disagree on total precipitation! But today they are lock solid both at 1.5″ of rain! I’ve just emptied them in hopes that I won’t see anymore rain hitting them this date.

  175. Schroeder says:

    Chris, On 14, June 2017, on your weather comment forum, there was a rant from one of your bloggers posted. I could hardly believe the hate that was directed at my personal character. I didn’t respond to this, till now. I notice that you were on there that afternoon, but didn’t stop it. How all the insults started is a mystery to me. Is there anything you can say to the bloggers that we can’t have these personal attacks? It would be a much better forum for the educated people if we didn’t have to put up with bloggers that do this. Please reply, Thank you in advance.

  176. Mike Kleier says:

    I am doing some research relative to workplace FALL ON ICE OR SNOW accidents/claims in Kentucky. I would like to find the yearly snow fall in Kentucky for each year since 2009. Is this information available anywhere? If so, might someone point me in the right direction?
    Thank you

  177. Nate Paden says:

    Weather last night caused major issues within Bardstown City limits this morning. Especially in front of the City Schools (High, Middle, and Elementary) multiple cars were sliding and skidding during morning drop off of students. Might be something to watch for tomorrow and next week as the roads and parking lots were DANGEROUSLY icy this morning.

  178. Charles Dexter Knight says:

    I used to get an email w your blog updates and it stopped. How do I sign up for that again?

  179. Flavia Espinoza says:

    Hi how much snow are we going to get in Dawson Springs Kentucky?

  180. Patty Haertel says:

    CB, I haven’t been getting my text updates since the first of the year! Have O been banned to not making enough comments or something??

  181. Keith says:

    Hi Chris, I stopped receiving your daily email Thursday, and not sure why! Checked my Blogtrottr subscription and it looks good so not sure what’s up. Just thought I’d mention it in case others have the same issue. Thanks!

  182. pattyVersailles says:

    I really miss my text updates.

  183. Steve says:

    Do you offer advertising space (or article placment) on
    If yes, what would the cost be?

    Steve Marks

  184. Shelly Lynn Randall says:

    Can someone pls tell me what happened to the storm chaser map? why is it just all white and not showing any state boundaries or anything for that fact.. whats goin on ?

  185. Jay Smith says:

    I can no longer access the weather center site using my IPhone and IPad. It just crashes. Anyone else have that problem. There seems to be a lot of pop ups?

  186. Jim Haubenreich says:

    In the past week the page repeatedly crashes as I try to view it on my iPhone or iPad. The message I get is that it’s at the web site. Can something be pared?

  187. Terry Terry says:

    I miss the Accuweather radar.

  188. Jim Haubenreich says:

    “Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.” The last couple of days your website on both my iPhone and iPad have been stable as a rock. Yet this morning it’s a disaster again. When the Accuweather radar wasn’t there, I think it made a difference.

  189. Will Lacy says:

    I agree with others – I miss the Accuweather radar! It had state and county boundaries – easier to identify locations and pinpoint weather events. Can’t tell much about the new radar. Hope the Accuweather or something very similar comes back soon!

  190. JP says:

    Yes, the Accuweather radar is the only one worth viewing. Please bring it back soon if possible, it hasn’t updated since Oct 12th! The Storm Chaser radar crashes my phone, my tablet, my browsers, doesn’t load correctly, responds slowly when it does load correctly, has terrible border recognition, etc. I understand it is fun technology for professional weather dudes, but some of us think it’s just a pain.

  191. Jason Stiltner says:

    Good morning! I live outside of Knoxville, TN and have been routinely visiting your site for a solid 3-4-5 years when my brother told me about the site. I love the detailed information you give and different scenarios that you lay out. With all that said, I have a question for you. I work outside and have a job that is needing to be addressed but due to how much rain we’ve received over the last month the area is too wet to traverse. When do you expect an artic blast to make its way to the South? Where a hard freeze lastly for several days might occur? Thank you for your time and help.

  192. Charlie says:

    Hey Chris, I love you weather blog. I thought you were the best weatherman ever at WSAZ when you were there. I still like your weather for Ashland and eastern Ky. better than the local stations. I use to get your weather blog by e mail. I have not gotten it for sometime, then last week, I suddenly got one e mail with your blog, but nothing since. I have tried to sign up, but can not find a place to do so. Please re-instate me on the e mail listing. Thanks

  193. Jason Powell says:

    Every time I have visited this website for the last two days, regardless of it being on my Android phone or multiple different browsers on my desktop, I am getting malicious advertising OR my Norton Security is informing me of multiple blocks of “Malicious Domain Requests.”

    I have picture files of all this if you need to see it.

  194. David Kelly says:

    Hi ‘Chris this is david I live here in Harlan county ky here ok when you see jim tell him that david from Harlan say hi for me hope he and his family all doing ok that when ever weather get bad your way have to work be out on roads going home and to work you all be careful I all way check weather here on your Kentucky weather center you do a good job thank you for all you do and hard work…

  195. Hello , Your website is running one day behind on updates . We depend on your daily updates so I hope it gets fixed soon ! thank you for very accurate weather forecast !

  196. Cindy Ledbetter says:

    Hello…. why can I see the New updated Tweets in the Weather updates but on the actual screen/website the last post was from Wednesday?

  197. Robert says:

    Why is your daily blog showing up under Author Archives instead of Kentucky Weather Center? Last Date on KWC was last Thursday 12/5.

  198. Tim McHenry says:

    Sorry, but can’t keep going to this site if it is consumed by “adobe flash” adverts that won’t let you proceed. please fix or this site’s traffic will become almost nil.

  199. Mike S says:

    Greetings CB. I was unaware this was a public forum for comments as well. I was expecting a more personal audience.
    Over the years, I have greatly appreciated your tireless enthusiasm to meteorology, the blog, the people you interact with, and so on. I want to say, “Thank you” for sharing your knowledge with all of us, going the extra mile to put it in terms we all can understand.
    With that said, my recent comments on the blog over the past several months have reflected more negativity than in years’ past. I regret some comments aimed toward you, because I would never call you out on your blog, your ‘house’. That is disrespectful, and of course, you are entitled to a one-time “I’m sorry” card from me. Here. Take it, please. Treasure it.
    I hope you understand that I hold you to a higher standard than most professionals, because you’re that good with that weather thing you know. But, even though you are a professional, you’re also human.
    Due to human imperfections, you made some insensitive remarks during the summer about how soft we have become at a time when the NWS issued a string of Excessive Heat warnings. While I agree these warnings were overdone, you failed to carry out your professional obligation to the general public to remind them of the basics how to avoid heat related illness. There were others that did not reach that criteria (Excessive Heat warning) in the Northeast but still suffered rolling blackouts, some as long as 24 hours, no fans, nothing to help alleviate their suffering. Your comment was insulting to them and not once did you offer an apology in behalf of them for your ‘unprofessional’ remark.
    Also, the ‘flash drought’ you failed to acknowledge, despite Lexington’s historic mark of some 39 consecutive days of no measurable rainfall. That failure appears to have contributed to the worst forecasting I have ever witnessed, and it was by you and your team of meteorologists.
    I believe what the Good Book says, “Knowledge puffs up.” I lost a great deal of respect for your professional and human character over these past several months. Unfortunately, my personal view of you right now is a proud, arrogant person who will never admit failings (because that would be a weakness, right?). You used to provide invaluable, helpful information. Now, you blame forecast models, rail against NWS and it’s equipment, almost kid-worthy, if you will, not professional at all.
    I believe you can do better, professionally and humanly. You can do it.
    Looking forward to your posts on the blog and your local forecasts too.
    You will be happy to note that I am self-imposing sanctions on my commenting privileges for your blog. It’s the least I could do, in addition to my sincerest apology, for which, hopefully, you will accept.

    Weather weenie always,
    Mike Scherzer

  200. corkey mccord, maysville, ky says:

    i have seen it snow in may before chris, it was on mothers day, I think in 1981 not forsure on yr, but it snowed about about 4″ that morning, at least, I remember it very well,

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