First Call For Snowfall

Good evening, folks. Our snow threats for the coming days continue to show up a little better as we get closer. The first system rolling into town Thursday into Thursday night will switch from rain to wet snow quickly from northwest to southeast.

While it’s not going to snow for a very long time, some areas of moderate to heavy snow may set up. Given the wet ground and wet nature of the snow, I’m going to be a little reserved in the First Call For Snowfall…

Some areas of southeastern Kentucky can exceed those totals, and the models are now picking up on all this.

The GFS…

Hi Res NAM…


Travel problems may develop later Thursday night into Friday morning as temps crash into the teens. A flash freeze is possible.

The weekend system continues to trend stronger with the GFS now taking a weak low toward eastern Kentucky, as a second low pops east of the mountains…

Late Saturday into Super Bowl Sunday could be nasty with snow and a mix of precipitation. An upgrade to a Threat is very possible tonight.

The GFS then brings a similar system our way a few days later…

Again, don’t get caught up with specifics… It’s all about the trends. 😉

I will update things on WKYT-TV at 11. See ya then.

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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19 Responses to First Call For Snowfall

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Wow! Lots of activity coming up weather wise for sure! Hoping all of ours doesn’t end up bringing just rain, although that is usually the norm in a set up like this. Oh well, we will wait and see what happens. Appreciate you and your updates.

  2. Terry says:

    If the upper air does not cool enough due to a new low forming east of KY this weekend, SE KY looks more prone to high water than a good snow. It stinks but it is what it is:(….gurrr!

  3. Jimbo says:

    Looks like it could be a lot more wet than white over the next week. Those systems look like rain then the dreaded backside flurries.

  4. Joe says:

    Fingers crossed for all rain! Man, I’m ready for May!

  5. Drew says:

    Will black ice be an issue through the overnight hours tomorrow? All the rain and then sudden drop of temps? Seems like black ice could be more of an issue than snow

  6. which way is the wind blowing says:

    The weekend system is another border war in Kentucky.
    Will rain prevail again?

  7. Farmer 43 says:

    Hate to say this but sure looks like more rain than anything what a disappointment I know if I had a meteorological degree the last state I would work would be ky especially if I had to rely on the models week ago we were supposed to have major winter storm tomorrow now maybe some wet flakes then the weekend system looked promising now looks like rain and it was suppose to get cold looks as though temps are not as cold as once thought looks to me only winter excitement might be the black ice tomorrow night yippee

    • Terry says:

      The weekend system messed up our Thursday system, and now, our weekend system is messed up with warm air due to strengthening low, at least for the southern half of the bloggers on here anyways….GURRRR!

    • Jimbo says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Looks like you are seeing and reading things as I am. Rarely do storms that start as rain end with much snow in our area. And all those models look loaded with rain on the front end. The local forecasts in my area don’t have a single daytime high below freezing for the next week except this Friday might be 32. That is another clue that points to rain.

      • Stormtracker_WV says:

        But–you know how wrong our local forecasts tend to be LOL I kinda hope they blow it big time and we get a huge Super Bowl SUPER SNOW!!!

  8. Rolo says:

    don’t get excited as Bailey boy said, but the Sunday system has a OLD SCHOOL LOOK to it, weak low giving way to a APP LOW that can BOMB OUT!!! I like what I’m seeing early on for a potential DECENT Snow Storm for parts of Ky. on a SIDE NOTE will be at the KBA MIDDLE SCHOOL State Tourney this weekend in Lexington if any bloggers are around holla at ya boy. facebook Lewis Rolo Roberts shoot me a message!!!! my Clay County team playing first Game Friday nite 830. then Sat 9am in pool play vs Spencer Co first game vs Newburg out of the ville.

  9. Dawnp007 says:

    We can’t throw the towel in on winter, yet. I was a freshman in college when we had the blizzard of 93! Don’t speak defeat, lol.

    • Stormtracker_WV says:

      OMG Me too!!! How awesome was that storm?!!? It thundersnowed here!!! In all my years, I have never seen so much snow fall at once, it poured! That, and the April 1987 storm (or was it ’86? I have to look it up)…but I dont think anything will ever top the March 1993 Blizzard!

  10. Cold Rain says:

    Must be blind or can’t see one..Where is this secondary low that is spoken of..Only low i see is the one headed into Northern

  11. C in BG says:

    This weekend storm is reminding me of a storm we had 3 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday in 2015 . The same year that we had to blockbuster snowstorms, one in February on the 16th, the second on the 4th-5th of March dumping more than 2 feet of snow in places!

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