Good Wednesday, everyone. Our major winter storm gets cranking today and this will throw significant amounts of snow and sleet our way. Before then, we have a lot of rain to go through early today and this will likely lead to some flooding problems.

I don’t want to overlook the high water potential, so please keep a close eye on water levels if you live in a low-lying or flood prone area.

The winter part of the forecast remains largely unchanged from my point of view. The latest models are settling in and are very close to the snow map I put out Tuesday afternoon. Here’s the NAM…


As expected, the NAM has been slowly correcting itself from the far northern solutions it had been showing of late.

The model continues to show a lot of sleet…


The GFS is just a touch farther south of the NAM with the axis of heaviest snow…


Here’s the sleet forecast from that same model run…

GFS Snow 2

That’s a ton of sleet across the south and southeast!

The European Model is rolling in as I type and it basically stays the course with what it has been showing of late.

Moral of the story… I have no real reason to make changes to my snow map as of now. Of course, I will freshen it up some with the final call for snowfall later today.

I want to stress… most of the accumulating stuff does not begin until very late today into tonight!

Bitterly cold air comes in behind this system and the models are showing the coldest March temps ever recorded around here by Friday morning…


GFS Temps


EuroI have two words for those temps… Un Real .

Updates will come your way later today. Until then, track away…

Take care.