Breaking Down A Busy Pattern

Good afternoon, everyone. Our ugly weather day rolls on as showers and little bit of snow impact the region. As we head into the weekend, things continue to look half and half, but next week is looking pretty nasty. Lots of rain is on the way, with the potential for some snow thrown in there.

Speaking of snow, the area I highlighted in far northern Kentucky picked up on light accumulations this morning. The rest of the area is dealing with showers as things slowly taper off into the evening. Here are your tracking tools…

Covington area


No image available.

A little bit of shower action blows back in as we open February on Saturday. Winds will be gusty with a seasonal brand of temps. Those temps surge toward 60 for Super Bowl Sunday under a mostly sunny sky. Monday continues to look pretty darn nice with 60s for highs and an increase in clouds.

Those clouds will begin to produce rain by Monday night and that may last for a few days. The setup continues to feature a SLOW moving front pushing into our part of the world. As it does so, waves of low pressure develop and ride along the boundary producing heavy rain. By the second half of the week, a couple of these lows will need to be watched for a possible snow impact.

Here’s the latest GFS…

Check out the heavy rain totals from that run over the next 7 days…

The Canadian Model has a similar overall view, but offers up a quicker chance for snow…

I will try to throw you another update this evening, but no promises. Make it a good one and take care.

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8 Responses to Breaking Down A Busy Pattern

  1. Putz says:

    Again we get bombarded with rain and get 1 flake at the end.. A pattern that i thought would change, But now i know it most likely will stay this way through spring at least! Time to grab the canoe it looks like i’ll need it!

  2. Bobt says:

    A whole bunch of green and very little blue.

  3. Ray says:

    I officially say… I give up on getting any snow storm going this year. Every time a storm tries to get itself together, it either falls apart, or turns into rain by the time it gets here. This weather is absolutely ridiculous!!! Thank you Chris Bailey for all that you do

  4. Bryan says:

    All aboard Mr Bailey’s KWC rain train!!

    I love these “new normal” winters.

    Climate, folks.

  5. Ricvice says:

    Thanks CB

  6. Sam says:

    When it comes to snow…nothing to see hear.

  7. Ricvice says:

    Sounds like we had better get used to it

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