Another Shot At Snow Before Big Changes

Good Sunday, everyone. We have one more quick-hitting system to deal with tonight and early Monday, then we change it up a bit. The week ahead will start with some flakes and end with a surge of late May temps and the chance for severe storms. Sadly, that seems to perfectly sum up our run of extreme weather.

Today starts with record or near cold temps across much of the state.  Highs this afternoon reach the upper 40s and low 50s for many, Clouds will increase ahead of a light precipitation maker tonight and early tomorrow.

A fast-moving band of light rain and light snow zips in and out of town. Some very light accumulations will be possible…

Monday afternoon actually looks pretty good with temps hitting the 50s. That’s ahead of another system moving in with a shower or two, bringing another temp drop for Tuesday.

Wednesday starts to bring us out of our cold weather funk. Highs will hit the 60s with mostly sunny skies and a strong southwesterly wind. Highs by Thursday race deep into the 70s and continue to warm into Friday. Highs may flirt with 80 degrees.

This is ahead of a setup that can bring severe weather our way. Look at the negative tilt showing up on this trough swinging into our region next weekend…

That’s certainly an attention getter and you can see how the models are spitting out some big thunderstorms…

Those kinds of systems will then roll across the country through the rest of the month. Big warm surges will battle with big cold surges and that usually says “watch out”.

I will have another update later today, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.

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6 Responses to Another Shot At Snow Before Big Changes

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the updates. Looking forward to the warmer weather, but not the severe weather that may come with it. I’m afraid this is going to be a very active thunderstorm season that may last through June. Have a great day everyone. One more thing, the snowfall yesterday did accumulate to two inches on top of my heat pumps which are on the north side of my home. All the snow was gone by sundown though. #teamspringwithoutsevereweatherandlatefrost

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. One thing you can say for sure is that it has certainly been interesting weather wise around here. Glad today is looking decent as it is a travel day for us. Heading home after spending a long weekend with both of our daughters and their families. As for warmer weather, I’ll take it, I’d rather not have the storms though. Have s wonderful Sunday everyone.

  3. Bobt says:

    Would be nice for just a good stretch of normal temps and no rain. Winter has hung around and we ended up with very little snow totals once again here in the SE part of the state. I don’t know the official totals but couldn’t of gotten much over a winter total of three inches.

    • Terry says:

      I came in around 8 inches in Harlan for the miserable 2017-2018 season but 3 inches of that came in Mid-March; I think this is the only time Troy got much in Middlesboro too. All other events were 1/8 to less than inch events except the late January system that hit almost the entire state except for SE KY which gave me 1 and 1/2.

      One of the most, PROBABLY MOST, miserable winter seasons i can remember in my lifetime due to how cold it was for how little it snowed!

      • TennMark says:

        For the season, just 3.0 inches snow officially in Nashville. That persistant blast of frigid air with relatively little snow from mid-December on was indeed no fun.

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