Good evening, gang. Our powerhouse of a plains storm system continues to increase and it’s going to drag a powerhouse of a cold front into the state on Friday. For a week now, we’ve been talking about a 30 degree temp drop in just a few hours and it’s just about here.

This front means an increase in winds and will also carry a line of showers and storms with it as it rolls in from the west. Much of this action will decrease in intensity the farther east it gets, but it’s the temp drop taking center stage.

Check this out…

5pm Friday

11pm Friday

8am Saturday

5pm Saturday

8am Sunday

Numbers like that would obviously bring a frost threat to much of the region. Green Thumbs are officially on watch.

Nice weather comes in behind this for Sunday and Monday as highs return to the 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. That doesn’t last long as another system works through here with chilly showers for Tuesday and Wednesday as another deep trough digs through here.

I leave you with your radars to track the action to our west. Take the interactive radar on a little test drive out to the plains snowstorm and check it out…

Enjoy the evening and take care.