More Snow For The Weekend

Good Friday and welcome to the frozen tundra of Kentucky.Β  A serious blast of arctic air invaded the state with a bang last night. Thundersnow was reported in many areas of central and eastern Kentucky as our mini blizzard worked through here. A general 1″-3″ (locally higher for some in the east ) of snow caused roads to become snow covered and they remain so early this morning.

The big story of today is the arctic wind and cold. But, the story of the weekend will be additional snow makers dropping in from the northwest.

Let’s break it down…

– Temps this morning will start out in the high single digits and low teens. Wind chills will be 0 to -10 and that’s in the danger category.

– A few snow showers and flurries will be possible today as highs reach the upper teens and low 20s. It will never feel that warm because of the gusty winds.

– A clipper moves in on Saturday and this is likely to bring a swath of light snow back into central and eastern parts of the state. A second system dives in for Sunday and will bring another round of snow into the same areas. Combine those two systems with a strong northwesterly wind flow and you can get several inches of snow for some areas.

– The GFS snowfall map through Sunday night shows the concern…


– I’m not going to sit here and be wishy-washy… a strong northwesterly wind flow combining with a couple of systems can produce those types of snow totals.

– The pattern into the first half of next week looks to feature another clipper or two.

I will update the weekend snow chances in greater detail coming later today. Make it a great start to February and take care.

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74 Responses to More Snow For The Weekend

  1. Dawnp007 says:

    Bring it!!! Soooo excited!!!!!

  2. Andy Rose says:

    as per the norm nothing see here whats out there could be confused witj frost

  3. MarkLex says:

    Just a silly observation. So it’s currently 3 in Chicago and 8 in Lexington. It’s 41 in Atlanta. Lexington is about the same distance from both cities, yet the temp difference is much more between here and Atlanta than it is from here to Chicago. I’m bored and rambling at this point.

  4. Mark says:

    Brrr, when I went to bed it was relatively warm and rain here in Nashville area, just a few hours later it’s bitter cold wind chills and going back and forth between clear skies and scattered light snow showers.

  5. jpizzle says:

    Man that mini blizzard last night was impressive. Blew open my back door and we could actually feel the snow hitting our faces from 30 feet away through the warm kitchen. First thunder snow for me in a few years. We lost a dear friend to cancer last evening just a couple of hours before the event. She loved snow as does her husband. Thank you God for a beautiful reminder of our lovely friend on this night.

  6. Coffeady says:

    Well here in the tropics of southern Pulaski co, we might have gotten a half inch. Hope we do better over the weekend. Thanks, Chris for all the updates. Just wish you could get some snow down our way. Temp is 14 here. Bundle up and have a great Friday, everyone.

  7. Clay County says:

    We have snow in Clay County this morning. About 1 inch and very cold. It was a very pretty snow last night.

  8. Leeannie says:

    The “dome” finally collapsed over Kenova, WV last night! Woke up to a lovely 2″ snow on the ground. It finally looks like winter!

  9. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    snow and 12 deg this morn!!!!! WE GOT OUR FIRST SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kywatchman says:

    10Β°, between 3″& 4″, some wind, roads horrible here in Northern Morgan Co.

    • cosmokramer says:

      Morgan County…KY? Horrible is a strong word….best reserved for the majority of snow forecasts this winter. LOL

  11. cosmokramer says:

    The incredible SnowSwath made an appearance after several unsubstantiated sightings since December 7th!
    Mr. Bailey, you aren’t 0-fer anymore!

  12. Andy_Rose says:

    5 days of school missed for weather 5 days because of rain however if not for the flood waters today would have been a snow/ice day

  13. Roadcheck says:

    Anyone know what road conditions on the parkways are like? Have to travel from Lexington to Owensboro this afternoon and am worried about the ice.

  14. Ben in Lexington says:

    6Β° and 4″ of snow on the ground in southern Lexington

    • Miss Kate says:

      holy crap!! what part of south Lex do you live? I am almost at the southern most point, just before you cross into Madison, and we got an inch. and that is being generous. stoopid flippin river.

      • 3789N8434W says:

        Agree….agreed, Mizz Kate! I’m on the other side of the river and probably can see where you are (if I knew!) from here. Disappointed but at least there is some white with the potential for more this weekend and beyond…sounds sort of Buzz Weatherhead-ish…..

        • Rachel says:

          We had about 2.5 in my area (southwest Lexington), but it looked like much less by this morning because of the wind blowing it around so much. Definitely not 4″ in this part of lex though.

  15. Marshall J says:

    I think the National Weather Service in Wilmington came a little late to the party… Must have been bingo night up there!

  16. Chris Mercer says:

    6 degrees impossible to say what the snow depth is in Lawrenceburg. Too much blowing/drifting.

  17. nikkiEKY says:

    16 degrees and between 2-3 inches of snow in the higher elevations near the Pike/Floyd County line.

  18. Dale says:

    A general 2 inch snow in Southern Pike County, I think this snow will hang around for the next batch, 12 degrees.

  19. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    just got home from an appt and the roads are still really slick, we are up to 15 deg and have abt 2 in of snow!!!! We got our first snow day today! Ready for the next snow system to move in!!!!!!

  20. JPeezy says:

    Thanks once again for this blog Mr. Bailey. I love reading it. Are you going to be able to put out a snow map for the Saturday/Sunday snow? I know you didn’t on this last one. I know it’s probably aggravating for folks to get negative when your maps miss, but I always like looking at them. Thanks for considering.

  21. lisaj says:

    Now that it is cold enough for snow to stay…..I say let is SNOW!! I hope we have a snowy weekend.

    And thanks CB for all that you do on here and on WKYT. You are the only “weatherdude” for me to follow. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

  22. WendyT says:

    About an inch here in W. Mercer Co.

  23. Faye says:

    Cold here in Northern Jessamine. My thermometer was showing 2 degrees early this morning, brrrr! Hard to tell how much snow due to all the drifting, but I would guess between 1 and 2 inches. Dead right on the forecast!

  24. Todd says:

    A cold 6 degrees in east Frankfort this morning, maybe 2 inches of snow but hard to tell with all that wind last night!

  25. Caroline in Nicholas County West Virginia says:

    We have accumulated snow of around 9 inches so far (I have a wind-proof table outside that currently looks like a big fat marshmallow!) Temps are 12 F right now with light flurries of snow and gusty wind. Than We are looking forward to getting out on the X-Country skis later πŸ™‚

  26. LOR says:

    Thanks for all your sleepless nights so you can provide us with up to date weather. You love what you do and it shows. You are appreciated.

  27. Todd says:

    NWS saying 2-4 inch snows Saturday, If we get the high end of that, 6 inches of snow with 2 clippers not bad for these parts?

    That would put Frankfort over 10 inches for the winter.

  28. MikeM says:

    Some body check on Bubba. He must have gotten snowed in.

  29. Weatherdadof2 says:

    A general 2 inches for London area, roads mostly clear. Up to 17 degrees. Enjoyed a wonderful morning sledding with the kids. Looking for some overachiever clippers.

  30. Does anyone know any good sledding hills in Lexington? Will be coming in tonight or tomorrow.

  31. JJTeach says:

    Looking forward to seeing more snow this weekend!! Bring it baby!

  32. angel says:

    When is the snow for tomorrow supposed to arrive? Anyone care to give a “guesstimate” for SE/KY? It was a beautiful night here in Manchester last night. I am so looking forward to the snow chances through the weekend. Maybe we’ll be lucky and get enough to make a snowman!!

  33. Aaron C. says:

    Yes the power was out in parts of Rich last night. Power went out around midnight—came back on at around 5:00 AM. It was just fine for bedtime, but when you have to get up for work in the morning with no power……definitely not my cup of tea! Hehe….

    At least it came back on relatively quickly. Stayed snuggled up in the bed and, oddly enough, was even sweating at 3:00 AM with no heat on in the house.

  34. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    what is the timing of this next snow for east KY? during the night tonight or during the day tom?

  35. Kat says:

    Why isnt anyone on the blog that can read models for tonights/tomorrows event saying anything???

  36. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    well our NWS dropped the ball on the adv for us last night, they didnt call it until after midnight after the snow was already here, well they just put us under an adv from 10am Sat – 10 AM sunday for 3 – 6 inches of snow!!!!!

  37. Linda in McCreary says:

    Hello Chris & fellow bloggers!!
    We have maybe 1/2 inch of snow,but it sure is pretty!! The temp is holding at 17*…I went out to the store for bread milk & snacks…so I am ready for more SNOW….BRING IT ON !!!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™‚

  38. rolo says:

    well I have braved the CATTLE DRIVE known as the 1st of the month free money!!!

    yea I have to try hustle suim those SSI checks away from them, they try and see who can spend it the

    its sad.

    well had 1.3 inches at my house of snow, not bad. next system starting roll this way, not sure but look farther north than last one, but we will see.

    usual upslope counties etc get in on some snow. 1-3 inches agasin not bad..

    the ole GOAT is in prime shape today, he like it cold.. but as I have said he just not lived up to expectations..

    well BUBBAG if I had to guess is inTHE DOGHOUSE, ole woman got him MARCHING to her orders..

    • Snowgoose says:

      Hmmm, maybe those “sad” people who paid in to it need to buy stuff like food and clothing? I m not so sure you need to be babbling about ” free money”. Odds are you see it yourself.

  39. Todd says:

    Seems like we are in the sweet spot of winter snow wise so lets all enjoy this weekend, will probably have thunderstorms again by next weekend, Chris said at 4 some places in east ky could see half a foot, I’ll take a couple more inches in Frankfort!

  40. JJ in Pikeville says:

    I have a hard time with the lack of consistency from the weather forecasters. One system we have threat mode for days and when the storm comes by most accounts the forecast is a miss. Today we have a couple of inches of snow, wild chills in the teens, & hazardous travel condition’s with minor fan fare. And now I read the NWS forecast and they are predicting 1-3 tomorrow with another 1-3 tomorrow night. Sorry for the rant of my frustration.

  41. JPeezy says:

    hello? snow map?

  42. Angelica says:

    Chris is calling it Clippermania.


  43. Chris Mercer says:

    Wow–finally get a decent shot of winter weather (blinding snow, single digits lows) and the blog goes rather silent. Sad people don’t have anything to say when they have nothing to complain about!

  44. Todd says:

    Wave 3’s Kevin harned just said some areas may get a coating Saturday, he sure is going against every other forecast out their? I think he should stick to the cooking shows πŸ˜‰

    • Chris Mercer says:

      Wow–now that is certainly against every other forecast out there. Maybe by “some areas” he meant Bowling Green? πŸ™‚

  45. Mike says:

    We did it! My part of Richmond had its largest snowfall in nearly two years! 1″. That puts the seasonal total at 1.1″. Oh, the sun did the business and most of it is gone now. This was probably our “big one”.

    • BubbaG says:

      I think we got a little more than that, but the stuff blew everywhere. My guess is we all got about 2″, but part of that went to the nearest place that stopped it from flying around anymore. 1.5″ to 2″ perhaps. We have now went past the mighty 1″ level. Winning!

      • Mike says:

        Your probably right … I should have gone looking for it and then spread it out before trekking out with my official ruler. πŸ™‚

  46. Joseph says:

    All I’ll say is nws went from 2-5 inches total in Somerset area by Sunday morning to 2 inches Sat AM followed by a change over to you guessed it RAIN, then a lull followed by maybe another inch Sat night Sun AM for MAYBE a grand total of 2 inches. I doubt we will see half the GRAND total of 2 inches. This past system produced a coating at best in Somerset. Not gonna believe in significant snowfall again till I SEE IT on the ground and falling from the sky. Models might as well be dartboards for their use here. That is all.

  47. weather blog troll says:

    Great mini-blizzard last night. I’d love to see a full blown version. Guess we got a couple of inches?

    Lexington roads were slick as can be for a good part of the day.

    Here’s to hoping for some more this weekend.

    and thanks Chris, nice work on your forecast.

  48. rolo says:

    starting get together now, going be some good squalls with this, heaviest look be farther north u go from the KT/TENN border rremember u wanna bo on N/NE side those clippers.

    but everyone from Somerset east will see sum snow, defintly see ASHALAND areas of state seeing 3-5 inches, then ur faaaaaaaar SE KY UPSLOPE counties the same. 2-4 as BAILEY mention on ASIR a good bet for viewing area.

  49. A dusting to maybe an inch is what the local mets are forecasting for this area. I’d like to have a little more than that, but it probably works out for the best. Lots of errands to run tomorrow. Those who get snow, enjoy. I’m ready for spring!

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