Tracking A Severe Weather Outbreak

Good Friday, everyone. We have a very active weather day unfolding across the bluegrass state. Rounds of strong to severe storms will work from northwest to southeast, bringing an increased threat for damaging winds, large hail, flash flooding and a few tornadoes.

The Storm Prediction Center has the severe weather bullseye right on top of us…

Here’s a breakdown of the day and what follows:

  • A few showers and storms will be noted early today and a few could be strong or even severe.
  • The greatest severe weather threat develops this afternoon into the evening hours.
  • A few supercell thunderstorms may initially develop, bringing the threat for a few tornadoes.
  • Storms should evolve into a huge complex (MCS) that may produce widespread wind damage.
  • The damaging hail threat is very high today, especially across central and western Kentucky.
  • Torrential rains are also likely and this could cause flash flooding issues to develop. That’s especially true for areas getting in on repeat storm action.
  • Additional rounds of showers and thunderstorms move through over the weekend as a huge upper level low spins overhead. This may cause some more high water issues on the local scale and some of the Saturday storms may be severe.
  • Temps this weekend will be held way down in the 70s.

Help me out by leaving comments about what the weather is doing where you live.

As usual, I have you all set to track today’s severe weather. The interactive radar can track storms right down to your street and you can watch live streams from area storm chasers…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Make it a great Friday and take care.

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46 Responses to Tracking A Severe Weather Outbreak

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Hoping none of my fellow blog readers gets any damage. Stay safe!

  2. Chris D says:

    Hoping this sort of fizzles out like the last few high alert severe weather days have done in Louisville. Thanks for be ahead of of the curve with the outlook! Go Cards 😉

    • Adam says:

      Unfortunately, I see little chance of this fizzling out. CAPE values are being forecast to be in the 5000-6000 J/kg range, which is crazy, especially for here. The atmosphere tomorrow will be a powder keg. Just hoping for outflow boundaries to provide weaker storms earlier in the day to stabilize the atmosphere somewhat.

      It unfortunately reminds me somewhat of March 2, 2012. I definitely remember that day, hope this doesn’t turn into a day like that.

  3. John says:

    Looks like quite the severe weather day around here. It’s not often we get an upgrade to moderate risk in our area, especially during the month of July!

  4. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. Everyone stay safe.

  5. BubbaG says:

    FWIW, looks like the main bad stuff shifted a little more west compared to yesterday afternoon’s post.

  6. Faith says:

    Raining with with thunder off in the distance in Owenton since about 6 a.m.

  7. JB says:

    Coxs Creek was hit bad early this morning. Numerous trees down all over the place. Storm hit about 5am. Chainsaw work today for a lot of people.

  8. Alison McArty says:

    Good morning Chris,
    Mt. Sterling had fairly heavy rain and lightening that is starting to lighten up now. It was dark enough to bring the streetlights on, but the wind is minimal.

  9. EKY_jm says:

    Skies darkening with frequent thunder in Olive Hill. We could definitely use some rain, so I’m not complaining!

  10. Feederband says:

    SPC expands moderate risk further north.

  11. Virgil says:

    Bring it

  12. LOUTeach says:

    Lost 8 of my corn stalks and some potted tomato plants early this morning. Not looking forward to what may come this afternoon/evening.

  13. Shawon says:

    I’m going to guess the worst of the severe weather this evening will be south and west of the Kentucky River. That is where temperatures are in the high 70’s into the 80’s at this time.

  14. Billie says:

    Nothing so far here in Monticello definitely a tad windy

  15. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. We have clouds and a little breezy but we have some sun too. Guess it’s sleeves up for sure a bit late, huh! #sleevesup. Stay safe everyone.

  16. Mike S says:

    Tornado Watch in effect for much of central Kentucky

  17. Mike S says:

    2″ hail reported in Fredonia IN (Crawford county)
    Golf ball size hail (1.75″) in Sulphur IN
    Half dollar size hail (1.25″) in Leavenworth IN

  18. Mike S says:

    Possible tornado near Corydon IN…also large hail likely

    • Mike S says:

      Appears tornado is on the ground near SR 135 in Harrison county Indiana according to scanner report near Shiloh road

      • Mike S says:

        At the very least, 2 funnels traveling east. This storm may become dangerously close to my neck of the woods pretty soon

        • Mike S says:

          at least 5 houses damaged in Harrison county, no known injuries yet.

          My sister is reporting ping pong size hail in PRP in Jefferson county in Kentucky, not too many pieces but there are some in her yard.

  19. Mike S says:

    Here in Valley Station, no hail or wind reports, barely any rain. I cannot explain that one. Just north and east of my location, hail reports of 1.25″ to 1.75″ have been common.
    The sky was eerie. Lots of clouds moving in different directions, but never saw any noticeable rotation.

  20. winter lover says:

    Just mainly off and on showers here in far western,ky so far

  21. R Hanks says:

    Lawrenceburg is getting blasted.. hail, strong winds, electricity knocked out…no warnings posted, nothing

  22. beth says:

    is the complex moving through northern and central Kentucky the mcs that you were referring to in your post, or is additional development expected later?

  23. Jon says:

    We have lost power at leestown and new circle

  24. BubbaG says:

    Seems the flow relative to Richmond is more North East than East. Richmond not been hit so far, as a result. Key being So Far.

  25. Faye says:

    These storms just keep training over my house in Jessamine. Once the first big line came through I thought the worst was over but half an hour later the wind really cranked up again with more lightning and heavy rain.

  26. Teachert says:

    A very strong cold wind is now blowing in West Irvine. Wind coming from the north-north west. I can hear tree branches popping.

  27. MarkLex says:

    Here in northwest Lex that was the scariest storm that hit around 4 pm. The winds were fierce and the rains were torrential….like a summertime white out. Blew the tree I planed in 2004 that grew to be nice and big over in my backyard. Definitely a severe storm. Power still out. I’m using the mobile hotspot on my fully charged laptop. I’m so done with storms now after that.

    • Terry says:

      I told you a few days ago….never say it is boring where you live as today is wild!

      • MarkLex says:

        Yep, that comment came back to slap me in the face. Now that tree I planted in 2004 (14 yrs old) was getting so big and totally blocking out neighbors house and creating a lot of privacy in the backyard… I’m just glad it didn’t fall on the house.

  28. Farmer 43 says:

    I live about as far west in Louisville viewing area in nw ky its strange how we haven’t had nothing but blue sky all day and breezy and I’m thankful got a lot of crop out in the field live and die by Mother Nature could use some rain but not severe weather

  29. DMiller says:

    London, heavy rain, lots of lighting, wind… from northeast. Storms generally hit London from southwest. 8:22 PM.

  30. Mike S says:

    Just had several 1″ hail stones…I collected them and stored them in freezer.
    For a couple of minutes, there was no rain, just hail, like big fat snow flakes falling, but was much heavier in weight.

  31. Schroeder says:

    Here in Taylor County late this afternoon we experience marble size hail with very little rainfall. Not much lightning, but thunder to our north with very little wind. Spotted some rotation to our west. Bad news is that the barometer is still falling. More to come ? Stay safe everyone and I will pray for those’s who have sustained severe damage to their properties. God Bless.

  32. Terry says:

    Harlan was not hit too hard with wind on round 1 but plenty of rain and intense lightning. No hail either but still pretty decent first round!

  33. Which way is the wind blowing says:

    I just lost my power to my home.
    A great way to start the weekend.

  34. jackson says:

    Power just came back on out on the Northside of Lexington. It’s been out in my neighborhood since around 4 this afternoon.

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