Good Thursday, everyone. We have a very active winter weather setup ahead of us, and things get started out there today. A cold front will bring rain and a quick change to wet snow from northwest to southeast, then another snow and mix system moves in this weekend.

Before we get to the snow, we have to go through some rain. That develops on top of the region early today…

Cold air crashes in from northwest to southeast, leading to a rapid switch to wet snow. It’s likely to snow hard for a few hours, with big fat flakes coming down. Those flakes will have to overcome a wet ground, which will lead to some melting, but we should see sloppy accumulations taking place.

Here’s the latest thinking on that…

My worry is it snows faster than it can melt, leading to some higher end totals for parts of the region, especially the south and southeast. Several of the latest computer forecasts are hinting at this…


Hi Res NAM


Travel conditions will go downhill quickly this evening as temps drop below freezing. Readings hit the teens by Friday morning, with a flash freeze a possibility.

The weekend system is a little more convoluted looking on the latest model runs. We are seeing the current runs a little out of synch with a system in the northern branch of the jet, and another in the southern branch. These appear to be fighting it out instead of working together.

This is giving us more of a snow, rain, snow look from late Saturday through Sunday…



Even in this back and forth scenario, several inches of snow can fall across parts of Kentucky. I want to see if today’s runs cut out the dueling systems, before possibly upgrading.

I will have updates later today, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.