Good Saturday, everyone. Our one and done shot of cold is pushing away, allowing spring to take control. This is looking more and more like a full-blown spring takeover of the pattern and it’s happening much sooner than normal. I know we already have lots of blooms showing up, but this is REALLY going to take off over the next few weeks.

Temps out there today are into the upper 40s to middle 50s with skies becoming mostly sunny. Don’t forget we Spring Forward tonight, so set those clocks up one hour before going to bed.

Sunday is amazing with sun and temps hitting the 60s. That extra hour of daylight hits at the perfect time. 🙂

The pattern for the next few weeks looks very mild and stormy for much of the country, including right here in Kentucky.

Starting Monday, we may get systems to move through here every couple of days or so. This show up on the EURO..



Next Weekend

The Following Monday

That’s an active setup and it could portend an active spring thunderstorms season.

I will have another update later today. Have a good one and take care.