Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s another super soaker of a day across the bluegrass state as our storm system wraps up across the Ohio Valley. As colder air comes in underneath this, rain will mix with and change to a little wet snow as we head into Saturday. From there, the pattern remains very active with more systems moving through here over the next few weeks.

Many areas of central Kentucky have picked up more than an inch of rain already and will see a little more this afternoon into the evening. The heaviest rains are across the eastern half of the state, but we will see one more stout batch of rain developing from west to east later today as the upper low moves in.

Here are your radars to track the action…

As the upper low swings by, temps drop into the 30s with some wet snows mixing in with the overnight showers. This is a trend that takes us into Saturday, with a few snow showers kicking in. This isn’t widespread all the time action, but some hit and run slush makers will be possible. As the day wears on, we will watch for a band of light snow to impact areas of northern Kentucky. That’s especially true during the evening hours.

The NAM continues to show some very light accumulations possible for a few areas…  So does the Hi Res NAM…

Again, this is only some slush possible on grassy and elevated surfaces and not everyone sees that.

Winds will be gusty, making those 30s feel like the low 20s for Saturday and Sunday.

Another light system brings a streak of light rain and light snow across the state Sunday night into Monday. Another one tries to follow that up around the middle of next week…

Several models are trying to fire up a much bigger eastern US winter storm to open up February…



This is a storm setup, but that’s still out there in fantasy land, but the pattern suggests we need to monitor this possibility.

I will have the latest on WKYT starting at 4pm then with another KWC update this evening. Make it a good one and take care.

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10 Responses to Friday Afternoon Update

  1. Terry says:

    Well, I am still at 3.62 inches of snow for the season and mostly from the one lucky storm in mid December. I need about 10 more inches to reach an average season for Harlan (give or take as no real data to go by in tiny Harlan as the average annual snow, temps, rain, etc., varies depending on what information source one looks at). Point is, I am below normal now for late January and need at least one good storm, or several nickle/dime events to reach an average, blah season.

    • Jason says:

      It seems to be rare just to get to average in the case of snow anymore. 🙁

    • Jimbo says:

      The EURO model run looks like a high elevation snow event to me. It has my area in rain for the whole event. I know it is just one run but that track is normally a great track for a big snow in my area. I guess there just isn’t enough cold to support it. Which is not surprising this year. Your area looks a little better, Terry. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Debbie says:

    Just had a quick hard burst of small hail(it’s 46°, so doubt it was sleet!)in Bardstown. Was drizzling just before it came down with a quick burst of wind.

  3. Mike S says:

    Another update on the GFS bashing earlier this week, it appears the GFS was closer to snowfall predictions than the Euro, Canadian, and NAM for Illinois and Missouri. Yes, even St Louis, GFS said no snow accumulation, still was closer than the other overblown forecast totals of the other 3 models. I’ll wait till tomorrow for the results of Iowa, western and central Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. But, so far, these models were way too aggressive with totals. For reference, I used the maps that CB posted with initialization of 00z 22nd Jan back on the 21st or 22nd of this week after his tirade against the inferior model.

    • BengalFan says:

      I would like to see as well.
      Since weather continues to repeat over over

      Next season Bengals getting Joe, Next season we get snow….Not going to happen this season though! Next season Joe is going to be a quarterback wizard, next season we get a snow blizzard.

      Cool thing though, right this moment I see a rainbow here off man o war on Lexington

    • Chris Bailey says:

      Mike… Feel free to find a new site. I allow you to post your blog spot, but that’s can change quickly. Thanks, CB

      • Mike S says:

        Just sayin’…all because it’s different does not always mean it’s wrong. Plain and simple. The GFS outdid the rest, this time. You should have known the other numbers were way overdone in the first place.

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