A Frigid Saturday Night Update

Good evening, everyone. Today’s light snow system caused all kinds of travel issues across northeastern parts of the state, yet we couldn’t get the National Weather Service in Charleston, WV refused to issue any kind of advisory. A few slick roads were also noted into central Kentucky. These flakes were on the leading edge of a brutally cold air mass moving in.

Temps are already dropping into the single digits in the north with a wind chill that may reach -10. The rest of the region will see temps dropping into the single digits, with wind chills going below zero. Those numbers will get even colder and I will rant on that in a moment.

Another light snow maker is on the way for the final day of the year. We will get a streak of light snow across the northern half of the state, and it may cause similar issues as today. Local accumulations of a half to 1″ are possible, leading to the potential of snow covered roads.

After that, northwesterly winds try to produce some snow showers and flurries across central and eastern Kentucky for New Year’s Eve. You can see all this on the simulated radar from the NAM…

This is a brutally cold air mass moving in for New Year’s Eve through the entire first week of January. Anyone trying to downplay this, should just stop and find another profession. Wind Chill Advisories are out for central and western Kentucky and much of the surrounding region from New Year’s Eve through Tuesday. Wind chills of -5 to -15 will be likely at times.

That does not include northern Kentucky or the Cincinnati metro, even though they are surrounded by A Wind Chill Advisory…

This is now the 3rd wintertime event where the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio has left a hole on top of this same region. I used to sing the praises of this particular office years ago, but it’s painfully obvious they have undergone some not so good changes. How on earth are they consistently overlooking one the major metro areas in the entire country?

Folks in the northern Kentucky and the Cincy area should hold them accountable.

Rant over. 🙂

I’m still curios to see what happens along the east coast by the middle and end of the week. That’s when we see a very sharp trough dig into the eastern half of the country, likely spinning up an east coast storm. While what should be well to our east, don’t sleep on a northwesterly flow producing snow showers behind it, or another system diving in from the northwest.

Bitterly cold temps will continue with lows reaching zero or a little below… Again.

A system will impact our weather next weekend as the extreme cold tries to relax for a bit, but watch how the GFS Ensembles keep trending colder for the second week of the year…

I will have another update later tonight, so check back. Enjoy the rest of your frigid evening and take care.

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9 Responses to A Frigid Saturday Night Update

  1. KBinNKY says:

    Northern Kentuckian here (formerly South KY, so sympathize with the folks missing out on snow) and I concur with the NWS issue, they consistently don’t issue warnings, etc. when warranted.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m in Wilmington’s service area as well and feel that they consistently drop the ball on pretty much every weather event as well. In severe season I just go to the storm prediction center website and here to the blog and in winter I rely pretty heavily on this blog. Even though I’m an Ohioan Kentucky Weather Center is still the most valuable source for weather information.

  2. which way is the wind blowing says:

    What a God awful future forecast.

    • Terry says:

      Although not cold like now, it has been a terribly boring pattern since late October with the exception of one strong storm system last week….just awful. It is like a cold version of Southern CA with DRY/BORING on repeat…make it stop!

  3. Steven says:

    Agree 100% with you Chris they have the power to issue those advisories and never do. I am very much a weather geek. I love the snow and following the models. I have no degree and I could do a better job than them. Keep up the good work love following your Blog from Grove city Ohio.

  4. Andy Rose says:

    Freezing drizzle for far SE KY tonight according to the NWS.

  5. Shelley R says:

    The school systems go off of warning and advisory wind chill values to either delay or call off schools. If the National Weather Service in Wilmington don’t get their act together….guess I could be sending my kids to school no matter how cold it gets.

  6. Rolo says:

    Well very brutal cold for our area with no snow on ground. And if u take Bailey winter forecast 1st he has blown his snow totals for the winter. Also he said Decemeeber first part January would be when we would receive our snow after that Feb into March would turn warm. So snow lovers like myself hate to waste cold air and give in to the no snow, but Rolo has because any southern herb systems get suppressed to the south by the artic air. U think we would at least get sum clippers. Well this will be my last post as winter/snow is over and that’s why I get giddy every year along with u all. So Hapoy New Year Bubba,Blizzard Tim, Coffee lady and the rest of the longtime r gulags, since my stroke my brain don’t work as good as it used to do. Hope Vinby still lurking as well and to Bailey first of Feb will be in town for basketball tourney at KBA and me and brother going try drop by. I will give u a heads up

  7. c-BIV says:

    And here I am in central Illinois tonight, and it is showing with an air temp of -1°…who said it couldn’t snow because it’s too cold?? I think that’s just a Kentucky thing.

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