The Last Stand Of A Wimpy Summer

Good Saturday, everyone. It’s the final weekend of what has been a very wimpy summer, but mother nature is giving us one final surge of real warmth. These surges have been in short supply over the past several months, but this one will carry us through the next week or so.

With the surge in temps, comes an increase in storm chances, especially next week. That’s when Jose will threaten the northeast, with additional tropical systems likely developing.

Temps out there today are generally upper 70s to low 80s in most areas. With a few clouds billowing up, I can’t totally dismiss isolated showers or storms popping…

Our weather for the week ahead will feature highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. There is a better chance for scattered storms going up, starting Monday.

Hurricane Jose continues to churn northeast of the Bahamas…

Hurricane Infrared GOES East

This storm continues to turn toward the north, with the potential for a more northwest movement early next week. Here’s the latest NHC track…

cone graphic

The new GFS continues to threaten the northeast…

The Canadian continues to show a direct hit…

The tropical hits don’t stop with Jose. We have a few more areas being watched well out in the Atlantic…

The Canadian Model has one of these storms threatening the southeast in a little more than a week from now…

The GFS shows a very similar scenario, then follows it up with another threat several days later…

We will see how all this tropical action impacts the overall pattern, but it looks like the last week of September turns cool again, with an outside chance at an early season frost as we get ready to flip the calendar.

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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7 Responses to The Last Stand Of A Wimpy Summer

  1. Dottie says:

    Looks like a beautiful day. Happy birthday Chris!

  2. Cold Rain says:

    Early thoughts on winter by Cold Rain..Well it’s looking like maybe a weak La-Nina forming this winter..Moderate still on the table..-QBO so that’s a good thing for winter lover’s as it will be fighting the effect’s of a La Nina…..North Pacific SSTs have some cool anomalies..Let’s hope the cool waters don’t make it to the West Coast for all you winter lover’s..Whew…I can feel that warm pacific air blowing in my face already…Feel’s good..Really don’t follow the snow index much..Last 2 years we had some big numbers but relatively nothing to show for it..As always we never know what’s going to happen…Ky being on the fence you just don’t know..We Wait..Hoping for another mild winter..Really don’t like snow anymore..Have a nice weekend everyone..

  3. Cold Rain says:

    Also a belated Happy birthday Chris!

  4. Schroeder., says:

    Hurricane Jose will likely encounter colder waters as it turns north towards Long Island and Cape Cod. At that time, it will be a Nor Easter. We will have to watch Tropical Storm Lee for landfall late next week. A very busy and costly tropical storm season. How this busy tropical season affects our winter, remains to be seen. Have a Happy Birthday and God Bless you and your family.

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