Weekend Sizzle Shows Up

Good Friday, everyone. We have heat and humidity heading into the bluegrass state for the weekend, but another stormy look is trying to set up as we head into much of next week. Until that arrives, we are going to sweat out some toasty temps.

It’s going to be interesting to see if a cluster or two of thunderstorms develop and roll across parts of the region today and Saturday. That typically happens on the leading edge of heat and humidity from the plains states. One of those may impact areas of western Kentucky today…

If those thunderstorm clusters do develop, they could throw some clouds across the rest of the region. Those could impact temps.

Highs today will reach the middle 80s for areas of central and eastern Kentucky, but the western half of the state hits 90 or a little better. Again, storm action could play a factor in those numbers.

Highs this weekend reach the upper 80s and low 90s for central and eastern Kentucky, with the numbers a few degrees hotter in the west. Factor in the humidity and it will feel hotter than that. It’s interesting to watch the temps from the computer models continue to be too hot compared to reality. That’s been a common trend in recent years and is again this year.

One of the reasons may be because of just how wet our ground is. Rainfall has been abundant this year, with the entire state WELL above normal…

Some areas are a more than 10″ above normal. A wet ground and lush vegetation, helps to keep temps from reaching the max potential.

Speaking of storms, a storm or two will be possible on Sunday, with an increase of showers and storms early next week as a front nears from the north. That front is showing signs of checking up and hanging around through the rest of the week into next weekend. That would bring back the all too familiar pattern of storms…

That same model run is putting down some  decent rains next week…

Have a fantastic Friday and take care.

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5 Responses to Weekend Sizzle Shows Up

  1. Prelude says:

    So much for that much advertised cooler look for the middle and end of June. The mets in my area are saying above average heat for the rest of the month of June for all of Kentucky and pretty much nationwide. Long term accuracy with computer models in my opinion are absolute junk.

    • bgbecky says:

      was thinking the same thing!!!

    • Terry says:

      This isn’t going to be a 2004 repeat either as we have already hit 90 more than once and most of the state didn’t in that chilly summer at all. Plus, June is already slightly above average and likely going to be by the end of the month. May not be a hot summer overall, time will tell, but definitely not a 2004 or 2014 summer in my opinion.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. Yesterday’s weather wasn’t too uncomfortable in my neck of the woods. The drying rates were also in the moderate category which we needed after all the rain we had here recently. The sunny and hot weekend expected state wide, ( but mostly in western Kentucky ) will be good for the crops. Have a great day everyone.

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