Daily Archives: April 19, 2018

Time posted: 7:58 pm

Thursday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, gang. It’s another colder than normal day that we are wrapping up across the bluegrass state. This continues to be part of our spring of discontent, featuring a lot of below normal numbers and record setting snows. Can we change this up anytime soon?

Temps tonight will head below freezing in most of the state, with some upper 20s leading to another freeze. The rest of Friday looks really good as highs make a run into the upper 50s and low 60s. Skies will be mostly sunny, so enjoy a nice start to the weekend.

The rest of the week had a decent look to it, especially Saturday. Highs on Saturday should reach 60-65 for most of Kentucky. Clouds will slowly increase from west to east, ahead of a slow-moving system rolling across the southern Mississippi Valley. That system will then throw some rain our way later Sunday into next week.

Watch how a cold front dropping in from the northwest, combines forces with that southeastern storm, lifting it up along the east coast…



That’s a setup you would normally see in winter. Shocking, I know. It will lead to a continuation of the colder than normal temps through the rest of April. Sigh.

I will look toward early May and a possible “flip” in the pattern with my next update. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 1:24 am

Chilly Pattern Doesn’t Want To End

Good Thursday, everybody. After a one day break in the colder than normal pattern, the chill is back in the air. It’s a chill that won’t be in a big hurry to leave as we continue with our not so spring-like April. As a matter of fact, the setup for next week is looking a little ugly. Blah.

Let’s start with today and the potential for sprinkles or flurries. The best chance is across the northern and eastern parts of the state this morning…

That action moves away with highs hitting the upper 40s east and middle 50s west. Winds will still be gusty, adding an extra chill to the air.

Speaking of a chill, temps may drop back into the 20s by Friday morning for another freeze. The rest of Friday looks really, really good with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s across the state. Sunny skies continue.

Saturday looks to feature clouds on the increase with temps between 60 and 65. The forecast period from Friday into early next week is still a little murky. A bowling ball area of low pressure works across the south, but may get close enough for some rains…

Temps are very tricky. Outside of the rain and clouds, temps will be deep into the 60s. Under the clouds and rains, temps stay in the 50s.

You can see how same low tries to merge with a deepening trough diving into the country by the middle of next week. That’s not exactly a very pretty look as we get set to close out April, not that it’s any different from the rest of the month.

The milder air will continue to make some intrusions in here through the first few days of May, leading us back into a stormy setup. That shows up on the GFS rainfall map…

Make it a terrific Thursday and take care.