Groundog 2

Good afternoon, gang. Our Groundhog Day is filled with snow showers, flurries, very cold temperatures and a biting wind. This action caused some cancellations and delays, but this was the scene for many teachers and kiddos this morning…

Groundog 1

This is a far cry from what folks to our north and northeast are getting from this storm.

Grounghog 4

Hopefully, those are festive flakes he’s talking about.

Our flakes will be winding down later today as skies break from northwest to southeast. This will mean better weather moving in for Tuesday with partly sunny skies and temps recovering to near normal.

A strong cold front marches in here Wednesday night and Thursday and will likely produce a band of snow behind it. That system continues to miss the love connection with a storm down in the Gulf of Mexico…


We will keep watching to see if we can get a little better hookup between those two systems. For now, they look to stay separate with a light snowfall very possible around here.

Early February is when your friendly weatherdude pretty much goes into spring mode. If our Groundhog Day signals are correct, we may end up saying this again in March…

Groundog 3

No offense to snow lovers, but that would really stink to have 3 straight super late starting Springs.

Enjoy your day and take care.