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Time posted: 7:36 pm

Sunday Evening Look Ahead

Good Sunday evening, folks. We are rolling into the final few days of October with another big storm system on the weather menu. This will likely bring heavy rain, high winds and a temp crash as we head into Halloween, potentially causing some trick or treat issues.

In the short-term, the weather looks really good for the next few days, but this all changes starting Wednesday. That’s when a modified arctic front drops close to the region and slows down, allowing low pressure to develop along the front. That looks to roll right on top of us Wednesday and Thursday…




The end result for us looks to be rounds of heavy rain and even the potential for a few strong thunderstorms. Winds should be very gusty during this time and we may pick up another significant rainfall. That rain would push our region into one one of the wettest Octobers on record. Yes, you heard that right… one of the wettest Octobers on record on the heels of September being the driest month in recorded history. To take it one setup further, we will be above normal in rainfall for the fall season, which began on September 1st. That is absolutely amazing!!

You can also see the stripe of heavy snow from the midwest into the Great Lakes. That could be record snowfall for some of those areas. You also see some flakes into areas of the Ohio Valley late on Halloween.

Very cold air sweeps in here late Halloween into the start of November…

Enjoy the rest of the evening and take care.

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Another Big Storm Possible By Halloween

Good Sunday, everyone. Our big storm system is finally pulling away from the bluegrass state, but another one is ready to take its place in a few days. That system looks to arrive by Halloween, but this one will be a little different. It has very cold air coming in on the backside of it.

High winds caused quite a bit of damage in western Kentucky as the remnant low from Olga moved through. Heavy rainfall was noted into many areas and that’s putting some of us close to record territory for October. That’s right, October has a chance to go down as one of the top 10 wettest on record for some cities.

That is likely to happen with our next storm system moving in for Wednesday and Halloween Thursday. This looks to be another potent low pressure with high winds and heavy rains for much of the region. Unlike the recent storm, this one has quite a bit of cold air to work with on the western side of the storm…

That could be another good sized rain event around here, with gusty winds causing issues. This could play a big role in trick or treating hours and that’s something officials may have to start looking at soon.

Notice all the snow on the northwestern side of that storm. There’s the chance for history making snows to our west and northwest with this storm. If you squint, you can see the possibility of a few flakes  just north of the Ohio River. Meh.

Check out the temp crash coming on Halloween, with the cold settling in for the first day of November on Friday…

That blast of cold will make for a nice start to the wall to wall Christmas music season. 🙂


Looking down the road at the WeatherBell European Weeklies from this past Thursday, we find a continuation of the active pattern through the first week of December. Much above normal precipitation looks to take place…

The flakes forecast through the same period…

All that should be saying to you is that winter has a chance to start earlier than normal this year. That’s already the case for much of the country, so that certainly gives us some confidence to the trend.

I will have another update later today. Until then, make it a good one and take care.