From Spring To Winter To Spring To Winter

Good Thursday, everyone. We are dealing with an honest to goodness blast of winter weather across the state today. This comes complete with some morning snowflakes and very cold temperatures. In true fashion of this winter, it’s not going to hang out long. Spring temps will surge back in for the upcoming weekend.

Our day starts with an exiting band of light snow and flurries across the east. Some slick spots may be left behind on area roads as temps drop into the 20s.

This afternoon looks good, but it’s a cold one with highs ranging from the upper 20s to the low 30s for much of the region. That sets the stage for a very cold night ahead with some upper teens showing up in central and eastern Kentucky.

Friday will end with southwesterly winds kicking in, delivering milder temps. The numbers in the northeast will be in the mid and upper 40s while the west flirts with 60.

This weekend, most areas will see temps surging into the 60s as winds continue to gust up from the southwest. Check out how far above normal these numbers go…


Those numbers are ahead of another cold front arriving on the scene by later Sunday. A scattered shower or thunderstorm will be noted on Saturday, with a much better chance with the front later Sunday…


This is when we watch a pattern loaded with a big cutoff low across the southwestern part of the country. That low will eject out and try to meet up with a system diving in from the northwest. The European Model is awfully close to making this happen…

Euro 2

Here’s the surface map…


We shall see what kind of a hook up we can get with the northern branch and southern branch. If you’re a snow lover, here’s hoping they get fall hard and fast for one another. 🙂

I will update things later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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33 Responses to From Spring To Winter To Spring To Winter

  1. SHAAK says:

    Worst. Winter. Ever.

  2. B H says:

    Maybe the States can take the money they saved this winter and fix all the pot holes.

  3. Stephen Schroeder says:

    We have a Nor Easter. Finally, something to look at on the weather maps. This has been the most uneventful winter I have seen in a long time, but this may be the norm for sometime to come. Maybe, the upper level low pressure in the Southwest will move into our region of Kentucky and stall. With cold air aloft it could produce a good heavy wet snowstorm, and maybe thunder snow, which is pretty cool. It’s to far off to make that prediction and the way this winter has been going I,ll give it a 10 % chance. We shall see next weekend of the 18 th.

  4. John-Austin says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely hoping those two systems decide to hookup and fall in love.

  5. Lucy says:

    I would not agree with worst winter ever because who really has that knowledge? For this winter, snow has lacked. There is still time for snow and winter weather. Whatever comes, going to deal with it and move forward.

    • jim b says:

      Lucy, are you related to Hamlin by chance? haha….I dont think they meant that literally, why so serious? haha. I hope the two systems collide as well John-Austin, it would give us something to talk about, I doubt it happens though, but again here’s to hoping.

    • BubbaG says:

      For snow it is. I do not recall another winter most folks not getting past 1″ total on the ground overall. This is a first I think for a lot of people in Kentucky. Even wimpy winters we got several inches total. This is about as low overall you can get, short of no snow at all.

  6. bm says:

    The week away forecast has always fizzle out by the time the day gets here. It’s same ole pattern that we been on all winter. Not enough cold air in place and it turns out to be rain.But we are due so maybe this one give us a snow punch

  7. Bobt says:

    Back to winter for a day or two and then a week of above average. I will take that. The only real cold in January only lasted for a couple of days. I’m just fine with no prolonged stretch of cold weather if we don’t get any snow. As CB alluded to the cold is lagging behind the moisture next week . That has to change gd for snow to come

  8. B H says:

    Getting some pretty good snow showers here in Southern Ohio.

  9. c-BIV says:

    I’m so excited for Spring…I mean bug season.

  10. Troy says:

    Todays early “blackberry winter” will succumb to the return of our ongoing early Spring (“non-existent winter” for those of you who have a problem with the word Spring) tomorrow. Next week…rinse, repeat. The pattern that has continued since December will have to be broken and quite frankly most of us know that these patterns seem to continue for a couple years before that happens.

  11. Dana M says:

    We had HUGE beautiful flakes last night in S. Louisville. Was so nice to see some snow even though it didn’t accumulate to much!

  12. Stephen Schroeder says:

    Spring in February is worth nothing as the saying goes. Snow and cold in February is worth it’s weight in gold. Means you will have a great growing season. And in the month of March when thunder roars through the hollow, snow will soon follow. We will see.

    • Bobt says:

      Average highs hit the 50s here in the southern half of the state in mid-February. That is less than a week away. Although February and even March can bring a big snow, the transition to warmer weather has already started. Daylight is getting longer and even an average day will produce some decent temps here in a couple of weeks.

  13. B H says:

    Snow lovers hopes are slowing melting away for this winter. If we due get a decent snow storm it’s days will be numbered for sticking around.

  14. Ray says:

    I’m currently in Richmond Ky visiting my uncle. We had a few flakes of snow last night…but nothing like I thought it was going to do. This winter reminds me of 2011-2012 when we had temps that was constantly warm pretty much everyday. We had one snow during January 2012 of 7 inches as the flakes were almost the size of dollar bills. Then, at the end of February, we started getting big time thunderstorms. By March 2nd, 2012…we had a huge tornado outbreak. I’m just curious if this is a repeat of that disaster. I hope we have a great storm season, but nothing that devastating. Something to think about.

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