Good Wednesday to one and all. Our fall fling is about to come to an end and is about to be replaced by another stormy setup across our part of the world. This booming look to the pattern is likely to carry us through the big 4th of July holiday next week.

Before that pattern locks in, we get one more REALLY nice day out there today. Lows this morning can drop into the upper 40s in parts of the region, and that may flirt with a few records. Highs later today will reach the upper 70s to low 80s with a mix of sun and clouds.

Muggy air quickly returns on Thursday with temps deep into the 80s. Isolated showers and storms will start to fire up. That action will then increase a bit on Friday, with the main stuff waiting for the weekend.

That’s when a cold front moves in here with rounds of showers and storms. Some of the storms Saturday may be strong or locally severe as the front settles in.

From there, this front looks to put the breaks on, stalling out on top of the region…

Repeat storms may produce some very heavy rainfall during this time, and that’s something we will have to watch closely going forward. The Canadian has some decent numbers…

No, it’s not going to rain all the time, instead, the storms will come at us in waves with lots of dry hours in between.

Temperatures this weekend into early next week look to be below normal yet again.

Make it a great day and take care.