Good Saturday, folks. Our Ohio Valley winter storm is still on track and that track appears to be right on top of the bluegrass state. That’s a path that isn’t good news to snow lovers across our region. It doesn’t mean we won’t get some snow from this storm, it just means the big deal snows will likely fall to our north.

Some thoughts…

– Clouds will roll across the state today and we could see a touch of light snow and light rain develop from west to east this evening into tonight. That will be interesting to see how that leading band develops.

– Low pressure is likely to track right on top of us for Super Bowl Sunday. It is interesting to note, the Canadian Model did slip a little farther to the south from it’s earlier run…


– Still, it looks like any overnight and Sunday morning mix would go quickly to all rain with gusty winds joining the mix during the day.

– As the low goes by, temps crash hard Sunday night with a period of snow likely into Monday morning. Temps may drop into the teens by then. After all that rain and some snow coming down… a quick ice up of roads will be very possible.

– Light snow would make the transition to snow showers on Monday as very cold temps and windy weather make for a nasty day.

That’s how things look right now… does that totally rule out the potential for this thing to come back to the south some? No, but the odds of that happening this late in the game are very small.

Looking down the road toward Wednesday and Thursday… the models give snow lovers another chance at disappointment…

The Canadian.

Canadian 2



At least that storm is starting out on the Gulf Coast and would have plenty of room to trend northward. 😉

I will update things later today. Have a good one and take care.