From Gorgeous To Ugly

Good Wednesday, everyone. The headline isn’t about me once I take my TV makeup off (I’m ugly either way :)), It’s all about the weather over the next few days. We have some pretty ugly stuff on the way later this week through the weekend. It’s a setup that will keep temps well below normal.

Before we get to all that, let’s take a moment and enjoy today’s dose of awesomeness. Sunny skies will feature low humidity levels and temps only in the lower 80s for highs.

Similar conditions will be noted on Thursday, but we may throw a degree or two on top of today’s digits. Either way, today and tomorrow are flat out gorgeous. That said, there is a slight chance for a late Thursday storm.

The ugly rolls in on Friday as a huge cutoff upper level low drops in from the northwest. This will hang around through the weekend and into early next week…

As I’ve said, there is NOTHING summer-like about that kind of a setup.

So, what does it actually mean for the weather where you live? Plenty of wet weather and MUCH cooler than normal temps.

Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will be common…

We will need to watch late Friday into Friday night for the potential for a healthy complex of thunderstorms causing a few issues in our region.

Temperatures under a system like this can have a little “wow” factor for this time of year. Highs may struggle into the low and middle 70s for a day or two.

The cool doesn’t end there. Check out the temperature departures for next week…

Folks, that’s one heck of a final week of July!

I’ve been yapping about this pattern flip for the past few weeks and it’s now upon us. A cooler than normal second half of Summer is very possible, if not likely, across much of the country. The latest long range European Model shows this through the last day of August…

The same model shows above normal rainfall through the same time…

Have a wonderful Wednesday and take care.

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11 Responses to From Gorgeous To Ugly

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it, but will gladly take lower humidity.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. I will definitely take the premature Autumn like weather this weekend ! Have a great day everyone.


  3. Virgil says:

    I had a nice ride into work this morning with the windows rolled down. I just want summer to be summer…Is that too much to ask? Summer is supposed to be hot and humid. What kind of world are we living in when the average is something to be despised?

    • Schroeder says:

      I kind of wonder about that myself. What kind of world are we living in ? Believe me folks it is not the same as it use to be.

  4. Mike S says:

    I even saw one of the recent Euro runs suggesting barely 70 degrees for parts of the Lexington metro sometime this weekend. Lexington record cold max for the month of July is 68.

  5. Andy Rose says:

    At least humidity is lower today even though the temps haven’t changed.

    • Terry says:

      It is nice for sure. Still, I don’t foresee July monthly average for most coming in below average as the first 17 days are running warm due to warm lows. At month’s end, most of us will probably come in around average!

  6. Dale H says:

    Any chance of seeing an area rain potential estimate update for the weekend like yesterday?

  7. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Finally getting a chance to comment Gotta agree with Virgil. Summer is supposed to be hot….and with humidity too. I like a break, but I enjoy summertime. I enjoy all the seasons. Today has been perfect except for one thing… I had to work. 🙁 Same tomorrow…ah but will still enjoy the day. I don’t, however, look forward to working this weekend in the rain. But if it’s a raining, I reckon I will! Have a good, relaxing, evening all.

  8. Chris g in clay county says:

    On my Facebook look back memories, back in 2014 on this day in history, I posted a temp reading of 68 degrees. The winter of 2014/2015 was cold, and gave us a 10 half inch snow here in clay county in February 2015. No 2 winters are alike, but Could be a sign of things to come, looking at the long range models.

  9. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    I love to see your mug with or without makeup!!! I love the upcoming weather bring it on!!! Hope everyone has a nice evening coffee lady at least it’s not time for the long Johns yet lol!

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