Good Saturday everyone. Let me start out by saying words cannot do justice to the severe weather outbreak that hit Kentucky on Friday. Lives were lost, homes and dreams were destroyed and peoples lives were forever changed.

This outbreak hit close to home for me as a strong tornado wiped out part of my hometown of Salyersville. I got to see the damage firsthand and simply couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Watching this storm unfold on radar… I knew what it was capable of and my worst fears were realized.

Deadly tornadoes swept through many other towns and counties in Kentucky. Places like West Liberty in Morgan county… Frenchburg in Menifee┬áCounty and East Bernstadt in Laurel County will never be the same. Many other communities across the state experienced similar conditions. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this deadly tornado outbreak.

When all is said and done… this will go down as one of the worst tornado outbreaks ever in Kentucky. This may also be the worst March outbreak in the history of our nation. Look at all the reports…

A historic and sobering weather day across Kentucky and much of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.

I will have more on the record outbreak and have a look ahead coming up later today. Take care.