Good late evening, folks. Our Winter Storm Threat continues for Friday and Saturday. I wanted to drop by for a quick update on the latest run of the NAM and to use a blog title we haven’t had the chance to use for a while. 🙂

Let me be as upfront as I can be right out of the gate… THIS IS NOT A FORECAST from me. I’m only sharing what this model run is showing.

The NAM is much colder, quicker on Friday, leading to much more widespread ice and snow…

If this run of the NAM even comes slow to verifying, it’s a shutdown storm for much of the region. Significant amounts of ice and snow both show up…

Freezing Rain


I’ve put the disclaimer on the maps that this is NOT A FORECAST from me… right now. It’s what this run of the NAM is showing.

The NAM is also showing wind gusts of 30-40mph during the event.

Let’s relax and see what the rest of the models show over the next few hours. I will post those, too, regardless of if they show something similar or something much lower.

Winter Storm THREAT continues.

Take care.