More Storms On The Move

Good Wednesday to one and all. Rounds of showers and storms have been dumping torrential rains across the region for past several days. We have one more day of boomers, before a little bit of a break moves in for the rest of the week into the start of the weekend.

Scattered storms will be out there again today and could bring more heavy rains for some. A line of showers and storms may develop this evening and drop in from the north. That line may bring some high winds and hail to areas of central and eastern Kentucky.

The Storm Prediction Center continues with a low-end risk for severe weather…

A little better air moves in for Thursday as we push the storms to our south. Highs will reach the low 80s across the eastern half of the state, but hang around 90 in the far west…

That better feeling air will hang around into early Friday, with some upper 50s showing up…

Temps by Friday will begin to heat up with low 90s across the west and mid and upper 80s east. Most areas should hit 90 this weekend, with the west being the hottest across the state. Many of the forecast models continue to run way too hot in general, but that’s especially the case given the wet ground we have. Sill, it’s a toasty weekend.

The threat for a storm or two will sneak back in on Sunday, with storm chances going back up through next week. A couple of cold fronts look to drop in from the northwest, and there may even be some tropical moisture trying  to work our way from the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s the GFS for next week…

The Canadian has a similar thought process…

As usual, I have you all set to track today’s additional rounds of showers and storms…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Make it a great day and take care.

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8 Responses to More Storms On The Move

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. One positive note to this current weather pattern is that those’s who have gardens out will have an abundant harvest, especially with tomatoes and green beans. Have a great day everyone.

    • Terry says:

      Harlan is the strangest location in the state: Sometimes like this past several days, EVERYTHING from waves of storms to pop up showers simply get sheared apart by the mountains. In my part of the county, I have less than inch for the entire month so far! Kind of an irritating place to live if you actually like storms. Almost every county in the state seems to get heavy rain/storms then it falls apart in Harlan. Even areas within my own county have been wetter than my area lately, but then back in February, I had 12 inches of rain☺

      • Schroeder says:

        Terry, I would think that you would be on the wet side of the Cumberland Mountains. You live just north of the Cumberland’s in the valley area right ? With the energy coming form the northwest to southeast I would think you will eventually get one of these Gully washers. Enjoy your afternoon.

      • Andy Rose says:

        I ended up with nearly 2 inches just yesterday.

  2. Bobt says:

    Can I move? It seems like wet summers are becoming the norm in Kentucky. Would be nice to get an overnight soaker every five days or so and just have a few days with no rain in the forecast. Oh well. Good weather for a duck I guess.

  3. bgbecky says:

    It was a gully washer last night in BG! I was just trying to drive across town home from my sons rained out baseball game and I could barely see…LOTS of ponding water!!! BUT we did need it! Now I need the rain to hold off so we can get our tournament game in today!!!

  4. Faye says:

    Got a kiddo going to camp next week, so I’m really hoping for a break from all this rain.

  5. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Terry, don’t feel bad. WE haven’t really had that much rain where I live in Pulaski County either since the first of June. The most we got was overnight night before last. Yesterday, is thundered and lightnened, and the wind blew. But we got just a light sprinkle. Chris, looking at next week, travelling to northeast Ohio on Thursday. Can you tell the fronts to sweep on through so we have a dry trip. I’ve had two bad accidents in rain, one on the interstate. To say I’m a bit edgy when travelling in the rain would be an understatement. 😉 “Have a great Hump Day everyone!

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