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Time posted: 7:41 pm

Thursday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. We have a wild temperature swing on the way as we head into the coming weekend. This will bring some wicked temperature swings and everything from thunderstorms to snow and ice. Buckle up and let’s get after it.

Temps slowly rise all day Friday into Friday evening with a light wintry mix switching to light rain. Readings by Saturday morning can hit the low 50s. Wow. Afternoon highs on Saturday can reach into the mid and upper 60s. Double Wow.  Those same temps then drop more than 40 degrees Saturday night and Sunday morning as the arctic front pushes through. Triple Wow!

High winds will also be an issue during this time with gusts of 40mph possible. Showers and thunderstorms will then transition over to a period of sleet, freezing rain and some snow.

The GFS Parallel…



Winter weather accumulation…

gfs-snowThe NAM is similar…



Icy roads are a strong possibility later Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Looking down the road, we find this arctic cold pattern retreating next week. That said, we are going to have to watch for a couple of systems to impact our weather in the lead up to Christmas weekend.

The European Model suggests a system putting down a little snow Thursday and Friday…


The GFS Parallel is similar…


Most models have been hinting at a big storm system late Christmas weekend or a day or two later. This could have a surge of mild air ahead of it, but would give us the potential for winter weather as it moves through…


Both of those systems are something for us to keep an eye on.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:29 pm

Thursday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, gang. It was an absolutely frigid morning across the bluegrass state. Lows dropped into the single digits across the northern half of the state and generally low teens elsewhere. Here’s a look at the low temps from the Kentucky Mesonet…


From here, it’s still game on for a wicked wild weekend of weather across our region. Arctic cold gives way to increasing clouds and a rise in temps late Friday. As precip moves in, we have to watch for a wintry mix before going to rain.

That rain continues into Saturday with some thunderstorms possible. Winds will be very gusty and could reach 40mph at times through early Sunday. Temps also spike into the 60-65 degree range Saturday.

The arctic cold quickly moves in and drops temps 30-40 degrees in a matter of hours. That sets the stage for a mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow early Sunday. The models are in pretty good agreement with this scenario…



GFS Parallel




That deep snow pack to our northwest will do a number on temps Sunday night into Monday morning…


I will see you guys for another update later today. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 1:54 am

Wild Weekend Weather Follows The Arctic Cold

Good Thursday, everyone. Bitterly cold air has engulfed much of the country and that includes the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This arctic air is in place as we start a weekend that will feature some wild temperature swings and everything from thunder to some ice and snow.

Temps today are frigid to say the least. Single digits will be noted for some in the north as the day begins. Wind chills can drop to zero or below. Upper teens to low 20s will be noted for highs, but the winds will make it feel much colder. This is impressive given how early in winter that it is and the fact we have NO snow on the ground. Can you image how cold it would get if we did?

Friday is another frigid day with 10-15 in the morning as clouds quickly increase. Temps will slowly rise all day long from west to east. The actual high temps for the day should come at 11:59pm.

Precipitation moves in during the afternoon and evening and could start out in the form of a wintry mix, especially in the north. With a frozen ground, we will need to be on guard for some icy spots developing, even with temps just above freezing.

Rain takes over Friday night into Saturday as temps surge toward 60. High winds and thunderstorms will be possible into the afternoon and evening. That’s when the arctic front slams in here with a major drop in temps and a switch to a period of sleet, freezing rain and some snow…


This switch is just inside the timeframe of the NAM…


The temperature drop from Saturday evening to daybreak Sunday is awesome to see…


With that dramatic of a drop, all that water will freeze up and create some slick travel. Throw some quick hitting light accumulations of sleet, freezing rain and snow on there, and you can get some messy roads.

Arctic air continues to come back in behind this later Sunday into Monday. Look at that snowpack doing some serious work just to our north…


I will shoot you guys a few updates later today. Stay warm and take care.