Stormy Changes On The Way

Good Tuesday to one and all. We continue to be in a July-like pattern here in the middle of May, but things will change quickly by the weekend. This is when we get into a setup featuring more thunderstorms, followed by a much cooler look for next week.

Highs today and Wednesday will generally hit the mid and upper 80s for most of the state. A local 90 degree thermometer can’t be ruled out as skies stay mainly sunny.

A storm or two begins to pop by Thursday as moisture starts to increase. This will lead to a much better threat for some storms into Friday and Saturday…

A few of the storms can be strong, producing heavy rainfall.

A cold front then targets the region by Sunday with showers and storms becoming much more widespread. Here’s the GFS…

The European Model agrees…

This will be followed by much cooler air for the first half of next week, with another cooler shot lined up after that…

The progressive look to the pattern suggests we remain pretty active in terms of shower and thunderstorm threats. Check out the GFS animation through the end of the month…

Make it a great Tuesday and take care.

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12 Responses to Stormy Changes On The Way

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, I’ll be looking forward to that much cooler weekend ahead, along with the chance of thunderstorms. It’s hot today, but the humidity continues to be low here in the hills. Have a great day.

    • Prelude says:

      CB did not say much cooler weekend ahead. Cooler air early next week. It will be warm and humid weekend with hit and miss showers and thunderstorms.

  2. Teacher Nate says:

    How much cooler are talking about? 40’s and 50’s? 60’s? Low 70’s?

  3. Schroeder says:

    I stand corrected. Have a great afternoon.

  4. Schroeder says:

    Sorry, for the mistake. I should read more carefully. Have a great afternoon.

  5. Faye says:

    I see from Chris’s tweet that they changed the 1995 Jessamine County event to a tornado. I always believed it was a tornado. Still remember that day and looking out my kitchen window and noting the green sky. I’ve never seen a sky that green before or since, it was very eery. Of course that was before I was on the internet and I didn’t know to be scared of a sky that looked that way, ha.

  6. laura says:

    Schroeder you are only human like the rest of us on here are. Some like to think they are perfect. Glad to see your back posting comments.

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