Sunday Night Update

Good evening, everyone. It’s a very active end to 2018 as rounds of showers and thunderstorms drench the region. We are tracking the potential for enough rain to cause local flooding problems, high winds, and a few strong to severe thunderstorms for the final day of the year.

Heavy rain and some thunder will quickly develop tonight as a warm front moves in from the southwest. These fronts can be overachievers in terms of rainfall and that has me a little more concerned for local high water issues tonight and early Monday. Then, a line of thunderstorms works east with another round of torrential rains late day into the evening.

Here’s where I think has the greatest risk for, at least, local high water issues to develop…

You can see this massive round of rain developing and rolling in from the southwest…

As that warm front lifts to the north, instability, temps and humidity surge. As the low works south to north just to our west, it will cause thunderstorms to increase across Kentucky and Tennessee. Some of those storms may be severe with damaging winds and a tornado or two possible. The SPC has much of the region in a severe weather risk for New Year’s Eve…

With or without severe thunderstorms, high winds appear to be a good bet once again. Those gusts may reach 50mph or greater at times.

As of now, there are no wind advisories or flood watches anywhere across our region.

Cold air pours in behind this system on New Year’s Day as we wait on the next storm to target this region. This will likely bring rain and snow our way Thursday and Friday. It’s still way too early for any kind of specifics other than I do expect some rain and snow in Kentucky.

The GFS is still seeing this storm, but flips and flops from run to run…

The late day new version of the GFS shows quite a bit of rain and snow impacting our weather…

Again, we shall see how this works out.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.

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7 Responses to Sunday Night Update

  1. BengalFan says:

    2018 going out with style

    Will there be any real cold and snow for this winter?

    Well,,, hate to say this but GO RAVENS!
    Anybody think Bengals will fire coach Lewis tomorrow? Hopefully fire all of their coaches!!!

  2. Terry says:

    This first system is only going to further saturate the region setting us up for the mid-week system.

  3. 540 Line says:

    I’m just hoping winter cranks up for SE KY
    and the region.

    CB thank you for all you do!

    Really love this blog and have learned a lot about weather!

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