Tracking The Winter Storm

Good afternoon, everyone. With our major temperature drop pressing across the state, freezing rain, sleet and snow are taking over, as our winter storm starts to crank.

Overall, I don’t have any significant changes to my thought process on the evolution of this storm. The actual low doesn’t deepen until later today into the evening as it passes through east Tennessee into West Virginia. That’s when we see the increasing band of snow, resembling a comma head, really crank up. This will sweep eastward across the state through early Saturday.

As I told you earlier, the snow part of this for central and eastern Kentucky doesn’t come until the evening hours. The quicker the change to snow, the more accumulations where you live. The slower, the lower. Regardless, snow will blanket the state tonight, with several inches for many. Travel conditions will continue to worsen from west to east, and really get bad this evening.

I have your tracking toys to carry you through the day…

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

Fifth Third Pavilion Live Cam
Downtown Lexington

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 @ Clays Ferry Bridge South
Between Lexington and Richmond

US 60 @ US 127
US60 @ US127

US 60 @ Chenault Road
Near Millville
US60 @ Chenault Road

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway


I-65 MP 92.4

Louie B Nunn MP 3
Near Glasgow
Louie B Nunn MP 3

Natcher Parkway MP 5
Near Bowling Green
Natcher Parkway @ MP 5

I-24 MP 7 @ US 62


I-24 MP 7 @ US62

I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

I-71/I-75 at 12th St.
I-71/I-75 @ 12th St. in Covington



Stay safe and take care.

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249 Responses to Tracking The Winter Storm

  1. SHAAK says:

    No mention of the dry slot that will lower totals?

  2. Ha ha beat my mom says:

    Love the snow can’t wait

  3. Rodger in Dodger says:

    This is a good winter storm by Kentucky standards. Enjoy what you get. Monday could bring another nice round of snow. Finally, we have some fluff to go with the cold we’ve had. Rodger in Dodger

  4. Grant county meteorologist says:

    That’s awesome I love the ice sickles

  5. Bjenks says:

    In hindsight just think if this storm would have hit last week when the ground temps in the lower 20’s. We would all have been up a creek without a paddle.

  6. Oh Hail No! says:

    Thanks Chris! I am hoping the trend on the models toward the upper end of your ranges continues. Latest RAP and HRRR are both showing a band of heavier totals to the south and east of Cincinnati. I am hoping that trend continues!
    16z RAP

  7. BengalFan says:

    This was a brief to the point post.
    I think tired of people saying when is it going to start, dry slot, etc…
    His forecast and even on this blog stated snow wouldn’t get going into late afternoon for CKY.

    I think a general 2-6 is a good bet for cky
    I would like to hear more about Monday/Tuesday,,but I guess that well have to wait.

    • Schroeder says:

      I live in central Kentucky and the storm is ending. we only received about one forth inch of ice. As for the next storm Monday / Tuesday will not be anything except for a few flurries from an Alberta Clipper. SAD

  8. Dawnp007 says:

    Eagerly waiting to see the beautiful white stuff blow around!!

  9. Cats fan! says:

    All rain here in Crittenden. Looking forward to the snow later today. Thank you CB for all you hard work. Be safe out there!

  10. Nolabrn says:

    Wow, I am new to this site and new to lex. Nola, transplant. I thought watching and predicting tropical systems was fun and erratic. This being my first winter storm and first time I will probably see frozen precipitation fall is exciting. I am glad I found this site and a good meteorologist. We had a few great ones in New Orleans. Sorry imposter this before the update.

  11. Oh Hail No! says:

    New 16z HRRR goes out to 5am Eastern Time. Shows the same Heavy band in Northern KY. I noticed the NWS office in Wilmington, OH just upgraded themselves to WSW. Maybe they should do the same thing for some of us Northern KY counties? Lots of short range models over last few hours are showing 4-8″ for NKY.

  12. Terry says:

    Andy, Troy…what do you all think? Are we going to get our inch or not? The storm is starting to really strengthen. I think Andy has the best shot out of us three at getting an inch or more do to his slight NW proximity to the low this evening. We shall see…we only need about a 50 mile path farther east to bring us a much better snowfall.

    • Andy Rose says:

      We will have a inch of something or combined but we will hit that inch. Sitting at 0.25 of rain since midnight so that will help.

    • Troy says:

      Terry, its possible you will reach your inch year to date total. Andy night get “close” to an inch of something frozen. As for myself, we might get an inch of rain and a dusting of something frozen at best. Almost 5 o’clock and sitting at 56 degrees here…most of the moisture will be long gone before our temps bottom.

  13. Cats fan! says:

    All rain right now in Crittenden. Looking forward to the snow later today! Thank you CB for all of your hard work. Be safe out there!

  14. Joyce says:

    Praying for a huge hit of snow for Burgin !!!! I am like everyone else waiting patiently…….

  15. c-BIV says:

    All 4 major METS in Louisville ate scaling back their snow totals, including NWS. 1-2″ and 2-4″ is the highest range for anyone now.

  16. Lucy says:

    Don’t think anyone really knows what will happen. Just need to enjoy the day and see what happens.

  17. Kelli says:

    I don’t understand all of the NAM/16z/etc talk, but could someone who knows about all that, please tell me if/what they think Madison County, KY will get? I really hope we’ll get enough snow to play in a little!

  18. Schroeder says:

    Snow in Western Kentucky, dry in Central Kentucky, Raining in Eastern Kentucky and so far very little change on the radar for hours. We will have to see what tomorrow looks like. Thanks Chris, for your continuing updates.

  19. SK says:

    Anyone got a link to the new Euro Chris recently posted about?

  20. Justin says:

    I’m at the tail end of the snow in middle tn. the dry slot is eating away at the last little bit of what’s trying to wrap around. Thinking now we may not even see a flake. Hope other spots do good on this cause it’s about the biggest let down of a storm I can remember in a while

  21. Buckeye says:

    New 17z HRRR – High Resolution showing much lower snow totals:


  22. winter lover says:

    Finally broke the snow drought here in far western,ky. Coming down hard and visibility is low.

  23. David in Gtown says:

    After a 26 degree temperature drop from 59 to 33 in Georgetown between 6:30 and 8:30 AM, the temp has gone back up to 35.

    • Snow Loving Librarian says:

      It has gone from 30 to 32 in East Louisville the past couple hours. Freezing rain falling.

      • Jeff says:

        Been snowing in Fern Creek for the last 40 minutes. Almost a quarter inch so far. Wondering if The Hill will post soon and give us an update on northeastern Bullitt County???

  24. Debbie says:

    Hubby just called, on his way home from work in Shep-Ville, and wondering about that,because they’ve NEVER let work out early-they just pay for nearby hotel rms. if the roads get bad. Still not too bad pavement-wise here in Bardstown’ Waiting for the snow-this mud is wreaking havoc on cleaning dog feets!

  25. Robert says:

    Up 2 degrees in Lancaster, Ky. Now that is according to my phone so take it for what it’s

  26. snowrunner says:

    Feeling sad…..not even precipitating here in Frankfort. All of you serious weather watchers are making me nervous…been waiting for this for a while and it sounds like we won’t really get much? :/

  27. corey says:

    My god you people.are so.depressing…this blog used to be so.much fun but you people suck the life out of it…get a dang grip

    • Lucy says:

      This. It is supposed to be fun. Why talk negatively. Someone else mentioned that five days into winter some were writing it off. Just see what comes and relax. Happiness and joy is not based on precipitation. Enjoy life, snow, sleet, rain, heat, or cold.

    • SK says:

      THANK YOU!!

    • JHutch says:

      100% agree. I understand getting frustrated, but being a downer on top of it is a no win situation for everyone.

    • BubbaG says:

      This is absolute sunshine compare to the Cleveland Brown’s sports forum. Now THAT”S depressing 😉

  28. Buzzkill says:

    Following this storm is just like following UK football. High hopes that ultimately lead to a disappointing let down, with lots of drinking and cussing along the way.

  29. Virgil says:

    Guys, Despite the myth, Chris Bailey doesn’t actually control the weather. He isn’t to blame if you don’t get a foot of snow. He isn’t to blame if computer models don’t live up to their predictions. Filling this blog with your complaints is just down right depressing and sad.

  30. rolo says:

    ok as a OG of the BLOG its time for some of you WET BEHIND THE EARS meaning 4-6 years bloggers to calm down and have a drink, or take a deep breath and have a cup of coffee. its ok its going to SNOW OK, you don’t need a SHUT DOWN snow Sweethearts, 3-4 inches of snow this weekend then 2-4 more Monday evening and Tuesday and guess what u got plenty of WHITE STUFF with zero temps. then you better get u a side job moving snow to pay the electric bills. just imagine if u had a SHUTDOWN STORM with ZERO WEATHER with that. ok once again this old timer who help build this blog says why all the sad faces we got a NICE little WINTER SNOW MAKER just now CRANKING UP moving TOWARDS/INTO the viewing area that going to put down anywhere from 4 upwards of 10 inch localized totals hence said localized not everywhere. Bailey Boy update and SPOON FED u WET BEHIND THE EARS Bloggers to the point Ray Charles could understand. its ok OG ROLO LOVES U STILL. WATCH THAT RADAR FILL IN as that LOW starts to stregthen

    • Lucy says:

      Great post, Rolo. Share that experience and wisdom. 🙂

    • Rodger in Dodger says:

      The “legend” if you can read what he writes lol

    • Spencerlady says:

      Yo the man, Rolo! 😉

    • Winter Warlock says:

      I’ve been around a long time too. Stopped posting on this and other sites cause was taking too much time. Fun to be back though. Always loved this site with Chris’s winter forecasting that is second to none. Rolo a mainstay from as long as I’ve been around always with good perspective too! Enjoy what we get and with the temps and additional chances early next week its gonna be around awhile. It appears the storm is indeed rotating and re-strengthening just in time to roll through Central and eventually NE KY. Gonna be a great weekend for a fire and sit back and watch NFL and the Cats play too. Have a great weekend all!

    • Pjnothingman says:

      Yes Rolo is back!

  31. SK says:

    It has been crazy raining in Barboursville, WV (near Huntington) area for last hour… tons of moisture.

  32. Buckeye says:

    18Z HRRR – High Resolution is out. Bumps snow totals a little, but not much…

  33. TeachLou says:

    Still have light freezing rain/drizzle here in East end of Louisville. As a teacher, I’m enjoying this extra day home with my daughter. We have made a couple of grocery runs for elderly neighbors who didn’t want to get out on the roads today. We’ve played board games, baked bread, and done some reading. Please be safe fellow weather junkies. Thanks for everything you do CB!

  34. c-BIV says:

    Snow is holding on in Paducah and actually backfilling. Starting to transition to snow @ I-65, moving east slowly.

  35. Jeffrey Meenach says:

    Heavy sleet in Louisville now

  36. winter lover says:

    I say we may have 2-3 inches here in and snow is still falling.

  37. c-BIV says:

    6 inches of snow being reported in Paducah.

  38. c-BIV says:

    Heavy sleet/Snow now in Middletown

  39. JimCVG says:

    It looks as though the storm hasn’t move eastward much in the last couple of hours. Covington has been on the edge of rain/freezing precipitation since before noon. I hope the moisture keeps streaming up from the gulf and the storm eventually slowly deposits lots of snow in my neck of the woods.

    • Helymo says:

      It just switched to sleet here in Cinci, but I am just across the clay wade from Cov and it looks like it’s there too.

    • BubbaG says:

      Actually the moisture is going north NE and the cold air coming from the NW is what creates the frozen precipitation with the flow of moisture as it flows SE.

  40. Andrew says:

    Heavy heavy sleet here in South Warren county, the transition to all snow is very close. Rooflines are becoming covered quick.

  41. catman says:

    Started snowing in Louisville at 3pm.Quick change from sleet/freezing rain.

  42. Bradc says:

    Holding at 58 here in knott county. Pretty good temp spread across Kentucky

  43. c-BIV says:

    Sleeting good now in shelbyville

  44. Admiral Ackbar says:

    Do we think that the airport will shut down most of the flights tomorrow?

  45. feederband says:

    Change over much later in the metro than forecast. Lower ice totals so we have to hope that the systems slows so more snow will fall. Took until after 2:30 for the streets to get slushy and still not slick.

  46. Lucy says:

    CB, I just read your “about me” information. Not sure why I waited so long, but I think it is a God given gift when someone loves something from childhood and then works hard to develop that gift as you did with meteorology. Keep on doing what you are doing and remember Who gave you the gift. Thanks for all you do.

  47. Mike S says:

    Whoever measured 0.24″ freezing rain in Valley Station is wrong. Ice accretion on small limb I measured came to 5/32″ on one side but 3/32″ on other side for a total of 0.25″, but you average the two measurements to get the ice accumulation. Therefore, we’ve had a little over 0.1″ (.125″)

  48. Cindi says:

    Rolo, thank you for your reminder…I mainly ‘lurk’, but have enjoyed your banter on here for years!!! 🙂 Rain and 36 in Morehead…hoping to wake up to a couple of inches of snow! Stay safe everyone! Love our Chris Bailey! He is such a hard worker…always has been.

  49. Drew says:

    Is the storm getting stronger or weaker as it moves to eastern ky? Looks like northeastern ky could get 6 inches or so. Am I wrong?

    • rolo says:

      thanks u all for the comments, yea I need to proof read and actually not be so sorry, but then I wouldn’t be the true ROLO would IT.

  50. Mike S says:

    Took advantage of daylight hours and temps near freezing to clean off all ice on vehicle…Now, I just have to deal with the snow

  51. Jeff says:

    Been snowing in Fern Creek for the last 40 minutes. Almost a quarter inch so far. Wondering if The Hill will post soon and give us an update on northeastern Bullitt County???

  52. SHAAK says:

    Still sleeting in Bardstown.

  53. Lucy says:

    Storm seems to be rotating. I am in Sellersburg, IN.

  54. Portland Weather Dude says:

    I’ve got a little more that a dusting here in the Portland area of Louisville. 🙁
    Temp is 30, wind out of the NW at 5 MPH.
    Wind chill is 25

  55. which way is the wind blowing says:

    Reports of around 4″ in Evansvlle, Per. John Belski.

  56. Portland Weather Dude says:

    I pray that we get enough snow for me to use the snow thrower that I bought 3 years ago.

  57. BubbaG says:

    A good indicator of this system will be how it is performing to the west. At this time, Louisville was supposed to be a travel mess by now. If it is, that is sign it is doing what was forecast. If not, that could cut down on totals for a lot of folks. Seems it is slower than expected. that said, just takes a few heavy bands of snow to offset that.

    • BubbaG says:

      NWS didn’t upgrade the WSW areas beyond Fayette, so apparently they are still not impressed FWIW. Madison as example is still WWA.

      Will the NWS be even more smarmy after tonight, or will CB have the last laugh?

  58. MarkS says:

    Looking like this was way over blown in the predictions for North Central Ky….thank goodness…may get 1inch, 2 in some areas tops

  59. feederband says:

    Could of had school in LouMetro today. Forecast for bad roads early in the day didn’t happen. That’s Mother Nature!

    • BubbaG says:

      If we go by CB and the timing he noted and that this is not exactly panning out so far as the system flows east, seems totals are getting cut. Not my conjecture, but what CB said last night. Timing is critical and this slower than expected.

      Looking forward to CB’s update to see if the maps stays the same. Maybe the low building up will offset the slower timing.

    • Rachel says:

      I teach here in Louisville and our pre-k students don’t get on the buses to leave school until right now… I’m glad we canceled rather than banking on the weather to cooperate. Better safe than sorry, especially because folks here can’t drive on the best of days.

  60. TennMark says:

    Burst of moderate snow in Nashville TN, temperature down to 24. Roads are a mess, especially untreated bridges and flyovers as they are iced over. Parts of I-40 between Nashville and Jackson TN shut down to wrecks…..same with I-65 between Nashville and Bowling Green.

    – – – – – – –

    On today’s date in 1918 (100 years ago), Nashville’s high was just two degrees which is the lowest daily maximum temperature on record. At one point, the Mississippi River at Memphis was frozen over.

  61. Allen says:

    Where is the actual low tracking? Seems farther west than forecast?
    Thus WKY getting all the snow and rain central?

  62. Jeffrey Meenach says:

    Louisville pretty much in a dry slot right now. Maybe 1/4 inch so far

  63. Drew says:

    With new info, how much snow will ashland get?

  64. Lucy says:

    Louisville mets lowering totals, but seems like there is a heavy band still coming and it’s rotating. This has been an odd storm. I don’t think anyone predicted Paducah getting six inches.

    • BubbaG says:

      CB’s evening update should be interesting, but perhaps not in the manner snow fans would want. Seems a decent bet the map is not being increased. Also, does this bode well for the Monday/Tuesday snow?

      • pky90 says:

        He’s telling everyone to relax central ky, and north still going to be fine. Just watched his update on tv . Everyone chill lol

  65. gene says:

    38 light rain in western Gallia County in SE Ohio.

  66. Joyce says:

    Looks like from CB’s weather cast Burgin is out of the red zone.

  67. Oh Hail No! says:

    Snow started in Covington about an hour and a half ago. Already have 1 inch. Temp drop from 33 to 28 in that time.

  68. Drew says:

    Where is rolo at? All you guys saying the snow is not going to be what was expected but rolo has been saying it’s cranking up and 4-8 inches will be seen from Lexington east! Have you changed your mind rolo?

  69. Tim says:

    Nws bumped up my totals over here In Athens from 2-5 to 4-6, temp down to 33 with heavy mix

  70. Robert says:

    I think everyone is going to be surprised by the time this is over..

  71. Allen says:

    Secondary low formed east of us and kept temps above freezing in central and eastern KY. Can either look at is as kept us from freezing rain or robbed us of snow.
    I’ll believe several inches here in Lex when my son is shoveling it in the morning! ; )

  72. Dr WX says:

    . Wouldn’t be surprised to see a 5+ total Louisville and west and 5+ let’s say Morehead east. Leaving central ky in the middle of the “snow sandwich” with 2″-3″, with this dry slot. As our low continues to make that more NW track early. Guess time will tell. Everyone be safe,,Doc

  73. Terry says:

    Andy, Troy and others in SE KY…..close call as it looks like the comma part of the storm might get us which COULD push our totals up! This is going to be a sharp cut-off. Either us or Northern TN will be the cut-off for nothing vs a good few inches +

    • Troy says:

      Don’t let it fool ya Terry. By the time that rotates around to us, the low will be pulling and skirting it just to our north. Also, a dry slot will form in the middle of that comma which will also weaken our chance. I still think you’ll get a half inch or more in Harlan with only a dusting here in Middlesboro.

  74. Bradc says:

    41 here in knott county at 630

  75. Justin says:

    I’m surprised… that’s for sure. dry slot ate my area alive down here in Lewis co TN. Thought we’d get at least 2 or 3 inches. Finally getting a few flurries now. GFS was the only one that stuck to its guns and kept that western track. Low tracked right up middle tn on the eastern side of it. Way further north and east than what Euro kept showing. Kudos, I guess. I’m not much of a GFS fan

  76. Justin says:

    North and west. not north and east

  77. SnowRoller says:

    It’s over folks…..The Dry Slot dropped the big one.

    Eight years of Meteorology down the drain! Seriously, in Lincoln & Garrard I just don’t see anything but a very slight dusting. Looks like that dry slot is still there & the snow is lifting north. We know what wrap-around weather does. Nothing.

  78. Skiwee says:

    This storm is a dud unless you live north of the Ohio River. If you don’t like snow just come over east of the Big Sandy and south of the Kanawha. The Dome!

  79. Allen says:

    From Midwest weather blog GFS and NAM models showed the dry slot in central KY pretty well this morning. Check it out

  80. Nasdaq says:

    positive snowfall depth change > 10.1 total snowfall

  81. feederband says:

    Check out southern Ohio. They are in the money!!!

  82. Nmarie50 says:

    32 Freezing Rain and Sleet in Olive Hill..

  83. November girl says:

    Snow is coming down hard in Bullitt County right now.

  84. Nasdaq says:

    Sideways Mix/mostlysnow in Corbin, Band just popped up on the radar out of nowhere

  85. Skiwee says:

    The cold air is struggling to cross the Ohio River into WV. It will cross over as soon as the storm is over.

  86. Winter lover says:

    Ok people that lives in central or Eastern ky the snow is headed your way we’re on the end of edge of the snow band in which we got 4- 5 inches here at my neck of woods

  87. Tim says:

    Is it me but looks radar Is filling in

  88. SK says:

    Sleeting in Barboursville, WV off and on now.

  89. c-BIV says:

    Couple things…first off, Chris Bailey is 2nd biggest trend on twitter with #WKYTRULESWINTER. Also, seen where NWS out of Louisville has once again bumped totals back up to 4-6 inches, and they included Lexington in this update.

  90. C in BG says:

    3″ here NW of BG.

  91. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Just waiting to see some dimwit call this a bust or overhyped.

    • Andy Rose says:


    • Troy says:

      Yes Hamlin, we know….you’re ready to pounce…

    • BubbaG says:

      One person’s dimwit is another’s nowcaster 😉 This has not panning out as expected. I am surprised, since agreed with CB’s forecast. Seems the NWS will have a few giggles, given the critique they got. Last laugh appears theirs for this event. CB himself stated if the warm air hung around longer it would cut into totals. The colder air and ice layer would have provided convection and accelerated the snow accumulation. The temperature was off by about eight degrees in regards to timing.

      Of Course this was hyped by every met, since it is their job to keep the public aware 🙂 As far as bust…. At least not for the west and NW. I am glad the ice did not happen, since safer roads, safer walkways, less power issues and less snow means probably no shoveling my huge driveway 🙂 Win Win Win Win!

      • BubbaG says:

        Oh yeah, on the bust potential… Seems just as much a stretch to call this a bust as a perhaps a true winter true storm for most. That’s a pragmatic view 🙂

    • Schroeder says:

      That was a very rude comment Jeff Hamlin and uncalled for. You need a lesson in good behavior. Please think before you type your comments. Remember, Chris Bailey has provided this blog for people who enjoy talking about the weather. Not insults. Try and have a great day.

  92. Msd says:

    Started snowing in Knoxville an hour ago. Been steady and already whitened up elevated surfaces. Overperforming considering we were expecting flurries.

  93. Dreary says:

    31° and incredibly heavy sleet falling in Flatwoods right now. Charleston NWS upped our Winter Storm Warning to 4″-6″ (from 3″-5″). We shall see!

  94. Bradc says:

    38 and rain in knott county and 9pm

  95. Jon says:

    Ended up with 5.5″ in Hopkinsville. Was a nice surprise after the way things were initially looking. NWS had us in the 2″-3″ category for their forecast. Chris had us in the 2″-6″, pretty bad when an eastern Kentucky meteorologist puts out a better forecast than our local NWS team. Was a long duration event as well for us, sleet started around 3:00 A.M. and main snow band didn’t push out until 7:00 p.m. Still getting some light snow showers that don’t show up on the radar.

  96. C in BG says:

    3 1/2″ NW of BG.

  97. Buckeye says:

    9pm High Resolution model.

    Just like UK football everyone wants to believe it will overperform, but in the end we’re left with disappointment and unrealistic expectations. Like UK football, it’s mediocre at best.

    • c-BIV says:

      Performing right on schedule at my house east Louisville (Eastwood). 2.2 inches so far and still coming down. Should easily hit 4-5 inches at this rate.

  98. kim says:

    My kind of snow storm, a storm without snow. Happy camper here

  99. Cold Rain says:

    Here’s come the mother of all dry slots..Is that low started cranking

  100. Jeremy says:

    Got maybe a whopping .10″ in Berea. Dry slot been on us all day. Doesn’t want to give in to the moisture.

  101. Dave Bunn says:

    IF we get whats coming on the radar here in Southeastern Kentucky we shall name this the Comma Head Storm of 2018 Lol

  102. Nasdaq says:

    hoping that snow band stays together just east of bowling green, that could put down some good accumulation for SE KY

  103. Bob says:

    38 and still rain in my part of Knott County. I said last night we would be lucky to get an inch. It never switches to snow here from rain. Another bust looks like.

  104. C in BG says:

    4″ just NW of BG.

  105. Allen says:

    Here on SE side of Lex I have maybe a quarter inch of snow. Really counting on those snow bands holding together if we’re going to get more than an inch out of this.

  106. Jude says:

    I’ve got 3 inches on my deck and 4 inches on my driveway. Western Franklin County.

    • BubbaG says:

      North Richmond has half an inch so far. Most of us not more west NW will probably not get near the low end of the snow map.

  107. Virgil says:

    Im not going to be disappointed at all if we get less than 2 inches in Richmond, I got stuff to do tomorrow and I have a 2 wheel drive car so let’s hope that happens!

  108. Jimmie says:

    There’s about 1/2″ snow on my driveway and deck here in east Lexington and I don’t see any ice on the trees or deck railings (happy about that!). Judging from the radar, I figure there’s another 1/2″ or so left in this storm before it moves out of the area. I guess the NWS was on the right track when they downgraded the WSWatch to a WWA yesterday.

  109. c-BIV says:

    Last call here in Eastwood…3 inches fell. Didn’t quite make the low end of CB’s 4-8 inches.

  110. Terry says:

    Troy, Andy and others… I have a sugar coating in Harlan at 11:30. It is right at 32 now and will snow at a good clip for about 2 or 3 minutes then stop and start again on a repeat cycle like lake effect. I noticed the comma may still graze us between 1 and about 5 tonight, so I might get an inch or so, MIGHT! Looks like a moderate snow rate between London and Monticello moving ENE.

  111. Nasdaq says:

    starting to see the southern band break up 🙁

  112. Bradc says:

    Very light dusting here in knott co at midnight

  113. BubbaG says:

    A dude just tweeted there is three inches in Richmond. Either he is a bad measuring, caught a drift, or just left a bar. Been out and about and there is NOT three inches of snow. Fake news!

  114. Jimbo says:

    I have maybe a half inch in Teas Valley WV. And it looks like the snow band is drying up or disappearing over eastern KY. Tonights meager amount should put me over an inch for the season.

    • Terry says:

      Pitiful in SE KY….I am hoping that the wrap around can produce an inch in Harlan but the bands are both drying up and moving NE of my area…just a sugar coat here so far at 12:20 with some heavy bands just a little NW of me:(

      • Troy says:

        Well, there’s always “next week” Terry! Lol. Honesty, our area was never in play so no let down at all. At least we wasnt forecast for 4-8″ and ended up with an inch or two like has happened to many today…

        • Terry says:

          It’s so sad though to see at least a chance to cover the ground miss:( Leslie, Clay and other counties just to our North are getting a decent edge of snow, all be it probably just an ice or two. It looks like the cut-off zone was us instead of East TN after all. Boo and hiss…LOL

  115. Shawon says:

    Good news: 3.4″ of snow recorded at the CVG Airport and looking outside my window I’m going to take a wild guess and say I’ve got around 3″, so kudos to the NWS in Wilmington, OH for sticking to their guns and keeping us here in Northern Kentucky under a Winter Weather Advisory…

    Bad news: my street is supposed to be plowed when more than 2″ of snow falls and that has not happened yet. I know, where would one go after midnight but still…

    • Shawon says:

      Update: a plow finally came through, although much later than normal for a snow of this magnitude. Looks like many folks across KY will not require such services.

  116. Nasdaq says:

    ground temps played a huge roll in totals, onto the next one. hope hope the monday/tuesday systems holds together long enough to blanket the state.

    • Dr WX says:

      Also the snow that fell was very powdery due to the extreme cold, if the precicip had fallen with ambient temperatures of upper 20 30s measurement totals would be higher

  117. Tim in Clay Co. TN says:

    Everyone was about right on forcast for the TN/KY state line. We will end up with 1.5″ or so. very pretty

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