A Nice Weekend Before Soggy Weather Returns

Good Friday, everyone. We have a cold front working across the state early today, bringing a broken band of showers and thunderstorms, and some much better weather. This nice air will be with us to start the weekend, but some ugly stuff is lurking early next week.

The early day showers and storms will slow a bit across eastern Kentucky, with the rest of the state seeing a dry afternoon with humidity levels and temps running on the pleasant side. Here are your radars to help track the line in and out of town…

Saturday continues to look awesome with temps in the upper 50s to start and upper 70s to low 80s by the afternoon. Humidity is low and skies are mostly sunny, so soak it up!

Sunday will find temps and humidity levels increasing a bit ahead of a pretty wet setup. This comes courtesy of another slow-moving upper level low. Rounds of showers and storms will become common into early next week…

Locally heavy rains and much cooler than normal temperatures are likely with that kind of setup. That’s the look as we end July and say hello to the month of August courtesy of this deep trough…

Some models are also indicating a second system bringing additional rains our way later next week into the following weekend…

This continues to be part of our cooler than normal second half of summer and the CFS shows this well. Check out the overall departures through the first week of September…

Make it a fantastic Friday and take care.

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5 Responses to A Nice Weekend Before Soggy Weather Returns

  1. MarkLex says:

    The city came to pick up the tree debris yesterday. And now my beloved air conditioning is on the fritz. My all electric heat pump which is a Trane and will soon be 14 yrs old. I’m praying that it’s nothing major and it can get a few more years. I don’t think it’s the compressor but I could be wrong. I know the new units are more energy efficient but I just can’t fathom getting a new unit right now. But AC is almost as important to me as water and air so….

    • TennMark says:

      My wife says that when she was a little girl, she loved snuggling up to AC registers/ducts on hot summer days. Even more so to window units. Today, she still loves a hurricane blast of chilled air!

      Unless it’s very hot and humid, I prefer using our whole house fan during the summer.

      Thus, we often have to negotiate to reach a happy median 🙂 . This also applies to winter as I like more heat, she less so…

    • Crystal In Pikeville says:

      Mark we went thru that no long ago but it turned out to just need a new filter hope it’s not much with you I have to have the ac-too!!
      Chris on the weather front looks great to me I love it fall can’t get here soon enough football time.Bon fires!!!!! Sweatshirts!!

  2. MarkLex says:

    Yep – I’m the same way. My summer carbon footprint is BAD, but my winter carbon footprint is good. So I feel like it evens out. I abuse the AC in the summer, but barely run the heat in the winter keeping my T stat on 64. As I type this waiting for the AC guy to get here, I’m dying. It’s 80F in the house.

    • TennMark says:

      If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I’m normally stuck in the office at this time of day, but I’m home early as we are getting a new fridge as the old one gave up the ghost.

      BTW, we were in Toronto last week which was far enough north to escape the worst of the July 20 storms in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. It was pleasantly cool (at least to my wife) with just a few hit and miss showers.

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