A Wild Weekend Of Weather Ahead

Good Friday, folks. Our big weekend storm is about to blast the bluegrass state with everything from strong storms to a few snowflakes. A wicked temperature and high winds will also accompany this potent setup. Moral of the story… Buckle up. 🙂

Winds today increase as temps climb into the 50s. Those numbers keep climbing later tonight into Saturday, reaching the 60s in many areas. This is ahead of a POWERFUL cold front sweeping eastward across the state. This will bring a line of strong thunderstorms through here…

Some of the storms may try to go severe, with damaging winds the main threat. The Storm Prediction Center has the area in a small severe risk…

With or without thunderstorms, the winds are going to CRANK. Gusts of 50mph or greater will be likely from late tonight through Saturday. Check out the gusts by Saturday morning…

Even northwesterly winds behind the front on Saturday evening try to gust close to 50mph on the Hi Res Nam…

Cold air is crashing in during this time and the NAM family keeps trying to mix a little snow in with the rain. Here’s the regular run of the NAM…

The Hi Res NAM shows more of a comma head of wraparound snows reaching into northern Kentucky…

That may be a little too aggressive with the wraparound, but it’s interesting to see it ramping that up as we get closer.

Northwesterly winds are going to crank on Sunday, and today may have been a warning shot on what to expect. You often hear me say to never underestimate a northwest wind in the cold months. I didn’t follow my own rule on Thursday and that northwest wind kept our temps in the 30s with lots of clouds.

Well, the northwest wind on Sunday is even colder and stronger. This will likely give us lots of clouds and some snowflakes flying around, especially in the east….

Temps stay in the low and mid 30s, but those gusty winds make it feel like we are in the 20s. Lows by Monday morning head toward 20 with wind chills even colder.

Another cold shot is on the way by Thanksgiving, with a second one arriving sometime later in the holiday weekend…

The European Model is coming back around in showing the cold again by the weekend…

That’s actually very close to developing a big winter event in the east. We will go more into all that after we get past the big storm system of the weekend.

I will have additional updates on our weekend storm coming your way later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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14 Responses to A Wild Weekend Of Weather Ahead

  1. B H says:

    National weather service should put out a flying trash can warning.

  2. MarkLex says:

    Chris – I was looking at the infrared USA loop yesterday morning and I saw those typical clouds swooping down from the northwest – I’m thinkin’ – it’s gonna be overcast today when I saw that. No sooner did the sun come out then BAM – cloud deck! It’s crazy how a thick overcast day in the 30s feels colder than a sunny day in the teens.

  3. Schroeder says:

    Sounds like a power knocker outer.

  4. MichaelR says:

    Now, that is what I remember a “normal” winter weather pattern to be. One or two days of a warm-up followed by a cold front to bring temps back to normal or below. Let’s hope the trend continues.

  5. Mike S says:

    The wind gust map above shows Jackson achieving 40-45 mph gusts. I’ll be watching that one. The last time the Jackson NWS office achieved gusts over 40 mph was on March 1 at 56 mph. Prior to that, one has to go back nearly a year ago on November 19 when a gust of 43 mph was achieved.

  6. Prelude says:

    You got love when a icon meteorologist named John Belski one of the best mets in Louisville show’s Chris Bailey respect on CB’s upcoming winter forecast.

    • Schroeder says:

      That’s quite a complement for Chris. I watch his winter forecast last night at 6:00 pm news cast and he gave a very detailed forecast. He really likes his job and I am glad for him.

  7. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Thelma Lou is o.k. with most of CB’s winter forecast…not a big fan of severe weather in winter though; or that ____ _____baby song! It would be nice to see some flakes around Christmas.

  8. Schroeder says:

    I have seen severe weather occur in every month, but when it occurs in February and March, there is always that chance it will turn into a heavy snow event with thunder.

  9. BubbaG says:

    Not be a drama king, but if you look back at previous big ice events, they were followed by severe weather in February. Case in point, out last big ice event, tennish’ years ago. Our longest gap without a big ice event, BTW.

    • Schroeder says:

      Remembering late January 2009 ice storm. 10,000 dollars to clean up my property. Fifteen days without electricity. Nearly froze to death. I don’t think we will have it that bad again hopefully.

  10. Prelude says:

    NWS out of Louisville has decided to go ahead and issue Wind Advisory for tomorrow from 7am till 10pm not sure what county’s are affected by the advisory but one would think all of the NWS viewing area.

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