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Time posted: 7:37 pm

Winter Storm Threat Friday Night and Saturday Morning

Good evening, everyone. I went ahead and put out a Winter Storm THREAT on WKYT earlier today because… Well… Why not? This threat is for Friday night and Saturday morning, with the potential for a swath of several inches of snow.

I will get to that in a moment, but first we have a few rain and snow showers that may graze the north and northeast this evening…

A hard freeze is on the way tonight with readings in the 20s.

After some decent weather from Thursday into the first half of Friday,

things begin to change late Friday as a storm system rolls our way. Heavy rains will increase quickly, then we will see much of that going over to snow Friday night and early Saturday.

Here’s my first “odds” map for the Winter Storm THREAT…

Obviously, the track of the low will have the main say in where the heavy snow band sets up. The risk areas can go a little north or south as we get closer.

The WPC has a similar through process, but is a littler broader with the potential for 4″+ snows…

The European Model has a major hit…

So does the NAM…

The GFS is similar…

Temps by Sunday morning may reach the teens for areas that may have snow on the ground.

For some perspective on how extreme this potential is, let’s use Lexington as the focal point. It will only take 1″ of snow to be a top 10 snowiest April on record and 2.9″ to crack the top 5. The top spot belongs to 1987 with 5.9″. That was from a storm that dumped 30″ in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

For temps, Lexington has only reached the teens on 3 days and 2 of those were from April, 1875, when record keeping was a little sketchy.

Sigh. #temspring continues to be a downer.

I will update things later tonight. Make it a good one and take care.