Good Tuesday, everyone. My advice to you is to soak up the weather we have out there today… It may be the best we see for the next week or two. We have a serious case of nasty May weather on the way, just in time for Kentucky Derby Weekend.

Today is a nice one with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. Winds will also be very gusty between 30mph and 40mph.

Clouds increase quickly on Wednesday with the threat for late day showers and some thunder. Temps will spike ahead of the clouds, then tumble some during the afternoon.

That sets the stage for a huge, slow-moving storm system to impact our weekend into the start of Derby weekend…

The look on that system is one you see during the winter months, not the first week of May. Heavy rainfall, gusty winds and cold temps will be common. Highs on Friday may not get to 50 degrees in some areas.

There’s even the chance for snow in the high elevations of the Appalachian Mountains.

All of this comes from a HUGE upper level system that cuts off from the main flow and hangs around into much of next week. Watch this…

That’s pretty amazing to see and could also spell trouble for the start of our growing season. Clear skies will likely allow some frost from Sunday into early next week. Some of the models are even hinting at a rare May freeze by Monday and Tuesday mornings…

There is nothing nice about the pattern I’m seeing setting up for May.

Have a great day and take care.