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Time posted: 6:30 pm

Christmas Eve Update

Good evening, gang. On this Christmas Eve, I wanted to take a moment to drop by for a quick update on a wild temps swing for Christmas Day, another round of heavy rain and thunderstorms, and the return to winter before the year ends.

Chilly air is filtering into the northern half of the state with lots of clouds, mist and drizzle all around. Watch for areas of fog if you’re going to be travelling.

That chilly air hangs tough across the northern half of the state on Christmas Day. As mild air surges in from the south, that sets up one heck of a temperature gradient from north to south. Check out the NAM high temps…


70 is possible in the south and west, with low 40s in the far north. Holy Christmas!

The mild air then wins the battle by Monday as temps take off and soar deep into the 60s…


That’s ahead of a cold front that brings a line of thunderstorms in here late Monday into Monday night. Heavy rainfall and very gusty winds are likely with this…


Chillier air settles in behind this for Tuesday, but the numbers go back up a bit on Wednesday as another cold front drops in. This will introduce much colder air in here for the second half of the week…


Some snow showers and flurries will be possible in that setup.

New Year’s Weekend will throw another system our way. How that arrives continues to flip around from model to model and from run to run. The latest European Model has abandoned the Polar Vortex idea (which was never likely), and replaced it with a bigger storm of rain to snow…


The new version of the GFS has more of a snow look… gfs

The pattern for January is threatening to go toward a setup I didn’t think was possible this winter. Hmmm

I will update as usual later tonight. Merry Christmas and take care.


Time posted: 2:30 am

Merry Christmas Eve Forecast

Good Saturday and Merry Christmas Eve. We have a pretty fun little setup for our Christmas weekend, and it’s one that can lead to a huge temperature swing for the big day. This fun look can really crank up next week as winter starts to flex a little muscle before we end the year.

Today’s rains will be heavy at times early this morning, then we see some scattered stuff taking over in the afternoon and for Christmas Eve. Temps will range from the low 40s north to the low and mid 50s in the far south an west.

Christmas Day will find warmer air fighting in from the south, but the cold in the north won’t give up without a fight. Temps for Christmas afternoon can range from the low 40s north to near 70 in the south. What??! Check this out from the NAM…


Temps on Monday surge well into the 60s for the entire state as winds become gusty from the southwest. This is ahead of a cold front that will bring a band of rain and some thunder into town later in the day into Monday night. Chillier air comes in behind that.

A stronger cold front moves in on Wednesday and could bring snow showers and flurries behind it for Thursday and Friday. Here’s the GFS…


The European for the same time…


That brings us to New Year’s Eve and Day, and another potential winter weather maker. The European Model basically brings part of the Polar Vortex into the eastern part of the country…


Watch how the coldest Anomalies in North America move right into our part of the world…


You can see how warm things get in Alaska and Greenland. That’s because of the blocking going up in those regions, forcing the cold into the country.

I will hook you up with another update or two later today.

Merry Christmas and take care.