Watching More Winter Weather Potential

Good Wednesday, everyone. Severe Thunderstorms rumbled across the state on Tuesday, causing damage to several areas. Now, it’s back to talking about how Old Man Winter will not go away. Our system rolling in for the start of the weekend continues to look very interesting and has a chance to bring a rare April winter storm to our region.

In the near-term, it’s a MUCH colder day with a lot of the region in the 40s for highs. There’s even the chance for a few flakes to fly very early this morning…

From here, let’s start to focus more on a developing storm system moving in late Friday into early Saturday. This has the potential to bring heavy rain and heavy snow our way. Here’s the GFS…

As you can see, that’s a lower Ohio Valley winter storm. The snow forecast from the model…

That’s only a model run, folks, but the models have been showing the potential for accumulating snows for several days now.

The NAM only goes through Friday night, but is also on board…

Here’s the snow map from just that time period…

Both the NAM and GFS are suggesting the potential for historic April snows setting up somewhere across the bluegrass state. The Canadian also has a healthy hit…

The new European Model drops a snow bomb across our region..

Just… Wow. Of course, nothing is set in stone, with much of the snow threat depending on the track of the low. Regardless, to be talking about such a winter threat late in the first week of April is pretty incredible. Speaking of “threats”… There’s a real chance we upgrade this one.

Also, there’s another system that tries to dive in behind this one by late Sunday or Monday. That may also bring some winter weather our way.

I will update things later today, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.

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21 Responses to Watching More Winter Weather Potential

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Watch us go over 100 in the summer. Strange things can and often do happen. After this backloaded winter, nothing would surprise me.

    • Terry says:

      With over an inch of liquid precip possible, somebody might exceed 12 inches…lol…☺….probably be north of far SE KY….But one never knows. It has been over 30 years now since any real April snow and this would be the year for it!

  2. Israel says:

    What’s more insane is if something were to repeat like what happened on May 20th, 1894, when Lexington was hit with a freak 6″ snowstorm… IN MAY! Imagine if history repeated and we have the technology now and we sniff out a half foot of snow on the models with some showing more in mid-late May. That’d be absolutely ridiculous! Conditions literally had to have been perfect for that to occur and I wouldn’t doubt if those 6 inches melted within an hour or 2 after the storm. If only… 😉

    • Terry says:

      I shouldn’t want to see snow this late in season in April, but a tiny part of me does simply because SE KY has been so left out of snow for two years straight. Honestly though, I don’t like snow and freeze threats after the growing season starts. It is what it is and likely misses far SE KY yet again anyways, not even in the current sweet spot with most models likely to trend north.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Seems the models are in fantasyland. There’s now way that much snow will fall in the Huntington/Ashland area. I could possibly believe those amounts in the Lexington to Cincinnati area or the WV mountains. The Tri-state most likely rain or a total miss.

    • Terry says:

      There’s your foot of snow Jimbo…lol☺….never good to be in the sweet spot less than 12 or so hours out, but you never know!

  4. Ren says:

    Ummm snow? Can I talk to your manager? But seriously, wind is fun this morning and I wish Old Man Winter would give up already.

  5. snowrunner says:

    Have to say I do love me some snow so I’m still excited to see it whenever it shows up!!! I kinda miss CB Snowlover….he hasn’t been excited about it since, what, late January?!

  6. Matt says:

    When its in the 60s next Christmas, don’t fret. Just remember Feb thru April is when we get our snow around here..

    • BubbaG says:

      Heavy snow now would be epic bad, since even more trees are bloomed. It would be almost an ice storm in regards to power outages due to tress and lines.

      Hopefully the warm air offsets the ability to accumulate much.

  7. Virgil says:

    No…..Just No!

  8. BubbaG says:

    Thankfully for Richmond last night, it was mainly bark and not bite.

  9. Jimmie says:

    No. At this rate, we won’t hit consecutive 70+ degree days until June. #nomoresnow.

  10. Faye says:

    I’m afraid we are going to go from winter to summer and our spring will be pretty much nonexistent. That makes me very sad as I always look forward to those pleasant 60s and 70s degree temperatures.

    • BubbaG says:

      Probably correct.

      • Terry says:

        When the current blocking pattern finally ends, likely late April or even May, we will likely see at least some above average temps which would be fairly hot temps by then. We had 1 month of spring in February and will be lucky to see 6 more weeks of nice before the hot when the cold finally ends….I am rambling on here☺

  11. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris, I think. We were fortunate last night here in Somerset, at least at our place. Had strong winds and a storm, but no damage of any kind. This is one time when I hope your forecast for snow is really wrong! OF course it will be spot on, as the majority of us are ready for warmer temps and some sunshine. But , we are travelling to the Cleveland area this weekend, and their forecast, at least right now, is better than ours! I will be glad when true spring gets here, but I don’t expect it for a bit yet…Dogwood trees are blooming, and that always means a week long cold snap or longer…hopefully after that, we are done with winter for the next several months! Have a great Hump Day everyone!

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