Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Our big weekend storm system is ready to roll in here, bringing an increased flood threat and the potential for strong to severe storms. This action setup looks to take a colder break once this bad boy blows through here.

Watch how much this storm deepens from the plains into the Great Lakes…

This storm will bring high winds, flooding rains and the possibility of a few severe storms. The flood threat is number one with a general 1″-4″ of rain across the state. The heaviest will be in the areas I’ve been outlining across areas of central and eastern Kentucky, along and south of Interstate 64. The models continue to back that up…




Flooding issues will likely develop late tonight through Saturday night.

High winds of 50mph will become an issue Saturday through Sunday morning. With the wet ground, it will be easy for trees to be uprooted.

The SPC has scaled back the severe threat, but I still think this event is deserving of a Slight Risk in our region…

Damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes will be possible. The prime time for severe weather is late Saturday afternoon into the evening.

I will have the latest on WKYT starting at 4pm. I leave you with your Friday tracking tools…

Have a great day and take care.

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10 Responses to Friday Afternoon Update

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. It much to say except try to stay dry and sage. Glad you are keeping an eye on this. Have a good afternoon all.

  2. Virgil E says:

    They scale it back to the South West, now they brought the slight back into Kentucky.. Waffling by model sounds like.

  3. Rolo says:

    I’m 45 years old and never seen rain like this. If we get what nod LSU show areas like Clay,k ox and so on will see epic floodingbe saw our there my fri nds as mid ma ch thru April will see heavy snow setting up.

  4. Bobt says:

    Another day of all day rain here in Knox? Grrr..

  5. Cold-Rain says:

    Will it(the rain) ever end??..One last big march snow around march 5th..A whopper..Heat wave coming March 10th..Drought conditions around July..Yippeeee..Bold prediction..

    • Bobt says:

      After the last 1.5 years I really wouldnt mind seeing the word drought pop up in the near future. Doubt it happens thoigh, but would like to see some true summer weather this year.

  6. Jared from Letcher County says:

    NAM brings some heavy thunderstorms into SEKY around 6/7 AM tomorrow.

  7. Had Water co. out looking for leaks in my yard today, but the ground is so saturated with rain they could not detect at this time. When the pushed a 5 foot rod rod in the ground they didn’t hit any resistance at all like pushing it into muck any where they tried in the yard even on the higher ground far away from the water line. I’m afraid the predicted rains tomorrow will fall a lot of trees.

  8. Terry says:

    So far, rain has been much lighter and more west and NW of Harlan Co than I would have thought. It has sprinkled and rained about nonstop for 24 hours now but still under an inch so far. Nice to see an underachiever for once and I believe the big man upstairs might have a hand in it:)

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