Watching Our Weather & The Blizzard

Good Friday, everyone. We have a much colder day in store for Kentucky as a cold front pushes to our east. Our weather is nothing compared to the blizzard raging across much of the northeastern part of the country. I have several cams for you to track the historic storm.

Around here… Gusty showers will roll eastward through the state today and this could have a wet flake or two on the backside of it. Temps today will hang out in the upper 30s and low 40s as some afternoon clearing takes place.

The weekend starts nice with sunny skies and normal temps for Saturday. We are even warmer on Sunday with readings into the 50s on a gusty southwesterly wind. This is ahead of a strong cold front that moves in Sunday night and Monday. Rain will increase from west to east late Sunday…


Locally heavy rainfall is a good bet as the front eases in here. Winds into Monday will be very gusty as the colder air oozes in from the west.

Several models have been hinting at a storm system bringing snow in here by Wednesday of next week. That is a possibility, but so is the possibility of that storm being too far east to deliver much of anything here. It’s still one to watch.

Next week is more of a transition week. My eye is more on what’s coming in behind that. This has the look of a very wintry pattern for our region for the second half of the month into early March.

As I mentioned… all eyes are on the blizzard raging across the northeastern states. Many areas will measure the snow in feet before this winds down later Saturday. I have you all set to track the storm…

Hoboken, NJ

New York City, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Long Island


Boston Traffic Conditions


Boston Traffic Conditions

 Fenway Park Webcam

 Reload if no image is displayed

I may add more cams to the list later today. Have a wonderful Friday and take care.

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64 Responses to Watching Our Weather & The Blizzard

  1. MarkLex says:

    Just finished reading comments on last post

    Regarding the ’98 storm and Atlantic moisture vs Gulf moisture (storm) and that being a “RARE” storm.

    So it being rare means that’s only happened ONCE since records have been recorded; that all the other big snows we had in the past were indeed from gulf moisture and not Atlantic? Interesting! Makes you wonder what kept the warm air from invading KY from the gulf moisture back then from the moisture fed systems. And – if there was cold air in place that didn’t suppress the southern fed storms to the south. I guess dynamic cooling is our only hope for snows here?

    • Chris Mercer says:

      I’m not sure if it was a one-time event or not, but it was the largest snow on record for much of Central Kentucky. Other areas of the state have had larger events, but I don’t know the source of the moisture (Gulf Vs. Atlantic) for those.

      Here are the largest snowfalls in Louisville history (I use this because the data is easy to find).

      #1 22.4” February 4 – 6, 1998
      #2 15.9” January 16 – 17, 1994
      #3 15.7” January 16 ‐ 17, 1978
      #4 15.0” December 7 – 8, 1917
      #5 13.1” November 2 – 3, 1966
      #6 12.2” March 22 – 23, 1968
      #7 11.0” February 1, 1966
      #8 10.9” February 16‐17, 1910
      #9 10.4” March 7‐8, 2008 and January 14, 1918
      #10 10.0” March 30, 1887

      On a side note, there are only 11, 10” plus events since 1873. An average of one per 13 years. Note the gap from 1917 to 1966. Makes our fifteen year gap seem short, doesn’t it?

      • Lincoln says:

        No one believes me that “old schools” aren’t really old school. There more or less rare.

        • Chris Mercer says:

          Yeah–wonder if the people thought this from 1917 to 1966? 🙂 I bet they were happy to NOT have snow!

        • Rachel says:

          I personally would be happy with just a couple of 5 or 6 inch snows per year that stayed on the ground more than 12 hours before the temps hit the 70’s. That’s what old school means to me… because I know when I do feel like when I was younger we had a lot more “measurable” snows than we do now with these piddly 1-2 inchers. Everyone wants a repeat of the elusive ’98 “dusting” (I know I do), but I think most would be happy with just a “GOOD” snow.

  2. DougT10 says:

    Our favorite Met C.B just got some props from Coast to Coast radio with George Noory. While listening on the way home George had a quest by the name of Robert Felix and he mentioned a KY Met Chris Bailey and was referring to what Chris had put on his previous post with NAM map and it’s snow totals and in all his years he had never seen that kind of snow totals before. Way go Chris you’ve gone nation wide.Just wish we could get in on a piece of the action.

    • MarkLex says:

      Oh cool! I used to listen to that show back when Art hosted it. Some nights I got so into the show that I made myself stay up!

  3. Joey Wilson says:

    ugh, won’t be coming back on here today. Watching someone else get a major snow storm is depressing.

  4. Chris Mercer says:

    So much for the snow sticking around. Boston is forecast to get up to 38 inches and then be in the Mid-40’s a few days later!!!!

  5. Andy Rose says:

    Its nice to know winter is not going to change this yr Heavy rain folowed by typical cold temps with no moisture.

  6. Coffeady says:

    Good Friday morning, all. Thanks for the update, Chris. Looks like a not-so-bad day today. While we are snow starved in parts of Ky, wouldn’t want a storm of the magnitude of what the NE is in for. Fit the weekend off, so I’m going to enjoy! Have a great Friday, everyone!

  7. BubbaG says:

    It has come to this. The might CB Weather blog has now got to the point of wimpy KY snow trends that we now are putting emphasis on other people’s snow. Say it ain’t so, Snow!?

    I know what CB means with the post and the storm is interesting, but the irony still glares. Boo to the trend!

    • Chris Mercer says:

      I agree–we are in a fifteen year trend without much of Kentucky seeing significant snows. But look at my previous post about “Loservilles” (sorry, couldn’t resist) snow records and you will see a forty-nine year gap between significant snows that was ended by two huge snows in the same year (1966). Now, Louisville doesn’t represent the whole state (they had a good snow in 2008) but this gap is not unprecedented. When it breaks, it will break in a big way!

    • Israel says:

      We’re not talking 1-2 in. Nor 1-2 ft. Were talking possible 3 feet of snow for Boston, possible the largest blizzard to hit Boston in recorded history and one of the biggest for the northeast. Even if our weather was crazy with 1 or 2 feet of snow for Kentucky, I’d still believe CB would’ve put up cams for northeast.

  8. Ready4Snow says:

    This just in from your action New’s reporter Rolo,reporting for your very own “The Goat Gazette”…Old School Happening in other part’s of the Globe except Ky….”The Land That Snow Forgot”

    • Todd says:

      It does get old watching other people every winter get the mega snows while we can’t by a 4 to 6 inch ankle biter! UGG! Hey Lucy are you afraid to play football in the northeast?

  9. 3789N8436W says:

    Just talked to daughter in NYC…at Harlem RBI Dream Charter School and she said it is snowing but not sticking yet. Because of CB’s forcast I was able to give her a heads up days ago so she and husband are ready with food, water and other necessities…she said that yesterday the panic set in and folks were doing the KY bread and milk blitz…..imagine that in NYC!!!!!

  10. Margaret Barr says:

    Another good website to watch the blizzard is the Stonington Web cam, Stonington, Maine.

  11. bjenks says:

    I like what the GFS is showing for NEXT…..Wed. – Thur.. Of course this is a week out….LOL
    Have friend on Staten Island and they are getting heavy snow. She said it was not suppose to start snowing until 3:00PM…I told her it would change to plain rain before it turned back to snow later this evening. They are expecting 11-15 inches over night. That is BS!!!!

  12. Ben in Lexington says:


  13. Ben in Lexington says:

    Just heard that Rolo was going to enter his goat in the big dog sled race in Alaska. Will be interesting to see how he disguises his goat to look like a dog. If anyone can,Rolo can.

  14. Lincoln says:

    The way half the people talk on this blog you would think we lived in Minnesota for 40 years. Averages are averages, folks. If it snowed 25 inches once every winter our average snowfall would be higher. But it doesn’t because big snows, and big realistically around here is anything bigger than 6 inches, are rare. In fact we average a 6 inch snowfall every 4-5 years. “Ankle biters” are the norm in this state, and they always have/will be.

    • Ready4Snow says:

      The one thing that has changed to me is the creek’s no longer freeze over like they use to back in the good ole days…When I was a tiny little fellow we use to go skating and ride our bicycle’s up and down the creeks..They stayed frozen solid all winter… Just don’t see that anymore…So to me the winter’s have gotten warmer over the year’s..A cycle I guess mother nature goes through…Hopefully the cold will return like it use to..More cold,better snow chances…

    • BubbaG says:

      Do not agree. Been here a long time even though my wife says I have the maturely of a fourteen year old.

      We had snows over 8″ at least every three years since 1978 and the stopped in 1998. So for near a generation, we did get snows. Some were over two sustained cold days of snow fall, but we got the snow. A twenty year trend is nothing in the big scheme, so perhaps a fluke.

  15. BengalFan says:

    sorry, its “HiLarryus” to say its not next week, but the week after that has my eye on winter…Gone are the 4-7 days out,,its 10 days out now.

    Lets watch the snow fall. Just not out our window. Who knows, it feels like we will get a big snow in march this year, it just feels that way.

    • Andy Rose says:

      I expect a big event this yr but the way its gone its likely to be big flood since we have already had flood waters 2 or 3 times this yr

  16. Todd says:

    I have noticed next week seems to be trending warmer since Chris is down playing it as a transition week, I’m ready for spring yesterday was so nice!

  17. Michael P. Boyle County says:

    Below is live chaser video from the northeast

    To view other chasers go to

  18. Ready4Snow says:

    Euro looks interesting in the 7-10 day long range…Wouldn’t surprise me to see a blizzard in atlanta…Anywhere but Ky..”The Land That Snow Forgot..

    • BubbaG says:

      We are kind of like the winter weather segway state 🙂

      Missouri has the Arch and we have the Dome 😉

      CB posted about snow chances next week. Gotta love his unflinching optimism! Lucy is ready for the kick..

  19. Chris Mercer says:

    We haven’t had a six-inch snowfall in Lexington since 1998. While ten inch snowfalls are relatively rare, six-eight inches should be expected every 4-5 years. Here is a list of the “biggest” snows since 1998. These include one, two, or three day snowfalls.

    6.1 inches February 15-17, 2010
    5.3 inches March 4-5, 2012
    4.5 inches March 7-8, 2008
    4.3 inches December 12-13, 2010

    There were also some 4 inch snow totals in 2000, 2002, and 2003.

    The largest single day snow total in Lexington since 1998 is 5.0 inches on March 5, 2012.

  20. LD says:

    For those of you scoffing snidely at The Weather Channel for “over hyping” what’s going on, I’d think again…

    • Todd says:

      The weather channel last week was saying winter was over and agreeing with the little furry ground hog, they are eating their words today along with the worst blizzard in New England history today 😉

    • Andy Rose says:

      what in the world are you talking about

      • BubbaG says:

        Yeah, it is the forecasts for Kentucky we scoff at. The others for some reason are usually pretty accurate. Just not Kentucky.

  21. Chris Mercer says:

    Next week looks like “average” mid-February weather. Highs from 40 to 50; lows from 25-35. Slight chance of rain.

    Nothing to see here, please disperse!

    • BubbaG says:

      I have 100 percent confidence in the trend. We will see nothing but a few inch event. Max this winter.

      • BubbaG says:

        Emphasis is of course the center of the state. The D-Zone.

      • Bobt says:

        Normal February weather for the most part. A small window for a snow, but mostly daytime highs in the upper 40’s and 50’s. Of course we will have a few days below normal, but the majority of days will be around normal or above. No artic cold spell and limited chances for snow. Keep in mind that 50 degrees is the normal high for mid-Feb. in SE Kentucky. Don’t look for a prolonged period of snow. We may get an old school, but spring is coming and the chances are running out.

  22. Kimbo says:

    I remember this blizzard well, worked for the Pike County government and worked at the courthouse with the National Guard, delivering food, water and medicine.
    The Great Blizzard of 1993 (Pike County Ky)

    HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – It blew into town 15 years ago on a Friday night. History in the making as the great blizzard of 1993 would soon re-write the record books.

    At last week’s Home and Garden Show, folks took time out to reminisce.

    It snowed for 30 straight hours with drifts as high as six feet. Airports shut down and for the first time ever Jim’s Restaurant closed due to snow. Even the mailman had a hard time in completing his appointed rounds!

    Josh Fitzpatrick was a budding future meteorologist from his vantage point in Gallia County.

    Josh said, “The thing I remember about the blizzard was the thunder and lightning that accompanied the heavy snow.”

    Most of the Ohio, Big Sandy and Kanawha Valleys measured 18 to 24 inches with Huntington setting it’s all time record with 22.6 inches.

    It’s all part of the legend of the great blizzard of 1993, 15 years ago this weekend.

    • Kimbo says:

      This is an article I found on google from WSAZ.

    • gtwister says:

      I think this was part of one Louisville’s snowiest Februaries on record, seems I recall there were two good snows that month in 1993.

      Note this “great blizzard of 1993” is not the same as the historic March 1993 superstorm that buried parts of southeastern KY, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and then the northeast.

  23. Kimbo says:

    I think our worst of winter is yet to come!

  24. Ready4Snow says:

    Model’s are sure trying there best to give us a major snow next week and into the weekend…Who know’s,maybe it’s finally our time…Happy,Happy,Joy,Joy…

  25. Joe T says:

    Wow 0z GFS has some serious eye candy for next week…..yard stick style!

  26. Go Cards says:

    Yeah Joe T I saw that. If it looks that same way next Thursday I will be excited. Unfortunately it will change 40 times between now and then. If this did verify would be a monster storm from Louisville to Bowling Green and points east. Very unlikely but nice to look at anyway.

  27. MarkLex says:


    How long was the Nam/GFS and Euro showing the current blizzard in the northeast? How many days out was it actually showing it?

    • Go Cards says:

      I am not sure. I know the Weather Channel talked about it all week so at least 4-5 days or longer.

      • Go Cards says:

        I went and looked it up on another forum. The Euro had the blizzard pegged at least 5-6 days out. The GFS came around to the Euro idea couple days later. The Nam is a short range model so can only see so far out.

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